One year later...

For the first time in a while, I had settled down in one place. I didn't really mind it (in fact I kind of enjoyed it), but it could be a little boring at times.

I currently lived with Anakin and his mother, Shmi, in their new "apartment". It was rather small, compared to some things I had lived in, but it was the best available in Mos Espa. I always kept my eyes open for wealthy people. When they pass through, I just get their attention, and with a little use of Geass, they end up thinking that they were broke because they got drunk and bet all their money on a Sabaac game.

I smiled at Anakin as he talked with the girl that had just come into Watto's shop, accompanied by a Gungan and a human with a strong force presence. Anakin still worked for Watto, the only difference was that now he was getting paid. Watto had gotten desperate without anyone with mechanical knowledge to help him and had offered him the job.

I was broken out of my thoughts by Anakin's naivete. An angel? Really? I had to suppress a sigh.I wasn't sure whether he really thought that or he just needed to work on his pickup lines.

After an incident with a pit droid, Anakin tried to continue with his first attempt at flirting, only to be interrupted by the obvious leader walking in from the junk yard.

"We're leaving. Come on." He said as he briskly strode out the door. The girl, as well as the gungan, followed obediently.

My eyes widened when his cloak moved out of the way, allowing me to see the lightsaber on his hip. I wonder what a Jedi would be doing on a planet not part of the republic. Strange.

It didn't matter, I wouldn't see him again anyway. Ignoring the strange feeling I got, I turned towards Anakin and said, "You need to work on your pickup lines."

"Um... What?"


Just an hour later, I was helping Shmi in the kitchen when I heard multiple voices coming from the entryway. Eyes flashing a dangerous red, I made my way towards the doorway separating the kitchen and living room, which connected to the front door. I opened my mental floodgates that limited my force presence, as well as preventing my senses from being overwhelmed by the sheer number of beings in the galaxy.

I nearly gasped as I felt the force flow through me once again. It was a wonderful feeling, both the Light and the Dark singing to me. The Light sounded like a chorus of voices singing in harmony, worshiping me, the Peacebringer. The Dark sang a siren's song, offering unlimited power to me, the Demon King.

The feeling of both of them singing as one was incredible. Oh, how I had missed this! Why had I given this up?! Why?

Then I saw the Jedi in the doorway, looking around frantically like a psycho.

Ah, yes... That's why.

I stepped out into the living room, fully prepared for anything the Jedi might do.

…..I must admit, I was not prepared for him to drop to his knees in front of me, call me the "Living Force", and begin a speech about how he was devoted to me above anything else.

Somehow, I was sure this man was a descendant of Jeremiah Gottwald...


A/N: Weren't expecting that, were ya?! And yes, there IS a good explanation for this. And there is also a good explanation for why this took so long and why it's so short.

I can't tell you what it is yet, but there is one.