Did you ever feel that being in love was a meaningless emotion and then meet the girl who changes your feelings? - Arnav

Did you ever believe that opposite don't attract and then meet a guy who makes your heart race every time you see him? – Khushi

Khushi Kumari Gupta, she was buried in a book about passionate and intense love, how their love defeats everything and every obstacle. She inhaled the fuzzy smell of the fresh cup of coffee and intoxicated it whilst she was completely engrossed in the book. Before she could read the next word, Buaji storms in the room betraying Khushi's imagination, "Pagalia what are you doing here?! You do know you have to go to neighbours wedding? We're all ready and waiting for you!" while having her hand on her head with distraught and her long black plaited her hair wrapped on her neck. "One minute Buaji, let me just finish this sentence" Khushi's eyes were glued to the book, she couldn't repel it. "One minute? I won't even give you one second!" she yelled as she snatched the book. "They're our neighbours; it doesn't look nice coming late to the wedding. Get ready in 5 minutes" as she grasped the book tight and exited the room. Buaji seemed like a rude arrogant woman but deep down she was a loveable caring person but she expressed her love violently and Khushi knew this and admired her for it. Hastily she dressed elegantly in a red simple sari which shaped her small waist; she applied black eye liner on her eye and red lipstick to finish the look.