"Mr. and Mrs. James and Grace Diamond!" The officiant announces, while the audience bursts into applause. Grace, dressed up in a beautiful lace princess style gown and veil, is pulled into a passionate kiss by James, who is dressed in a lovely Armani tuxedo. They are officially husband and wife. They've been waiting for this very moment for months and how it has finally happened. They are married now.

"You and I should make out like that sometimes!" Robbie calls out to Lucy, who gives him a weird look. As James pulls away from Grace, he can't help but laugh at the look on Lucy's face. She should know that she's not alone. Robbie hits on pretty much every hot girl he sees, including Jo. Of course, he does that less frequently now because Jo is Kendall's girlfriend.

"Let's go, husband." Grace whispers in his ear.

"Alright, my beautiful wife." He grins in respond, taking her hand. "A Real Life Fairytale," which they have chosen as "their song" plays as they walk back down the aisle. Along the way, they greet friends and family who came all the way from America to see them. Sam Puckett, Carly's friend, even showed up. She's sitting in the back row with a huge bucket of fried chicken. Freddie wasn't able to come, though. He's visiting family in Indiana.

James and Grace finally walk all the way back down the aisle and out to the parking lot, where the limo is waiting for them. Another hotel on the other side of the island became available and agreed to let them use the ballroom for the reception. Besides, they were eager to have celebrities visit their hotel.

"So...we did it." He tells her once they are in the limo. "We're married."

"We are." She nods, giving him a kiss. "Excited?"

"Very." He nods, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Yes, he is a very happy guy today. And life will only continue to get better.

They got to the hotel a little more than thirty minutes later. For a few minutes, they took pictures in the lobby (with their photographer, Marcos Del Posy), then they entered the ballroom when the DJ began introducing the wedding party. They entered last, of course. Now Grace is watching Andre and Kacey, while James enjoys the delicious chocolate cake. She watches as a slower song comes on and Andre offers his hand to Kacey, who happily accepts it.

"Babe, you're gonna explode if you keep that up." She says as James starts to get another slice. "How about you and I dance?"

"That sounds even better." James smiles as he follows her to the dance floor. Grace wraps her arms around his neck and kisses his cheek, looking over his shoulder. Logan and Tori are dancing too, their foreheads rested together and smiles on their faces as they whisper quietly. Then there's Kendall and Jo, who are sitting at a table with Zander, Stevie, Beck, Jade, and Bryan. And let's not forget all their single friends. Carlos, Robbie, Trina, Kevin, Nelson, Jennifer, Carly, Sam, blah blah blah.

"I think we need to dedicate a special song, or songs, to the newlyweds."

Grace looks at the stage, surprised to see Zander up there with his guitar and a microphone in his hand.

"And I would like my friends Kacey Simon and Tori Vega to help me out." Zander says, motioning to the two girls. Grace and James look at each other, then back at the stage, where Kacey and Tori have joined Zander onstage. They grab two microphones and wave at the crowd.

"We are gonna do a fun medley of Bruno Mars songs." Kacey tells the audience.

"And we're dedicating it to Mr. and Mrs. Diamond." Tori adds. Grace smiles as James kisses her again, while the music begins. This has been the perfect day. They're married and they no longer have to worry about some ghost torturing them. Grace still loves Molly like a sister, but she doesn't belong here on Earth anymore. It's time to just let her go for good.

But when Grace looks in a corner of the room, she sees a familiar figure standing there. She feels scared at first, then she realizes that Molly doesn't have the same menacing appearance that she did before. Her dress has changed from red to white and the smile on her face shows that she's finally at peace.

"I love you." James whispers. Grace gives Molly a smile before looking into James's eyes.

"I love you too."

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