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Description: They all have secrets. Things that not even their closest friends know. Whether silly or serious, sentimental or embarrassing, some things are better kept under wraps, and that's precisely where these secrets are going to stay...

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Warning: Spoilers for... I don't know... Let's just say the whole series, and that'll cover everything.


1. She never understood her friends who said they wished they had a brother—having Arthur was bad enough.

2. She's been alone so long, she no longer expects anyone to answer when she talks to herself.

3. She's never been in love before, but she did have quite the crush on Leon when she was younger.

4. The first time she sneaked out of Camelot wearing that bright red cloak, it was because a part of her wanted to be stopped.

5. She mourned when Morgause died—really, she did. But that didn't stop her from taking her older sister's eyeliner.

6. Her first nightmare happened the night after Gorlois died.

7. She's never been particularly obsessed with her appearance, but by her third week living out in the woods, she would've killed for a hairbrush.

8. Aithusa is the only one she feels has never betrayed her.

9. All of her old music instructors used to tell her that she had a beautiful voice. It wasn't until she performed for a visiting dignitary that she found out she really didn't.

10. Way down deep where she won't admit it, she knows that Gwen was a better sister to her than Morgause ever was.

11. Morgana was taller than Arthur all the way up until he turned fourteen. She never lets him forget that.

12. The one question she'll never allow herself to ask is whether or not Uther is really to blame for everything. She thinks the answer might break her.

13. Her face really did freeze in a smirk once. It took some powerful magic to get it back to normal.

14. Ever since her first dream came true, she'd known that there was a darkness inside her. She always used to wonder how it was that nobody else could see it.

15. When she was little, she found a nest of woodworms living in her bed posts. Now she has to check for them every night before she can go to sleep.

16. She never thought that she'd be ashamed of her father. Turns out, though, her father wasn't the man she'd always thought he was.

17. When she becomes queen of Camelot, she's pretty sure that she's going to outlaw corsets because seriously—a girl needs to breathe.

18. She wishes that, just once, someone would compare her to her mother instead of her father. After all, she doesn't think either of her fathers would be very proud of the person she's become.

19. Her evil laugh has really been coming along ever since she started working with a vocal coach.

20. In her darkest moments, she doubts that even Camelot itself will be big enough to fill the hole growing in her heart.

1. Maybe it's because I'd read the legends and knew beforehand that Morgana was Arthur's half-sister, but their relationship always seemed more sibling-rivalry-esque than romantic to me, even in the early episodes (because otherwise—ick!). :s

3. Well, who could blame her? ;P

9. I have no idea if Katie McGrath can sing, but—in my mind—Morgana can't.

16. Literally. ;P

19. Any Dr. Horrible fans out there? ;P

Alright—thus ends Morgana. Hope you guys liked it! Any requests for who to do next?

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