Greetings, ladies, gents, and Merlinions of all ages! You might know me (probably not—people don't usually know me), but if not, my name's DeleaMarie (In case you weren't paying attention when you clicked on my story.). It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope you enjoy my fic and stay tuned for the upcoming chapters! :)

Description: They all have secrets. Things that not even their closest friends know. Whether serious or humorous, sentimental or embarrassing, some things are better kept under wraps, and that's precisely where these secrets are going to stay.

Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin, all these little "secrets" I made up would be true (Then again, maybe I DO own it, and we just haven't gotten to the episodes where you find this stuff out... ;P).

Additional AN: In case you don't remember, Geoffrey is the old librarian guy who's an old friend of Gaius. In my headcanon, he and Gaius have been best friends since childhood.


1. Up until Percival came along, Gaius held the tavern's record for arm-wrestling.

2. He's not sure if it's true or not, but his mother once told him he'd been born with one eyebrow raised above the other.

3. He likes to hum while he works—it helps fill the silence whenever Merlin isn't around.

4. He was never all that great at magic when he was young, but he learned it anyway to try to please his father.

5. He still has nightmares about the days when tights were in style.

6. When Merlin got sick with a really bad fever, Gaius spent the whole night by his side, putting wet cloths on the boy's brow and murmuring lullabies that his mother used to sing to him in the language of the Old Religion.

7. He taught himself to read when he was thirteen, despite the fact that most of his family thought it was a waste of time.

8. The physician's quarters used to be the castle's washing room, and he still gets the occasional load of laundry coming down one of the chutes.

9. He once told everyone at the tavern that he was the inventor of ale. He hasn't had to pay for a drink since.

10. He's never hated himself more for standing by and doing nothing than when Balinor was forced to leave Hunith to escape Uther.

11. He was seventeen when he fell in love for the first time and twenty-eight when he fell in love for the last.

12. He never told Merlin, but he was the one who had originally locked the goblin up in the library (after buying him from a trader and accidentally setting him loose in the castle in the first place).

13. No one believes him when he says that he's only sixty-three—though, to be fair, he's not sure he believes it, either.

14. Before he became interested in healing, he always wanted to travel the world as a minstrel.

15. When he lost his first tooth, Geoffrey convinced him that it would never grow back, and the two young boys spent the rest of the day looking for something to fill the gap (They'd finally managed to find a small enough rock when Geoffrey's mother set them straight.).

16. He thinks the name 'Gaius' is fine, but he absolutely hates his last name because it reminds him of his father.

17. He still has a scar on his leg from when he was eleven and Geoffrey dared him to try to climb one of the castle walls.

18. Sometimes he wishes he had never gone to Nimueh for Uther, but then he'll see something that shows what a great man Arthur has become, and he'll think that maybe—just maybe—all the sacrifices haven't been in vain.

19. He doesn't talk about his childhood because he's gotten tired of people asking if the wheel had even been invented yet way back then.

20. He felt a warm glow of happiness when a patient once referred to Merlin as his son and the boy didn't correct her.

Well? How'd I do? I've seen some of these secrets fics for other fandoms, but I've never read one for Merlin, so I thought I'd try my hand. I'm going to attempt to write one for every major character in the show, but it all depends on the amount of inspiration I have (Hint: Reviews help! ;P).

I really enjoyed writing Gaius because, since we don't know a lot (*cough* ANYTHING *cough*) about his childhood, I was able to make one up for him! In my mind, Gaius's father was stern and didn't show much approval for his son's dreams. I think Gaius came from a long line of magic users and he disappointed his father when he didn't share that love for it, so relations between the two were strained at best. Also, Geoffrey and Gaius were best friends, did everything together, and probably got into a WHOLE lot of trouble when they were youngsters!

About the whole age thing: Gaius being sixty-three is my way of reconciling the fact that Hunith is his sister. This way, she's only about ten or so years younger than him, rather than twenty. Also, this means that Gaius would have been roughly thirty-four when Arthur was born and the Great Purge started, which works better with the whole Alice thing, too. So, in my mind, Gaius aged prematurely due to the stress and guilt that came with his friends being persecuted (understandable, really).

Well, that's all for me for this chapter! Comments? Questions? Liked it? Loved it? Looking forward to more? Feel free to drop a review and let me know! :)

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