Second, well first, chapter up. A few more intricate relations between characters explored. It should go well.

Landing down rather gracefully, the Shemhazais dropped off their cargo before putting on their horse disguises and trotting off to their designated stables. The block of flats seems very intimidating from the outside. Rabanastre had been built up in the last few centuries making it much more modern.

"I guess this is where we'll be staying for the next few years then." said Famfrit ever cheerful and wanting to break the silence.

"Speak for yourself," Mateus retorted and walked off into the hotel while turning into his human form called Mat. Chaos followed suit and turned into an average 8-year-old with rather pale skin and jet black hair then walked in too followed by Ultima in the guise of an attractive girl, Mia. Adrammelech into Adam, the excitable younger brother we all hate, since he was 2 years younger than everybody else. Famfrit was already in hers, long blonde hair tied back behind her and glasses suiting her surprisingly well. Then, Hashmal, who had slightly darker skin, into Hash. Finally, Belias, the appointed bodyguard, turned into a suit wearing agent with the obligatory shades.

5 years later,

Chaos was the first to get up.

"Another day, still no news!" He sighed and plonked himself on the sofa. This woke Mia up who noticed him sitting down, smiled and said softly so no one would be woken up.

"Adam is coming up into our school today." This was the first day of a new school year, or whatever the Mortals called it.

"Speaking of which, where is he? He usually gets up before any of us."

"He's probably really nervous," said Mia obviously concerned about something Adam had told her.

"What's he got to be nervous about?" Chaos asked

"I hear he was getting bullied" Hash added, just getting out of bed.

"Well we'll soon put a stop to that!" He said this a bit too loudly, which woke all the others up.

After narrowly avoiding a potentially lethal encounter with bullies on the way to school, Adam was rightly worried after the first two periods so he tended to stay near Mat, the most protective, if in unorthodox ways, of the bunch. Chaos wandered near Hash. Mia and Famfrit stuck together while Belias stayed back guarding the door and protecting Zero (or Zeromus) their pet.

After a long day at school they were all walking back, discussing what to do when they did get back, but something was off, they all sensed it. There was someone following them, but they couldn't make out where. So they decided to keep their discussions down. Even at the flats he, or she, was still there, instead of 6 pairs of footsteps, there were 7. They formulated a plan on the way back using the mild telepathy all Espers had. Unfortunately it is limited to Espers so they couldn't read the mind of the person or animal that was following them. But they did have a tool that could.

"The Mind Radar!" Announced Chaos proudly. They told Belias to come inside to make their plan work. Hash volunteered to listen in on the stalker's thoughts.

"Ok, now this is weird. Why did they have that big bodyguard outside?" Then he spotted Mia and Famfrit.

"They get the best girls too!" The stalker was clearly male, probably a boy. Mia blushed.

"Wait, is that my voice, thoughts!" Suddenly, footsteps were heard outside and Mat was gone. Presumably after whoever it was whose voice they had heard.

"I'll go and find him," Mia said with a sigh, before turning to look at Chaos, smiling and going out the door.

There was an awkward silence before Famfrit spoke.

"She likes you y'know." Chaos stared back like she didn't know what she was talking about.

"Hey. I'm a girl too, I know these things."

Chaos finally managed to force words out of his mouth.

"Well, can you not just..blurt it out in front of everybody here!"

Mat snuck down the stairs using his powers, against orders, to blend in with the surroundings like a ghost. The human quickly took the steps, two at a time before a cold hand grabbed him from behind and turned him around.

"Just what do you think you're doing, following us home?!" he said icily. Before any answer was possible, he hauled the human back up the stairs, totally ignoring Mia, who sensed something and, quickly plucking the human from his grasp and ignoring a cry of "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Found what she was looking for.

Chaos, who was still mulling over what Famfrit had said, jumped when Mia re-entered along with the human and Mat, who slammed the door behind him. Obviously something had happened, no one asked what though. Mia's hand glowed white and, quite painfully at first, a crystal came out of the human's back.

"Ok, now that is not something that I want to happen to me" Hash said, disgusted. Mia presented the crystal to the group, Zero barking happily on the ground trying to jump on it.

"This," she announced, pointing at the crystal "Is a holo-crystal, a crystal with a message."

Exodus's head popped out of the crystal and started to speak.

"I have grave news. A human has just been poisoned by the local water supply. I suspect Zodiark or, more probably, Cuchulainn had something to do with this. So I am sending you down into the ruins of the Garamsythe Waterway to investigate. Exodus out."

Adam was the first to speak "Well? What are we waiting for? Come on people!" He rushed out the door with everyone following suit, running for the waterway...

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