Klaus's POV

I rolled over in bed and fell into the dip in the mattress where it had formed into the shape of a figure. That's when I remembered last night's occurrences.

I lay on my back, closed my eyes and remembered how Caroline Forbes had slept next to me last night; as she slept I watched the rise and fall of her chest and the peaceful, unguarded expression on her face. If I could have my way I would fall asleep next to her every night, and wake up to her every morning.

That's when it hit me; I hadn't woken up next to her…she'd walked out on me!

I gave a little chuckle and sat up in bed. She was the very first woman I had ever wanted to stay the night, and yet she hadn't. That was why I was so interested in the girl, she defied me in every way possible and there was something so sexy about it?

Slowly, I rose from my bed and padded across to the bathroom. It was time to take a shower, I stepped in and let the boiling hot water run all over my body; I lathered up the soap and relaxed. However, I was pretty disappointed as I realized I had removed Caroline's sweet scent from my body. After a few minutes I exited the shower toweled myself dry, pulled on my clothes and finally my necklaces; which for once I had taken of, showing my absolute trust in Caroline Forbes.

As I made my way back into my room to straighten up; things had gotten a bit messy last night, I saw the note that had been left on the side. Of course, it was from Caroline; I knew she wasn't the type to leave without a goodbye.

I sat down on my bed and began to read the note, I remembered the occurrences of last night but it appears that Caroline's recollections are a bit hazy. She believes she killed people last night; this was true, but it was not her alone – the guy she drank from I had already nearly drank to the point of death. I gave a gulp as I thought of the scene she would have seen as she left this morning; all the bodies that I had drained to try and convince myself that she hadn't changed me. Well, this morning I was sober and in the right state of mind, and for once in my life I think I'm actually experiencing regret? I was wrong to kill those people last night, and the beautiful Caroline Forbes had changed me; and from now on I knew that I was going to do my best show her that I am not a lost cause.

I continued to read the note and gave a smirk… she thinks we had sex? Hell, she can't remember if we had sex or not. Well, we didn't… but drunk or not she would have remembered if she had done it with me. I guess I couldn't blame her for jumping to conclusions considering we were in bed together naked. I needed to tell her the full story; she didn't do anything last night that she may regret other than drinking a small amount of human blood.

She came onto me pretty strong last night in her drunken state, we shared a few kisses and she managed to strip both of us of our clothing; but ultimately, when it came down to actually doing the deed I made her stop. As much as I wanted to show Caroline Forbes how amazing sex with me would be, I wanted her to be in her right state of mind and completely willing. I didn't want her to have any regrets afterwards.

I read the final line of the note:

'I would be grateful if you didn't approach me for a couple of days; I'd like some time to try and remove these thoughts from my head.'

Well, as much as I would have liked to follow Caroline's wishes, I had to clear up any misunderstanding with her before it could come back and bite me. I tugged my mobile from my back pocket and rang her number, doubting that she would actually pick up. Much to my expectation, it went straight to answer phone. I decided to leave a message:

"Alright love? I read the note and I know I wasn't meant to call, but we've had a misunderstanding; call me back please, sweetheart. It's in your best interest. Oh and by the way, you look even more gorgeous out of your clothes than in them…"

I contemplated whether the last line was a bit overboard, it could possibly scare her off even more, but I guess it was too late now.

Slinging my phone back in my pocket, I exited my room and made my way out onto the landing. Over the banister I saw the mess of bodies littering my floor; I thought I'd told one of my damn Hybrids to tidy that up? – Great, Caroline would have seen that as she left and panicked. I wasn't one for domestic chores but I'd made quite a mess, and I guess if you want something done properly you have to do it yourself. I slung the first couple of bodies over my shoulder and hauled them out into the garden; for once I was going to bury them, I shouldn't have killed them…

After what seem to take forever; I had finally buried all seventeen of them. I brushed my hands on my jeans and went inside to get a snack – blood bag of course; I couldn't take from the vein any longer, not after what I'd done this time.

I popped a blood bag into the microwave and watched the bag rotate and rotate; until finally something more interesting came along to entertain me. The Hybrid who I had ordered to clean up the mess strolled in. My anger swelled inside me.

"You, I thought I told you to clean up last night." I growled.

She rolled her eyes at me, something which I never expected to occur.

"I'm not your bitch anymore Klaus, I'm no longer sired to you." She smirked, not knowing how much I wanted to rip her head from her body.

"How did this happen?" I decided the only reason for me keeping her alive was to at least get some information from her.

"You really think I'm going to tell you?" She said with an air of sarcasm in her voice. I didn't like that, not one bit…

Before she could even blink I had her pinned against the wall and a knife to her throat, ready to remove her head for just the slightest mistake.

"Okay, I'll tell you, I'll tell you…" She choked out.

"Speak now sweetheart or your head will be gone before you can even fight back." I whispered in her ear.

"Tyler. Tyler Lockwood showed me how; he and some wolf called Hayley helped me to break it." I listened and nodded; but once she'd served her purpose I tore her head straight from her body and into the bin. – I'd have to remember to take out the rubbish later.

I sat back on a chair and evaluated my options; my choices were to either go after Caroline to set things straight with her; or to go and find Tyler and make him sorry. However, I decided it would be best to kill two birds with one stone; it was harvest festival tonight and the whole town was going to be there, it was the perfect time to sort out both my problems.

I smiled as a plan began to form in my head. – Tonight was going to be very productive…

Caroline's POV

I snuck into the house and up to my room. It was still pretty early so I had the chance to get into bed and act like nothing ever happened before my mom woke up. Man, I really hope she's asleep; I really could not explain drunken sex with the evil Original Hybrid to her right now; it was just too much to handle.

I removed my shoes and placed them where I thought I'd left them yesterday; I then slowly tiptoed up the stairs and into my room. I slung my sweater over my head and pulled off my pants; I then tugged on my nightshirt and clambered into bed. As I lay down my phone began to ring; the caller display showed: 'Klaus calling'. Man… I thought I told him not to contact me, what a dick. I pressed red and rolled over in bed. I needed to sleep and find some piece of mind.

A few hours later my alarm clock began to ring, it showing the time of 11:00am. I could hear my mom moving around in the hall way and then our home phone go off. She picked it up and knocked on my door before entering.

"Caroline honey, it's for you…" She said softly, still aware of my half asleep state.

"Ask who it is mom." I think I knew who it was already; not that I had given him my home number though.

"Who's calling?" She asked bluntly. I saw her facial expression change as the person on the other end answered. She angled the phone away from her face and covered the receiver with her hand.

"It's Klaus." She whispered. Well, it wasn't much of a whisper.

"Mom, he's a 1000 year old vampire; no matter how quiet you speak he will still be able to hear you." I laughed gently at my mom's naivety, but then my tone changed:

"KLAUS I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU." I shouted angrily.

My mom gave me the nod and promptly hung up.

"Well, he really must have done something to piss you off…." She muttered, and then she turned to leave; before quickly saying:

"Remember harvest festival tonight sweetie; wear something nice the whole of the town is going to be there."

Ah great, I was obsessing over sex with the psycho Hybrid when tonight was harvest festival and the whole of the town was going to be there… well, it wasn't the whole of the town I was worried about facing, Just Tyler…

and Klaus.

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