Finally Finished! this was a hard chapter to write! Well I hope you enjoy it!

"Hi Daddy." I say, walked through the door after Derek just dropped me off.
"Hey Sweetheart. Sorry about not being able to pick you up after school today but I had something that I needed to get done."
"Its okay I just got a ride home with a friend."
"That's good, you were always good at making friends." There was a moment of silence. I know he's going to ask why i got home so late. 5-4-3-2-"What were you and this friend doing that you got home so late?" And there it is. Daddy dearest always so predictable.
"Nothing much he was just showing me around."
"Yes Dad, he. His name's Scott." I didn't say Derek because if my Dad finds out that I got a ride home with a 20 something guy I met in the woods, lets just say that conversation wouldn't go very well. He seems pleased with my answer.

"I have a surprise for you." He leads me to the garage. Right where his old Harley used to sit is a red Ducati 848. My jaw drops. .Way. A Ducati! Wow. Breath Gabi. Just. Breath. I squeal and hug my dad.
"Gabs. Cant. Breath."
"Sorry!" I let go and start checking out my new bike. My new bike. Wow I love the sound of that. I have been in love with Ducatis ever since I got my motorcycle license. And red. Oh how I love red.
I squeal and hug my father again."Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!" I repeat the words over and over again.
"I see you like it." he says after i stop babbling.
"Like it I love it!"
'Well you deserve it. My birthday present to you this year wasn't exactly thought through." That was true, my birthday present this year was a gift certificate to Bath and Body works. It could've been worse. He never was good at presents they were always my moms job.

Once my dad is able to pry me from my bike he makes me go to bed. I fall asleep still smiling, completely oblivious that I was no longer alone.

~Dereks P.O.V.~

I was standing in a dark corner in her room waiting for her to notice me. Witches have great senses from what I've heard. Laura said they have a type of sixth sense that allows them to be hyper aware of their surroundings. Based on the big smile planted on her face she was to distracted to notice me. But what about earlier? That's why I came here, to ask what she was running from. I found the alpha's scent not far from hers, he must have been following her. If he was following her then he must know what she is. If he knows then he'll try to use her or worse bind her to him. She could never escape him then. All he would have to do is bite her. I won't let that happen. I promise. Laura promised to protect her and now that she's gone, I'll continue her promise for her. I walk over to her bed and pet her cheek with the back of my pointer finger. She's beautiful, but I can't get involved right now, he could use her against me. I hear a howl, its him, I give her one last glance and leave.

~Gabriella's P.O.V.~

I was running. No I was chasing something. I spot it and leap across a roof top, knowing I'll make it to the other side. In mid-leap a shot rings out and I get a sharp pain in my arm. I fall.
I pull myself up and wince. I pull up my sleeve revealing a bullet wound glowing purple. Beep! I'm pulled out of my dream by my stupid alarm. Beep! Oh my gosh! You mother of a fudge sucking parrot! Shut up! I hateeee you so much! I shut it off and take a shower to help wake me up more.
I felt like I got no sleep last night. And What a dream, right? I blow dry my hair to give it a slight natural curl. I put on grey skinny jeans, white v-neck, a grey scarf with my amulet hidden underneath, my leather jacket, and of course, my combat boots.
When I get to the kitchen I find that where my dad would be is a red helmet, that matches my bike, next to a note saying not to be late to school. I grab the helmet and my bag and make my way to the garage.

When I pull into the parking lot everybody turns to look at me. I am so letting this go to my head. I park next to a jeep that Stiles just got out of. "Hey" I say walking over.
"Hey. Nice bike."
"Thanks, Walk me to class?"
"It would be my pleasure" He offers me his arm and I take it.
"Thank you my dear sir." People stare.
" Everybody's staring. Do I have something on my face?" We stop walking and I look up at his face.
"How didn't I notice that before?"
"What!?" I totally have him spooked. I can't keep a straight face anymore and start giggling.
"How cute you are." Oh shiz-nits did I just say that?! Play cool. Just go with it.
"You think I'm cute?" Breath. Just Breath.
"Who wouldn't?" I start to blush.
"You'd be surprised."
"I think you doubt yourself too much."
"You wanna know what I think?"
"Sure." "I think you're pretty cute too." I am so red at this point that a tomato would be jealous.
"Thanks, I guess." I've never been in a situation like this before. We reach our first class and sit next to each other. "Would you-"
"Gabi!" Scott comes rushing in the room and sits behind Stiles. I huff knowing whats coming next.
"How do you know Derek?"
"Hi Gabi! Oh hi Scott! So how are you? Well I was doing great, enjoying my time with Stiles here, until I was so rudely interrupted by someone who needs to work on their manners." I love having conversations with myself.
"Sorry,"he rubs the back of his neck,"So how do you know him?"
"I don't. I just met him yesterday but I knew his sister."
"Is that how you know about werewolves?"
"No, bu that my friend is a story for another time." I leave it at that and turn towards the front of the room. He doesn't ask anymore questions but Stiles starts firing off a bunch at him. I hear Derek's name come up a couple of times.

At lunch Stiles and I sit together waiting for everybody else to arrive. "So what class do we have last again?" I ask.
"Study hall."
"Right. What would I do with out you?" I can't stop smiling, he's just so funny!
"Not smile as much."
"That's true, I've been smiling so much my cheeks are starting to hurt"
"I try. I was wondering if you-"
"SO how long have you two been dating?" Lydia says sitting down with Jackson by her side. I start coughing on my milk.
"We're not dating." Stiles says, rubbing my back while I try to get the milk out of my wind pipe.
"Everybody thinks you are." That's why they were staring.I just nod hoping she'll drop it. "I think you would make a cute couple, don't you Jackson?" He rolls his eyes and nods. I see Alison and Scott coming this way. Yay! They have come to save us!
"So I hear you guys are dating." Alison says sitting down. Stiles and I look at each other. This is gonna be a long day.

In last period Stiles and I are roaming the library talking. Or flirting, you pick the term you like best. "So, today you've tried to ask me something but you kept getting interrupted. What was it you were going to ask me?" He avoids eye contact and rubs the back of his neck.
"Would you like to go out sometime?" My jaw drops, but then I smile.
"I'd love to." He finally looks at me.
"Awesome. So how about today after school, we could go get some coffee or something."
"It's a date." He smiles, the bell rings, I grab his hand. "Come on." He looks down at our hands and smiles brighter.

We walk to our vehicles hand in hand."Wanna stop at my house on the way, do I can drop off my bike?"
"Sure, I'll follow you." His jeep pulls out before me so I get stuck behind him. He hits his brakes out of no where. I go around and see Derek on the ground. I turn off my bike and take off my helmet and rush to Derek's side.
"Are you okay?" I ask frantically.
"No." Scott and Stiles join us.
"What the hell!" Scott yells. "What are you doing here?"
"I was shot." Derek huffed out.
"Why aren't you healing?"
"I can't. It was a different king of bullet."
"A Silver bullet?" Stiles says curiously. I roll my eyes.
"No you idiot."
"It was wolfsbane, wasn't it?" I say. No one hears me.
"Wait,wait! That's what she meant when she said you had 48 hours." What?
"What?" Derek mimics my thought.
"Who said I had 48 hours?" Derek asked.
"The one that shot you." Derek's eyes flashed electric blue and he closed his eyes, wincing.
"What are you doing? Stop that!"
"That's what I'm trying to tell you, I can't." Derek scowled as he eyes continued to flicker again.
"Derek, get up." Scott ordered. "Help me put him in your car." he said to Stiles.
"What?! No way I'm putting him in my car." Stiles said.
"Stiles now is not the time for this." I say while he helps put him in his jeep. I turn to Scott."He's been shot with a type of wolfsbane, you need to figure out what kind."
"Why me?"
"Because whoever shot him is probably with the Argents and I'm not the one dating their daughter."
"Why should I help him?"
"Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but you need him." This gets through to him and he leaves. "Stiles get him out of here."
"This is not what I had in mind for our first date." He gets in the jeep."Where am I supposed to take him?"
"My house. Follow behind me." I put on my helmet and start-up my bike. This day just got longer.

We reach my house and my Dads home. Oh no, he shouldn't be home already. I park my bike and go over to the jeep. Stiles unrolls down the passenger side window, he's on the phone with who I figure is Scott.
"My Dads home change of plans. Derek I need to see the wound." I open the door and climb on his lap. He looks at me. "Do you want to move more than you have to?" He doesn't argue, knowing I'm right. He rolls up his sleeve. The bullet hole has a slight purple glow to it. Just like my dream. Its in the same spot too. I look into his eyes. "This happened when you were chasing something." I state.
"How do you know that?"
"I dreamt it." I don't let him answer and go back to looking at the wound."I have something that will stop the infection from spreading and ease the pain." I turn to Stiles. "I have some stuff I need to get, I'll be right back." I hop off of Derek's lap and make my way towards the house.

"Hey Dad!" I say running up the stairs into my room. I go to my closet and grab my spice and herb bag. "Bye Dad!" I run out the door and over to the jeep. "Excuse me." I crawl over Derek and sit in the middle. "Nice to see you didn't kill each other while I was gone. Now where to?"
"Animal Clinic."

We reach the clinic and I help Derek get out as stiles gets the key. When we get inside an alarm goes off.
"He didn't say anything about an alarm!" Stiles shouts over the beeping.
"Take Derek."I tell him. I go over to the alarm panel and force myself to bridge with it. I get an image of a guy, the vet I assume, he types in five numbers. I go to the panel and put in the numbers. It works and the alarm shuts off. I smile to myself then turn around only to be met with a confused looking Stiles and a sweating Derek. I help Stiles hold him up and we set him down on a pile of dog food bags, I kneel next to him and start going through my bag. "Does Nordic Blue Monkshood mean anything to you?" Stiles asks Derek. I pale, this is not good.
"Its a rare form of wolfs bane, tell Scott he has to bring the bullet and make it fast." I reply for him.
"Because he's going to die without it."

Hope you liked it! Ill try to get another chapter up next week :)