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The invisible Spy

Chapter One: Fat Louie

Fat Louie yawned. A big yawn, coupled with a leisurely stretch and the Royal Mouser was ready for duty. A morning stroll through the castle before breakfast was the first order of business. His human, Mia, would soon be crowned Queen of Genovia and they would be moving (again), this time into the Royal Suite.

Since saying good-bye to his friends back in San Francisco and moving to Genovia so Mia could continue her "How To Be a Queen" studies, the black and white feline had settled into castle life. New friends, including a full sized white poodle and various other animals had helped in the transition. On his first arrival he had made a complete tour of the castle and the surrounding property.

On padded paws he began the "A" route through the castle; he had noted which areas that would be the most likely for mice to invade his domain. That would not be tolerated; sharp fangs and knife like claws would be waiting for any mouse that violated the line he had drawn in the sand.

"Up and about early are we?" Maurice, the poodle, asked, joining Louie in his travels outside. In the beginning Maurice thought it fun to chase the fat kitty through the castle until the day Fat Louie had had enough and turned to face his tormentor. No feline had done this to Maurice and he had no answer to bared claws. They still weren't friends; rather they tolerated each other. And they staged their mock fights, just to amuse the human population.

"Just a little exercise before breakfast," Louie responded, his eyes scanning the boundaries of the main property. A pear orchard lay just beyond, too far for this mornings exertion.

"Ah, breakfast. Don't want to be late, my friend. I heard that chef will be experimenting today; people here for the upcoming trade negotiations with Spain has everyone on edge. Especially the Queen."

Maurice turned back toward the sweet smells of breakfast.

The pear grove was home to an extended family of mice. Louie had met their leader, a rotund mouse that looked more rat than mouse, on his original tour of the grounds. While Mia learned the proper protocol of being Queen, he had held his own peace summit. No blood had been spilled and none would as long as the mice stayed out of the castle proper. They could have straw and grain 'stolen' from the stables. They didn't have squatters rights.

Assured that all was secure, the weighty feline turned his attention to a much anticipated repast. He had no way of knowing that before the day was done his title of Royal Mouser would be brought into question. And he'd need the help of friend and foe alike to clear his name.

* Later that day *

The safety of the Queen (and Princess) was the ongoing duty of everyone in the castle; this duty wasn't taken lightly. From the Head of Security to the lowest animal including the chicken that gave the supreme sacrifice so that the Queen and her Head of Security could enjoy an intimate dinner.

Clarisse Renaldi, reigning Queen, sipped her wine, her eyes smiling at Joseph, her Head of Security, friend, secret lover and tonight, her dinning companion. Clarisse hated to eat alone and as their relationship had deepened so had the frequency of his appearances at her private evening meal. Sometimes it was for pleasure or, like tonight, a mix of pleasant companionship and business.

"Security for tomorrow's beginning of trade negotiations with Spain in order, Joseph?" Clarisse set the glass aside. Best to get the business out of the way quickly.

Joseph dabbed at his lips, sipping at his own drink. The innocent action was enough to make Clarisse shiver with desire to kiss those lips. "Yes, Your Majesty. The Spanish trade minister, one Hector Hernandez, and his entourage have been settled in their rooms."

Joseph neglected to add under media surveillance. This had been confirmed by a certain black and white feline that sniffed each as they entered the castle. He might as well have been invisible with the lack of attention Fat Louie had garnered. Just like now, the succulent smells and the promise of stolen tidbits had been too much to resist. He watched the two humans from the corner of the room, his ears perked.

"This will be a particularly tough negotiation. I don't need any distractions for the next few days."

"Understood. Perhaps we should both get some sleep; we'll need to be on our toes tomorrow."

"Indeed. I could think of a more comfortable position."

There came an interesting and unfamiliar sound which Louie decided to check out. Silently leaving the two humans, he missed what transpired after he left the room. These dinners often included much more than drink and food.

It so happened that after searching for the origin of the previous sound, Louie found himself near the Queens chamber. The blood curdling scream coming from the royal suite was enough to make the hair on his back rise. He started running, which wasn't easy with padded paws with no traction on a waxed tile floor.