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Description: They all have secrets. Things that not even their closest friends know. Whether serious or humorous, sentimental or embarrassing, some things are better kept under wraps, and that's precisely where these secrets are going to stay.

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Another AN: I had so many people last chapter who said they were looking forward to Uther's. Hope it lives up to expectations... :s

Another 'nother AN: Oh, and this takes place before the season 3 finale, so no mentions of Morgana's betrayal or Uther being all comatose.


1. When he first enacted the ban on magic, he tried to get people to start calling him Uther Pend-ragon because he refused to have a mystical creature as part of his name.

2. He gave it up when he realized that it sounded pretty much the same either way.

3. When his parents were hunting for potential suitors, he always used to worry about what he'd think of them. It wasn't until he met Ygraine that he began to worry what she thought of him.

4. When he was fifteen, he decided that a mustache would make people take him more seriously.

5. His favorite sound in the world was—and always will be—his wife's laugh.

6. He feels slightly jealous whenever he hears Geoffrey refer to Gaius as his best friend.

7. He was eight when he experienced his first assassination attempt, and he's had trouble trusting people ever since.

8. His first act as King of Camelot was to outlaw whistling in public places—simply because he could.

9. When he felt his infant son's heartbeat for the first time, he swears his own heart stopped and started beating to the same rhythm.

10. He's always secretly wished he could throw vegetables at the people in the stocks.

11. The first person he sentenced to death for practicing magic was the man who had been his personal servant for twelve years. It was one of the hardest things he'd ever done.

12. He's taken to running his hand through his hair, just to make sure it's still there.

13. He had his whole proposal planned out word for word, but the moment he looked into Ygraine's eyes, he forgot how to speak.

14. When he was young, he had a large pet boarhound that followed him everywhere he went. Unfortunately, though, when the dog got older, Uther's parents sent him to be with his family in a faraway Druid camp.

15. The first time Morgana had a nightmare, she came and cried on his shoulder until she fell back asleep. That was the moment he decided that maybe he could be a father after all.

16. Sometimes, when he's lying awake at night, he can still hear the sound of the troll breathing…

17. When he was five, he used to sneak into his parents' chambers, dress up in his father's old cloak, and parade around the castle as "King Ut'er."

18. One of his greatest fears is that his wife died hating him.

19. He once went an entire week without accusing anyone of sorcery. He still gets a little shaky when he thinks about it.

20. Despite his best efforts, he somehow grew up to be exactly like his father—stern, cold, and never satisfied. He desperately hopes that the same thing doesn't happen to Arthur.

2. After coming up with the first one, I started saying PEND-ragon out loud, just to see what it sounded like (got some funny looks, too, let me tell you! ;P). Depending on how fast you say it (and how great your elocution is), it really just sounds like Pendragon.

4. Needless to say, he's burned all the portraits painted during THAT particular phase! ;P

14. "Druid camp" is the Camelotian parent's equivalent of "farm," apparently. I just love the idea of a grown up Uther even now retaining the belief that his dog is off living in a camp somewhere. And every time he raids one, he holds out the slight hope that he'll once again be reunited with his faithful pooch... ;D

15. I don't know if they say in the show, but in my mind, Morgana's nightmares didn't start until after Gorlois died (So Uther was "essentially" her father. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.).

Alright, as of now, I am planning on doing a chapter for Gwen, Morgana, Elyan, Percival, Gwaine, Leon, Arthur, and Merlin (and possibly Kilgharrah), since these are who I consider the main characters of the show to be. If there are any other characters that you REALLY want to see, feel free to tell me, and I'll see what I can come up with! :)

I don't know who's going to be next (leaning towards Elyan), but I probably won't be able to post till Sunday, so... See you then! :)