The Invisible Spy

A/N: The following is rated 'M', please read accordingly.

Chapter Seven: Scales: Part two

** A few moments later **

Where Clarisse wanted to rush, Joseph took his time. Removing her bra, he admired her breasts when they were exposed to his view. "Beautiful."

Where she hastened to remove his coat and shirt, dropping them into the growing pile of clothes, his lips found the magic area just below her ear that made her moan with passion, rotating her head to accommodate his kisses as they moved from neck to shoulder. It would be impossible to count the numerous freckles that dotted her bosom before dipping between alabaster breasts. His tongue started to connect the dots. There were a lot of dots.

His hands cupped her breasts, his tongue finding the puckered tips. "Please, Joseph."

She worked at his belt; knees on the edge of the bed, they lay back, his pants left behind. A not so gentle pass over his lower lip was rewarded in his mouth opening, accepting her dancing tongue.

"Joseph, if you don't..."

'Slap!' went his hand across her bottom. "First, we'll finish-who found you under the tree?"

"Joseph Romero! Will you ever stop slapping my bottom?"

'Slap!' When I have the answers I want."

"You know who found me! It was Ben, or Benito, who found me! My parents must have missed me and started the search. And just to let you know, Ben was the perfect gentleman. He covered me with his cloak and took me home. We had to assure my parents that my innocence was still intact. It took a lot of assurance. I was sent to bed with a cup of hot tea, lemon and honey but I caught a cold anyway.

Does that satisfy you, Joseph? You really know how to kill a mood."

"Just so you know," his lips were soft against her breasts, "Ben wasn't as gentlemanly as you thought. We call them stalkers today. It was no accident that he was the one to find you that night."

"And how do you know all this?"

"I told you I checked your records and found no mention about the fear of mice. That got me thinking and I went into the archives to search records that haven't been entered into our computer system. A young rookie on the security force had several run ins with our stalker. He was finally given a choice, banishment or go live with his father who had moved to Spain."

"And I never recognized him as part of the negotiations detail." She snuggled deeper into his embrace, swinging one leg over his hips. "That tickles."

"No reason you should, but he counted on it."

"Can I guess who that rookie was?" Her kisses across his chest were doing interesting things that tickled her more.

"It was me, of course...any other secrets I should know about?"

"I have lots of secrets, Joseph. It'll take a lifetime to share them all."

"Such as?" Just what other secrets was this pretty woman hiding, he wondered.

"These chocolates for one...I have no idea where Olivia gets them." She rolled them over, straddling his hips. Unwrapping one chocolate square, she leaned over to share, their lips meeting around melting chocolate and caramel. Opening her mouth, their tongues danced; she thought of his chocolate covered tongue exploring another moist cavern. His hands skimmed over her ribcage, cupping the underside of her breasts, his thumbs teasing the rosy peaks.

Breaking the kiss with a low moan she moved forward, enough to let his tongue replace his thumbs. Her breath was coming in quick shallow gasps between moans as he paid attention to each sensitive summit in turn.

She felt a sense of deprivation when his hands left her breasts, wondering at his intentions as he worked his arms between her legs, cupping her bottom.

"Joseph?" She whispered the question. His answered by gently increasing the pressure, forcing her to scuttle forward on her knees until her core was directly above his mouth. Soft, feather-light kisses on her thighs brought louder, more passionate utterances as the kisses began an upward journey. A kiss in her dampened curls elicited a particularly loud groan of pleasure.

"Oh! Joseph! If the staff had any doubts about our relationship, this is going to remove all uncertainties but don't you dare stop!" His tongue continued to circle the responsive nub, not quite hitting the bulls-eye. She about came undone when it did.

Time had always been their enemy as it is with many lovers. The stolen moments of time had never allowed this kind of intimacy. The King, always more concerned with the duty of producing an heir and his own pleasure had certainly never taken the time to give her any pleasure, not anywhere close to what Joseph's tongue was doing right now.

Her heart swelled, bursting with love, never in all her years had she experienced such emotions that threatened to overpower her. As his tongue explored deep into her core, she felt the coil tightening at an alarming rate. Tighter and tighter, threatening to give her the release she had desired all evening at any second. The release came suddenly, flooding her very being, then the spiral tightened again, releasing a second time!

She scuttled backwards, showering him with kisses. "Oh my god, Joseph! I've never...thank you. I was in such a frantic frame of mind earlier. Thank you for making me slow down and savor our time together."

Clarisse became aware of something hard, her hand snaked down, guiding him to her moist entrance, "What can I do to change your mind about retiring? I don't want to live without you."

"I only said I was thinking of retiring. You could come to San Francisco with me. Mia, Charlotte and Shades can handle anything that comes up. Eagle 1 can be ready for flight an hour after we give the word."

"Why do I get the feeling you've had this planned?" She lowered her hips, engulfing his hardness in one smooth movement.

** Later that night **

Wrapped in his arms, Clarisse came awake slowly in the still quiet of the night. She had never felt multiple releases before and on so many levels. Despite the pleasure she had experienced, one thing still bothered her. Extracting herself from his warn embrace, careful not to wake him, she pulled on a thick robe and slippers.

She made her way to the table, the leftovers of dinner had been discreetly removed but the envelope still remained. A moments thought of did the maids overhear her cries of passion didn't detour her from lifting the envelope. The dreaded envelope that could destroy her life. With trembling hands she tore it open, extracting a single page of paper.

The simple drawing of a cross met her eyes, the cross member sat at a rakish angle. Interlocking circles hung from the edges of the cross member, ending in two miniature pans. A heart, set on its point, sat in the upper tray, a decorative 'D' on the lower. His message was clear. The reconciliation between Duty and a heart felt Love had often left the scales of their relationship one-sided.

Returning to the bedroom, she let her robe fall to the floor. Slipping into bed, she unwrapped the last square of chocolate. His eyes opened, "What are you doing, Clarisse?"

"Balancing the scales, my love, by returning the favor."

"Indeed!" He groaned.

The End