Chapter One

Someone in the Fog

"We need to find shelter." Mulan replied. She was pacing back and forth, viciously. "Mulan, calm down." Mary Margaret replied.

Mulan glared at her.

"Cora just attacked you, why are you taking it so calmly?" She asked.

"Because, we can't do anything, without sleep." Mary replied.

Mulan sighed. "Where's Aurora?" She then asked. "What?" I asked. I rose from my spot on the dirt-infested ground, to peer a look where she was the last time I saw her. She was no longer there. I rose to my feet.

"She was by that tree." I said.

"Could she have ventured into the forest?" Mary Margaret asked.

"I don't know. But, it's dark, and she can't be in a forest, alone…it could mean trouble." She said.

I sighed. "Well, I was hoping to get some sleep here, but let's go find her." I said. We traveled almost until morning. The sun was beginning to rise, and we'd been searching for her almost all night.

"C'mon, where could she possibly be!" I cried, tired and cranky.

Just then, we came to a cliff. Over to the right, we saw ships gathered at a dock, and people walking, running to get to places they needed to be. It was extremely foggy, and it made it impossible to see if Aurora was down there with the others.

"Let's go," Mulan replied. Mary Margaret followed behind her, and I carried the tail.

The people felt like they were in a rush to get to wherever they were going, and they knocked against me a couple of times. We went into a building that smelled of rotten eggs and beer.

"What is this place?" I asked Mary Margaret.

She frowned.

"This is a tavern, similar to a bar in our place." Mary Margaret answered, as she surveyed the room.

"Is that her?" I asked, pointing to a woman with the same appearance as her.

"Might be." Mulan replied, making her way to her. "Aurora," she called, gently. The woman turned, her lips slightly turned into a smile. "Mulan!" She exclaimed.

"Why did you wander so far from camp?" Mulan asked, her arms crossed. "You know it's dangerous to wander by yourself."

"I'm sorry, it's just that, I couldn't sleep, and I was starving." Aurora complained.

Mulan sighed. "C'mon, before we get into any more trouble." Mulan replied.

"More?" I asked.

"Don't ask, just go." Mulan demanded.

We all headed out of the tavern, where the fog seemed to have become thicker.

"Great…now we don't have any clue where to go!" Mulan exclaimed.

That's where I saw him.

He had his back towards me. He was shouting orders to someone. He had short dark hair, and his right hand was pointing into the direction of the tavern. Towards us.

Who was he? Why did he make my heart skip a beat? "Emma, we have to go." Mary Margaret replied, pulling me out of my stupor. Mary Margaret took me by the elbow and guided me along with the group. Away from the mystery man.