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Six years ago, the entire city of Los Angeles was left in a state of shock after two teens died in Shadow Creek Park, an incident that was deemed a murder-suicide by the Los Angeles Police Department. Those two teens were Molly Garfunkel and Cathryn Valentine, both age sixteen. Neither one seemed likely to die young. Both were beautiful, popular, and talented, but their lives ended in disaster after Molly suffered a nervous breakdown.

Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? Well, the drama doesn't end there. When someone dies, most people believe that they're gone for good. Not in this case. After their very unexpected deaths, a group of teens suddenly found themselves being haunted by the ghosts of Molly and Cat. Okay, Molly did most of the haunting, but Cat was there to protect her friends from the vengeful spirit of Molly Garfunkel.

Of course, things were finally settled after a few weeks and the two ghosts moved onto the afterlife. Now everyone has moved on as well. Today, they are leading normal lives. Well, if you consider being pop sensations, Hollywood actors and actresses, and the founder of a suicide prevention organization normal.

Yes, everything is back to normal.

Or is it?

"HEEEELLLLPPP!" Zander Robbins yells as Gustavo Rocque chases him down the hallway.

"Guys, shut up!" Kelly Wainwright scolds. "Grace is filming her new ad."

When they peek into the dance studio, which has been transformed into the perfect filming location, Grace King is standing in front of a white background, talking to the camera. Pictures of now dead teens have been taped to the backdrop, while Grace talks about teen suicide statistics and that sort of thing. Back in high school, she started Teens For Suicide Prevention (TSP), an organization dedicated to raising awareness of teen suicide. That organization is pretty much her whole life.

"I want ice cream." Carlos says suddenly.

"Well, too bad because YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY!" Gustavo yells.

Kelly rolls her eyes. That man has been extra temperamental lately. She thinks that it might have something to do with the idiot that moved into the mansion next to him. Apparently, the guy likes to have a bunch of friends over and they keep Gustavo awake all night. She would invite him to stay over at her place, but she doesn't want him in her house. She has to deal with his attitude enough at work.

She looks at Grace, who is now walking away from the backdrop. She signs an autograph for the director's daughter and takes a picture with the young girl (about fifteen years old) before walking over to her vanity mirror. Kelly use to think that girl was kind of ditzy, but she's not as dumb as Kelly originally thought. She's a genius when it comes to TSP.

She's also engaged to James Diamond, one fourth of America's hottest new boy band, Big Time Rush. They plan on getting married in Kerplankistan in the winter (apparently, the country is really beautiful during wintertime). It's late in November right now, but they plan on leaving in the next week so they can have time to enjoy some sightseeing.

"Mommy, I'm bored!"

"It's a good thing that you're my son." Jade West grumbles as she leads three year old Bryan over to the snack machine. She and Beck married only a few months after they graduated from high school and they had their first child a year later. Bryan is cute, but he can also be a huge pain in the butt.

"Kay, don't run." Tori Vega tells her own daughter. She had Kaylana when she was just fifteen years old, but she decided to give the little girl up for adoption. Kaylana ended up being adopted by Gabriel and Jessica Garfunkel. That's just what Kelly knows about the situation. She doesn't bother prying into anyone's business. Anyway, Kaylana is seven years old and has a very close relationship with her biological mom.

"Hey, is Grace done yet?" James asks as he and his bandmates walk over to the group.

"Not yet." Kelly tells him.

"Just eat some Fruit Smackers." Jade tells Bryan, handing him a small bag of fruit snacks.

"Logan, when are you and mommy gonna get married?" Kaylana asks.

"We don't know yet." Logan says, ruffling her hair.

"Okay, that was exhausting." Grace says as she steps into the hallway.

"I think you are all pretty worn out." Kelly tells them. "So you can go home for the day."

"But Kelly-"

"Shush, Gustavo!"

"You know, I've heard that there are some really cute girls in Kerplankistan." Carlos says. They always enjoy going to Nozu, a popular sushi restaurant, after a long day of dealing with Gustavo. Mrs. Lee still works here...and she still hates Tori. It's all because she tried to put her daughter in Jade's play, but she ended up hanging from the ceiling for the whole show. Hey, Jade apparently didn't want her play to be a complete joke since her dad was gonna be in the audience.

"Jade, are you seriously staring at those scissors in front of your son?" Kendall asks weirdly.

"Hey, Cat gave me these!" Jade retorts.

"Who's Cat?" Bryan asks.

"Cat was a good friend of mommy's." Jade tells him, putting the scissors in her purse. "But she had to go away."


"I'll tell you later." Jade says awkwardly. She doesn't even know what she's doing here. All she wants is to go home and watch The Scissoring, while her next door neighbor watches Bryan for her. Instead, she's here with Vega and other people that really annoy her. They may not be as irritating as they use to be, but she can't say that she loves spending every waking moment with them.

"Hey, do you guys wanna go to the cemetery later?" She asks them.

"Jade, if you're hoping to breathe in the fumes of lingering souls-" Carlos starts to say.

"I just wanna visit Molly and Cat." Jade says coolly.

"I thought you said that-"

"Bryan, drink your milk." Jade tells her son, handing him his sippy cup. That quiets him down. She would rather not tell a three year old the ugly details of Cat and Molly's deaths. Molly shot Cat and then herself. Why does a little child need to know about that? And she would rather not reminisce about what happened after they died. It was weird and disturbing, even for her. And she's all for weird and disturbing!

"Did I hear something about lingering souls?" Sinjin Van Cleef asks, sitting between Logan and Kendall.


"You know, my sister is still single." The weirdo informs Logan.

"Gee, I wonder why." Logan says flatly.

"Sinjin, move." Kacey Simon says, pulling Sinjin off the barstool.

"Hey, where are Kevin, Nelson, and Robbie?" Kendall asks her.

"Zander and Nelson went to Fun Land and Robbie's doing a show at the Comedy Club." Kacey says, looking at her watch. Jade lifts Bryan out of his high chair and onto her lap. She really loves being a mom. She loves very few things, but one of those things is her son. They're very close too. Bryan loves his mommy. Anyway, Beck is on the set of his new movie, so it's just Jade and Bryan today.

"The wedding planner wants all of us in Kerplankistan next week." Grace says, looking at her phone.

"I'm so glad that you guys picked Kerplankistan and not Yerba." Tori says, handing Kaylana a box of crayons. "That place was awful."

"I went there one time." Grace replies. "Trust me, I know."

"What's wrong with Yerba?" Logan questions.

"You don't wanna know." Tori tells him. "You really don't."

None of them really love visiting the cemetery, but they occasionally like to visit the graces of Molly, Cat, and her brother, Brian. No, Jade's son is not named after him. Anyway, they all feel kind of anxious when they come here, but it's nothing like visiting Shadow Creek Park, where the two girls actually died. Cat's brother died because Molly's ghost killed him. Six years later, everything is back normal, but none of them have forgotten those very strange few weeks.

"Here they are." Tori says as they approach the three graves.

"Hey, do you guys ever worry that their ghosts are gonna come back?" James asks anxiously, staring at the graves. Hey, it's something important to think about! Even today, he gets very paranoid about it. If he hears even the slightest noise in his and Grace's apartment at night, he worries that the ghosts are back.

"Molly and Cat both moved onto the afterlife." Kacey insists. "They can't come back."

James supposes that she's right, but he can't be blamed for feeling paranoid. The whole experience was really bizarre. He certainly doesn't wanna repeat it. It was way too disturbing for him. He doesn't wanna see another ghost ever again.

"Look, I got three roses." Tori says happily, pulling them from her purse. A red one for Cat (since red was her favorite color, pink for Molly, and yellow for Brian. Even though they didn't know Brian too well, they always bring a flower for him too. They were starting to befriend him before he died. Then Molly went crazy on him and his life came to an unfortunate end.

"If they hadn't died, I could totally see Robbie and Cat getting married." Zander points out. "They always did seem to like each other."

"Totally." Logan agrees.

"Here's a rose for each of you." Tori says, placing the roses on the graves. "Alright, is anyone else ready to go home and rest?"

"I'm meeting Stevie for dinner at the Cheesecake Warehouse later." Zander says, referring to his wife of six months. She stayed home because she's recovering from a bad case of the flu. Zander said that she's getting better, but she still hasn't gotten all of her energy back. And Trina and Andre both caught it from her, so they're resting too.

Of course, you'd think that if she has enough energy to go on a date with her husband, she'd be able to spend the day with her friends. She probably knew that they'd decide to visit the cemetery, so she wanted to avoid it. She's been paranoid as James since the whole ghost incident.

"Have fun, you two!" Grace says as James grabs her hand. They wave at their friends before heading to their BMW, planning to spend the rest of the afternoon cuddling and talking about their upcoming wedding. He can't wait until the big day.

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