Chapter 24

The Quidditch Final

Well, there was a good thing that came from the Sectumsempra incident. And that good thing was that Snape gave Harry a detention every Saturday until the end of term. And yes, that included the Quidditch final!

To make things better, Draco was cleared right before the final, so I was getting a full roster for the final game against Gryffindor, where Gryffindor was without their star Seeker! Lucky me, eh? And I didn't even swallow my Felix Felicis!

But what was weird, was that night before the final, when Draco was released from the hospital wing, I thought that I had eaten too much pasta at dinner, and I had a weird dream. I felt as if someone was watching me. And what really creeped me out, the person was touching my neck! And I liked it.

It was a sensual touch, but the hand was cold on my neck, waking me up partially.

I opened my eyes and was slightly shocked to see Draco in my dorm. Although I couldn't see him, I had a hunch. Nobody touched me so gently (unless they wanted cursed into next week by him) but Draco.

"It was so weird." I said to Willow the next morning "I came around enough to know someone was in my dorm but I just…went back to sleep."

"Maybe you were just dreaming someone was in your dorm?" Akane suggested.

"Then how would Hannah had gone back to sleep if she really was dreaming as you suggest, Akane?" Ebony asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Maybe she was dreaming she was asleep." Bethany pointed out.

"Fascinating." Luna (Abend, not Lovegood) said, taking out a book titled "A Darker Dream" "It's just like in this book!" she breathed, excitement clear in her eyes "It's basically about a girl who is sold to a castle lord. He keeps her in his home, free roam of the castle, and everything she wants just for the asking. But, she never sees him. The reason why he bought her, you may ask?"

"To warm his bed, of course!" I said, rolling my eyes as I took a sip of juice, having read romance novels like those before "What else is in a romance novel like that?"

"No. The Lord is a vampire! He's using the girl as a blood slave!" Luna sighed, tucking the book away. "And when the girl wakes up, she feels one of two things. She either wakes up feeling loved and protected, or completely horrified!"

"And what, Abend, does that have to do with Han?" Yuuki asked, narrowing her eyes.

"This exact same thing is happening to her!" Luna said, turning to me "Hannah, how did you feel when you woke up this morning? Loved, or completely horrified?"

I blinked, remembering how warm and comforted and cared for I felt when I opened my eyes that morning. "I guess I felt loved." I said.

Katherine Felwaters squealed and hugged me "Oh my gosh!" she said.

"What? What?" I asked.

"A vampire is watching you while you sleep! It's just like Twilight!" Katherine said, lifting my hair off my neck.

"Uh, Kat?" I asked "What the Skinner are you doing?" I said.

"Checking your neck for vampire bites. If he does love you, he may want you to be his vampire bride." Kat said, adding in a disappointed tone as she let go of my hair "No vampire bite. You aren't being bitten."

I sighed "Guys, it could have just been one of my dorm mates waking up in the night to use the loo or something." I said.

"But why would one of us touch your face?" Pansy said.

"Could have been looking for a towel to wipe your hands on?" I suggested, noting her excellent point.

My friends scoffed "We don't sleepwalk!" they said.

I sighed "Whatever." I said, getting up and snatching a couple of pieces of toast and standing on the bench "OI! BULSTRODE, JAMES, PHANTOMHIVE, GREENGRASS, ZABINI AND MALFOY! EVERYBODY ON THE PITCH FOR FINAL WARM UP!" I ordered, blowing my whistle.

Willow and Draco were the first to meet me where I stood, Draco helping me down.

"Thank you." I said, kissing him quick as he set me down. Astoria, Blaise, Kairi, and Millie joined me.

"All right, you lot!" I snapped, turning to all of them and looking them in the eye once before turning "Let's go!" I said, marching out of the Hall.

"GOOD LUCK, HAN! YOU'LL NEED IT!" Ivy and Ron shouted, Harry looking down at his breakfast in shame.



"TRY POTTER IS OUR QUEEN, WEASEL-KING!" Draco and Blaise jeered, both of them standing both sides of me and wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

"BLAISE!" Ivy shouted.

"Sorry, babe, gotta stick by Slytherin's Princess." Blaise said, making Draco smirk.

"Yeah, Duff, Captain's orders. What she says goes." Draco added.

"See you!" I teased, walking out of the Hall with the cheers of the Slytherins at my back.

I turned to the team after our brief warm up, flying around the pitch a few times. I turned on my MP3 player, turning it full blast to Down With Webster.

"Ok, you guys." I said, taking a chair and sitting backwards on it. "This is it. Today's the day we regain the glory we got five years ago. I know we've got this. We've got two suburb Beaters." I said, nodding to Blaise and Kairi. Blaise smirked and Kairi blushed. "An amazing Keeper." I nodded to Millicent, who beamed. "Two other amazing Chasers," I nodded to Willow and Astoria "And one talented, and remarkably handsome Seeker." I finished, nodding to Draco.

"Oh, go on." Draco said, smirking "No, really, go on."

"Wow, someone's feeling bigheaded today." Blaise said before turning to me "Han, you're forgetting yourself!"

"The Champion of Chasers!" Willow cheered, holding her broom in the air.

"The Queen of Quidditch!" Blaise and Draco said together.

"The wizarding Wonder Woman!" Astoria, Millie and Kairi said together.

"Oh, stop!" I said, blushing "You're making me blush, you guys do all the work."

"Are you insane? You come up with our amazing plays that beat Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, you're the one that saw the talent in us. You're the one that the crowd's cheering for. It isn't 'James is our Queen' or 'Zabini is our Queen' or 'Malfoy is our Queen'. It's 'Potter is our Queen.'." Astoria said, beaming "You're the most important piece of the puzzle! We'd fall apart without you!"

I beamed. These were more than just my team mates. These were my friends. My family. I loved them all in my own way. We did get under each other's skin sometimes (Kairi mostly), but deep down we still loved each other.

"Oh, you saps, get over here!" I said, initiating a group hug from the girls before glaring at the boys "Get your asses in here or be benched, Zabini. And Draco, no snogging for you!"

The boys paled and finished off the group hug, me in the middle.

"Ok, ok, choking the Captain!" I said, pushing Kairi off me. "Let's change and get out on the pitch."

The team changed quickly and flew out of the pitch like prisoners escaping from Azkaban, ready to rock. Not to mention kick some Gryffindor ass.

I beamed and inhaled deeply "I love the smell of a Quidditch match in the morning!" I said aloud to no one in particular as I landed, glaring at Drosie, who was filling in for Ginny, who was taking Harry's place as Seeker.

"Captains, shake hands." Hooch said.

"Scared, Potter?" Drosie mouthed as I shook hands warmly with Ginny.

"You. Wish." I mouthed when I let go, mounting my broom and glaring at her "You. Are. Going. Down." I snarled when Hooch blew her whistle.

I managed to hit the Quaffle back towards Astoria and flew ahead as per the play. Astoria passed to Willow as a familiar voice started commentating.

"Oh, that little girl with the black hair and ice blue eyes has the Quaffle." Luna Lovegood's voice said. "Oh, and now she's handed it off to Hannah Potter! I do like her, she's very nice. Slightly delusional for wanting a Malfoy, but still very nice all the same. Oh, look, her housemates are starting to sing!"

And Luna was right, my housemates started screaming at the top of their lungs:

"Potter can score on anything

Can put it into any ring

That's why Slytherins all sing

Potter is our Queen!"

I flew as fast as I could when Willow threw me the Quaffle, heading straight for Ron and lobbed the Quaffle as hard as I could. Ron ducked at the unintentional face shot and let the Quaffle in.

"Oh, Hannah scored!" Luna said cheerfully "Excellent work, Hannah!"

The Slytherins roared and burst into the chorus:

"Potter Is our Queen

Potter is our Queen

She always puts the Quaffle in

Potter is our Queen!"

"Nice play, Spitfire!" Draco shouted as I flew past, kissing me in mid-flight.

"Oh, now that's sweet, Malfoy is kissing Hannah!" Luna said when we pulled apart.

"Draco," I giggled "shouldn't you have a Snitch to look for?"

"Oh," Draco said, looking at Ginny, who grinned "Oh, right!" he shouted before flying off to search for the Snitch.

After a half hour, Slytherin was leading Gryffindor slightly (and the rounds of Potter is our Queen started becoming louder and louder as our score went up) when Draco and Ginny took a dive, glaring at each other all the way.

I gasped. They had found the Snitch.

"COME ON, DRACO! LET'S GO!" I shouted, biting my lip when they both neared the ground.

"NO!" I screamed when Draco made a face plant and Ginny caught the Snitch.

The Gryffindors screamed and flooded the pitch as I hurried to dismount.

I sighed in relief when Draco shot up and wiped some blood off his nose.

"Bloody Weaslette!" he spat, wiping more blood off his nose before looking at me "Han, I'm so sorry."

I sighed and ran to hug him "You're ok, that's all that matters." I said.

The team looked in low spirits as they dismounted. I couldn't yell at them for a game well played.

"You guys played very well." I said, smiling. "We gave them a run for their money. And there's always next term to get our names in the record books." I said. "Come on, let's go change."

Willow, Astoria, Blaise, Kairi and Millie went into the change room as the Gryffindors carried Ginny away.

"Han, you coming?" Draco asked, halfway to the change room.

I smiled "You go ahead, I'll catch up." I said, walking off. "Get my stuff for me!" I added as I followed the Gryffindors to the tower.

"Good play, Ginny." I said in the tower, still in my Quidditch robes.

"Thanks. Sorry for making Malfoy do a face plant." Gin said, still beaming as the portrait hole opened and Harry stepped up.

The common room ran up into a roar and Ron shouted "WE WON HARRY!"

Harry turned to Ginny, who nodded wordlessly. And before I knew what was happening, Harry took Ginny in his arms and kissed her.

I gasped.

Hermione grinned.

Ron looked like he was hit in the face with a hockey puck.

Dominique was devastated.

The common room roared in approval.

Dominique looked at Harry and Ginny's still intertwined figures and ran up to her dorms, slamming the door behind her.

I looked up and followed her just as Harry released Ginny.

I knocked.

"GO AWAY!" Dominique said, her voice thick.

"Dommie, it's me." I said, opening the door a crack.

"Leave me alone, 'Annah." Dommie said, wiping her eyes as I walked in.

"What's wrong?" I asked, sitting on her bed.

"Everyone 'as love. You 'ave Malfoy, Ivy 'as Blaise. And now…and now 'Arry 'as Ginevera!" Dommie wailed.

I paled. I knew that Dommie had a crush on Harry but…that couldn't possibly mean that she was in love. "You love him, don't you?" I asked before internally slapping myself. Me and my stupid Skinning big mouth! I said.

"Yes, I zink I do." Dommie sniffed.

"Hey, you know?" I said "Maybe this is just a temporary thing. Like Lavender and Ron. Maybe Harry will see what a great girl you are. Who knows. You may just have your happily ever after in the end." I said, hoping she'd stop crying.

Dommie smiled "Thank you, 'Annah. I feel a lot better now. You're a good friend."

I smiled "You're welcome. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a boyfriend to find." I said, walking off.

"Hey, Han, going back to the dungeons?" Ivy asked.

I nodded.

"Tell Blaise I said hi, ok?" she asked.

"Of course!" I said, high fiving her as I walked off.

I walked into the dungeons, which looked like a funeral.

"Hey, Han." Pansy said sadly.

"Hey." I said, shrugging "We can't win them all, right?"

Pansy and the rest of my dorm mates nodded.

"Hey, where's Draco?" I asked, looking around for my missing boyfriend.

"Somewhere." Pansy said hastily. "He's somewhere."

"In specific?" I asked.

"The Room of Require-" Rose started before Millie slapped her hand over Rose's mouth.

"The Room of Requirement?" I asked, unfazed by the dirty looks Rose was getting "What's he doing in the Room of Requirement?" I asked.

Pansy shook her head "I can't say." she said.

I huffed "Fine. Don't tell me. But I'm going to go for a bath." I said, walking upstairs and into the dorm's bathroom.

"Why is Slytherin House acting so oddly this term?" I asked myself as I sunk into the bath. "Draco's off doing mysterious things and everyone's acting as if we're getting ready for a funeral!" I said as I let the heat of the water overtake me. "It must be just me." I finished when I got out a half hour later and changed into some track pants and baggy t-shirt, hopping into bed for a nap. "Just me." I yawned before letting my mind drift.

But, as per usual, I heard the same chanting over and over, but also with the Killing Curse thrown in.

"Harmonia Nectere Passus. Harmonia Nectere Passus."

"Avada Kedavra!"