(Hey, guys! I know I haven't written any DDR fanfics in a while, so I thought of this one just now. And, Papersak will probably get me for this fanfic 'cause I know how much she loves Zero/Alice. And, heck... Zero has to do something that doesn't involve dancing once in a while. XD

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this fanfic~)

After a long night of performances, Alice finally had her a good night's sleep. The next day, she would wake up high in spirits, share her good mood with everybody. Or so she thought...

The next morning, Alice had some trouble sitting up. Her whole body had a few minor throbs of pain. She knew she had some work to do, so she took some pain pills, got dressed, and left the TV Tower. On the way to the Film Studio, her pain lit up enough that she can work on her new music video with Yuni.

Alice and Yuni changed into their outfits required for the music video. Alice had some trouble with her dress since the pain came back a little bit. When both girls exited out of their dressing rooms, Yuni noticed how Alice held her hand over her chest.

"Alice, you okay? You look like you're hurting."

"I-it's nothing. I guess some stress is washing over me, so don't worry about it."

"Okay, then."

Yuni and Alice stepped into the set for the video and began singing. Both girls were getting the vocals right on key. Some people and actors stopped and watched the performing singers. Disco was greatly pleased that everything was going great. When Alice's next solo came up, she cringed as the pain began to build up. After five seconds of waiting for her to sing, the music stopped.

"Alice?" Yuni asked. "You okay?"

Disco ran to the dancer. "What's wrong, girl?"

"Nothing, I..." She was terrible at keeping secrets, but she had to get through the day. "I'm just... not feeling well."

"Okay," Disco called to everyone. "Until Alice feels better, the music video's on hold."

Yuni ran to Akira. "I'm kinda worried about Alice. It looks like she's hurting bad."

"I wouldn't doubt it. She had a long night lastnight with her concert."

"Hope she feels better by tonight..."

Alice returned to her room at the TV Tower. Some of the pain made her walk slowly to her bed. She decided to take a nap, hoping that more sleep would make her feel better.