It was beginning to get so damn annoying. I, Caroline Forbes was yet again playing the role of 'Klaus bait'. I get that he 'fancy's' me and all; but seriously when was he going to realize that I was his Achilles heel and that we would just keep on using that against him? For a sexy (Oops, did I just think that?) and smart vampire he was being pretty dumb. Maybe I should be flattered that when it comes to me he can't control himself; I was quite chuffed, but Klaus is still one messed up vampire.

So this time I had to figure out some way to keep him occupied whilst Damon searched his apartment for something; this was a personal favor for him, since Elena chose Stefan, Damon has been on a strictly need-to-know basis with them. Therefore, he has turned to me. You may be wondering why the hell I'd help him after he abused me all that time ago. I decided that it was time to put that behind me; Damon and I were going to co-exist on this Earth for as long as the world keeps spinning, so I decided it was time for me to forgive him. Anyway, we are all united in this whole battle to rid ourselves of Klaus. To be honest since Elena had turned into a vampire and is no longer a 'human blood bag' I wondered why he was still sticking around; there was nothing left here for him. Well…he thinks I may change my mind and decide that he is the one for me, but yeah…totally not happening.

"Beep, beep, beep" I stared down at my cell's display to see that Tyler was calling me, again. I think it's finally time for me to lay things out for him. So, I pressed green…

"Caroline, you finally picked up!" Tyler's voice sounded so optimistic, I spoke quickly:

"Tyler! Ohmygod when are you going to get the message?! We are so over, you mucked me around one too many times; I loved you and you completely abused my trust. Please, please, just don't ring again; if you really love me you'll give me some time to think everything over, okay?

"Care, I love you so much; and I didn't mean to hurt you, I was such a dick and if you decided to give me another chance I promise that nothing like this will ever happen again."

"Bye Tyler" I croaked out and promptly burst into tears once again. Man, my eyes must be so red and puffy from all this crying I'd been doing lately.

Then came a knock on the door.

Outside stood Klaus.

Should I open it? I mean, I had no interest in the guy; but I did look awful and my appearance mattered a lot to me.

Oh stuff it. I swung the door open.

"What do you want Klaus."

"Caroline love, I just felt like dropping by; just seeing your beautiful makes my day feel so much better." Klaus flashed me a mischievous smile, insinuating that my face wasn't the only thing he wanted to see.

"Uh, you are so full of it! You know what Tyler's already ruined my day; so you know what? You may as well come in and ruin it some more!" I felt like I was going to explode. I didn't care what Klaus thought of me. I turned abruptly, ran to the kitchen to grab some chocolate and Tequila, made my way back into the living room, collapsed onto the couch and turned on Glee. I was miserable and knew that seeing Cory Monteith's face would make my day suddenly feel so much better.

Klaus's face was a mask of complete confusion and amusement. He followed me in and sat on the couch opposite, whilst I watched Glee his eyes never left me. He was so still and quiet it was unnerving; then eventually he spoke.

"Caroline, love, what did Tyler do?" He stared at me his eyes full of something that looked strangely like sympathy – Klaus, sympathetic?

I fought the tears that were welling up inside, just his name left me emotionally unstable. Stupid girl.

"Oh Klaus, don't you wish you knew." My eyes briefly left the TV to flash him a look of resilience.

Klaus didn't look bothered. "My dear; when we're finally lovers you shall tell me all the hurt anyone has ever caused you, and rest assured; I will avenge you. Until then, I guess I shall have to settle for you coming to dinner with me tonight. I shall pick you up at 7, agreed?"

Woah, I was alarmed by Klaus's sudden declaration; but really: 'when we're finally lovers', man, his ego was so big.

"Klaus, I didn't even say I would come to dinner with you tonight."

"You will, I'm sure of it." He stated.

After a few seconds of silence he promptly stood, kissed me on the forehead and left.

"See you later love".

"Um, okay?"

Finally alone again, I let out a long laugh and text Damon:

Klaus is definitely out tonight; you will be safe to raid the mansion. Let me know if you find anything interesting! Well… I doubt there are any skeletons in his closet that we don't already know about!

C x