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Description: They all have secrets. Things that not even their closest friends know. Whether silly or serious, sentimental or embarrassing, some things are better kept under wraps, and that's precisely where these secrets are going to stay.

Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin, I'd probably be better at writing on a deadline.

Additional AN: Spoilers for all seasons. Also, since basically nothing is known about Mordred's past, I've made one up for him.


1. One of his biggest regrets is that he stabbed Morgana before he had a chance to ask her for a ride on Aithusa.

2. He'd been an orphaned street urchin before the Druids took him in—doing odd jobs when he could and stealing when he couldn't.

3. All right, he'll admit it—he used magic once to beat Percival at arm-wrestling.

4. He didn't know it was possible to both trust and fear someone until he met Arthur.

5. The first time he heard another Druid's voice in his head, he wondered if he was crazy.

6. Sometimes he still does.

7. He's a master at hide-and-seek—during their games, it often took the other Druid children hours to find him.

8. He's grateful for his new chambers as a Knight of Camelot, but sometimes the four walls make him feel trapped.

9. When he was younger, he'd hated baths so much, he had once tried to use a cleaning spell on himself (He was coughing up bubbles for days.).

10. Cerdan—the Druid man Uther killed—wasn't his real father, but he was the closest thing he had.

11. He'd take a bow and arrow over a sword any day.

12. It was weird going from being the oldest of the Druid children to the youngest of the Knights of the Round Table. A good kind of weird.

13. He thought Gwaine was going to pass out when he mentioned that he'd never taken part in a drinking game before.

14. He has his mother's eyes.

15. He can actually cook quite well, but he figures that if the Knights ever found out, they'd make him help Merlin prepare the meals.

16. When he first arrived at the Druid camp, he was desperate for a father-figure and Cerdan was desperate for a son. Everything else just sort of fell into place.

17. It was on his tenth night at Camelot that he found out about the Knights' "hazing rituals" for all newcomers.

18. If he were in Merlin's position, he probably would have given up on Arthur long ago.

19. He had a huge crush on the Druid leader's daughter… right up until she started calling him Mordy.

20. His parents used to tell him that he'd grow up to do great things. Somehow he doubts killing Arthur is what they'd had in mind.

1. The one plus to being on the bad side... ;P

10. The show never tells us whether the man Mordred is with in "The Beginning of the End" is his father or not. I decided that he would be his mentor but also a father-figure he never really had, since his parents died when he was quite young. I originally wrote that Cerdan was "more of a father than Mordred's own had ever been," but then I remembered that I keep giving the men of Camelot difficult relationships with their fathers, and I decided not to do that with Mordred. :)

11. I don't care if he's a master at swordfighting—he just looks more like an archer to me! Plus, since Druids are (typically) peaceful, I think he'd be much more likely to have trained with a bow and arrow than with a sword (at least in his youth).

12. I know he didn't go straight from being a Druid to being a Knight, but I'm counting those as the only two times when he really felt like he was part of a family.

16. Every time I write "Cerdan," I keep wanting to say "Cenred." Imagine how Mordred would've turned out if he'd been raised by HIM! ;P

17. I'm already planning on writing a story for this one (probably as part of my drabble series), so be on the lookout, and please don't copy the idea!

20. I think that, even though he felt angry and betrayed by the king, Mordred really regretted what he did to Arthur. I don't know if the show really succeeded in painting him as a villain, since you can't help but feel bad for him the whole time (And absolutely HATE his girlfriend—what was wrong with her?!).

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