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Oh, and I'm several episodes behind on the new season of Merlin, so: NO SPOILERS, PLEASE! *claps hands over ears and shouts "Lalalalalalalalala!"*

Description: They all have secrets. Things that not even their closest friends know. Whether silly or serious, sentimental or embarrassing, some things are better kept under wraps, and that's precisely where these secrets are going to stay.

Disclaimer: You can bet Merlin's pointy hat that if I owned the show, this would NOT be the last season. :(

Additional AN: As I said earlier, I'm behind on the episodes, so I apologize if anything in here goes against something we learn in season five. Also, for that reason (and to avoid spoilers for those who haven't even STARTED series five), these all take place before the events of Arthur's Bane.

ADDITIONAL Additional AN: I have no idea what the age difference is between Gwen and Elyan, but I'm making it two years. Because I can.


1. When he was a boy, he loved to sneak into the castle kitchen and charm the women there into giving him leftovers.

2. He first got his taste for adventure from his mother, who used to tell him stories about the world outside Camelot's walls.

3. When they were younger, he and his sister used to play "Knight Rescuing the Princess." He desperately hopes Gwen never tells his friends about the times she made him be the princess.

4. He still goes out to his father's forge whenever he needs to feel close to him.

5. He was first called 'Elyan the White' when Gwaine and Percival dumped a sack of flour on his head. After that, the name just kind of stuck.

6. He and his father disagreed over everything—blacksmithing was one of the few things they could do together without arguing.

7. He still puts a pile of salt by his bed every night, just in case.

8. Though he was too proud to admit it at the time, being on his own didn't feel anywhere near as nice as being part of a family.

9. When Gwen became old enough to marry, he made a list of all the things he would do to any man who dared to break her heart.

10. He gave the list to Arthur as a wedding present.

11. His mother was the peacemaker of the family, always smoothing things over between his father and him. When she died, even Gwen wasn't strong enough to hold them all together for long.

12. He sleepwalks. Once, he woke up to find that he'd locked himself in the stocks (He still has no idea why.).

13. He was nineteen when he left Camelot for the first time, and he never looked back.

14. His first kiss ended with him being pushed into a creek.

15. He'll always have to live with the fact that the last words he spoke to his father were part of an argument about him leaving home.

16. He doesn't think he'll ever have children of his own, but he's really looking forward to becoming an uncle.

17. When he returned to Camelot, Gwen wanted to take him to see their father's grave right away. She didn't understand why he just couldn't.

18. When he was little, he'd always wanted to be a knight of Camelot, but he'd never thought that that dream would become a reality.

19. "Wrong place, wrong time" didn't even begin to cover some of the crazy situations he'd found himself in over the years (Or explain why he now had nine toes and always carried around a flyswatter.).

20. Growing up, he'd always wished for a brother instead of a sister. Now, though, he wouldn't trade Gwen for anything.

5. Well, they don't actually mention any of the knights' titles/attributes in the show, but in the legend, Elyan is known as Sir Elyan the White. This is obviously why.

6. Why do I keep giving the menfolk difficult relationships with their fathers? Well, it just worked in this case. The way I see it, Elyan grew up wanting to see the world outside Camelot's walls, but his father didn't want him to leave. Then, after his wife died, Tom REALLY wanted the family to stick together, but Elyan just saw it as one more reason to go.

9. I'm really not a huge fan of Elyan (abandoned his family; didn't come home when his father died; just stood by and let Gwen get banished...). Protective older brother is really his only redeeming quality in my eyes (They just don't give him enough of a personality on the show for me to get to know him and like him better!).

19. In "The Castle of Fyrien," Elyan mentions owning a forge, but, in my mind, he traveled the world quite a bit before settling down. I bet he could give even GWAINE a run for his money in the tall tavern tales department!

20. I'm not sure if they ever say in the show which of the siblings is older. In my mind, it's Elyan, but I left it open either way.

Well, that's all for Elyan. Hope I did him justice and you all don't hate him (or me!) now. No idea when my next update will be (But reviews definitely get the juices flowing! ;P). I'm thinking Gwen, Kilgharrah, or Mordred for the next one...

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