Babylon 5 - The Rook King

A ridiculous story where it's Halloween on Babylon 5…inspiration taken from an old Magic Key episode.

I don't own any of the things I mention in this story.

Key: L = Laughter T = Tiny S = Small N = Normal B = Big H = Huge e.g. TL = Tiny Laughter AW = People going "Aw!" BOO = People booing WOO = People sounding like they're scared CH = Cheers CL = Clapping. WA = Wah wah wah wah wurh G = Gasps D = Den den DEN DR = Dream sound U = "Urgh!" SC = Screams


Susan Ivanova was in bed. A beep sounded. "Come in," she groaned, getting up. In stepped a man.

Susan managed to get on her dressing gown before the guy stepped in. He was wearing a smart suit and had gleaming eyes, with a content smile on his face. His hair was brown and Ivanova did not know who he was. "Hey, Lieutenant, I'm your new manager for entertainment," he said. Ivanova did not remember having asked for a manager of entertainment or a manager of any sort. "I don't think we asked for anyone to fill that position," she admitted, "Perhaps someone's playing a joke. " That had happened too many times. Already a circus ringmaster and pet shop owner had turned up after some alien decided to play a prank. "Well, I suppose I invited myself," said the man, "But once you see what I've got to offer you'll definitely want me. I'm considering putting a swimming pool on this station. My company and I are aware that you already have one, but it is not big enough to hold more than 50 people at a time. We thought we'd make a bigger one. We'll begin work next week." "Are you?" Ivanova replied in a not-so-fast tone. "Well, if you decide to take me on," the man responded, "But it's a cool idea. You'll get a pool with water slides, Jacuzzis, even a sauna. All for one fantastic price. Can you resist that offer?"

Ivanova already knew what to say. "Earlier, when we first built this station, Sinclair decided against putting a big swimming pool on the station because if something were to go wrong with the gravity, a pool would leak water everywhere. He said that he did not mind if we had a small one, but his proposal has stayed firm. Nice try, Mr…what's your name?" "My name is irrelevant." "Mr Irrelevant. You're not gonna start building without the Commander's consent."

With that, Mr Irrelevant was off.

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind, ten years after the Earth/Minbari war. The Babylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal, to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully. It's a pool of water - home away from home for diplomas, ghostbusters, evil dealers, and wonderers. Humans and aliens wrapped in foil, ready to BBQ, all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it's our last best hope for peace. Gulp. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2258. The name of the place is Babylon 5.

Sinclair was not oblivious to the visitor's offer. Susan Ivanova had immediately described the situation to him. Sinclair was confused – why had the entrepreneur arrived at Susan's quarters and not his? Had he been trying to trick her?

It wasn't long before they heard from the man again. This time he tried to get an aquarium built on the station. Sinclair and Ivanova noticed an unusual pattern in his suggestions – both were about water. However, before they could try and work out what he was doing a very odd thing happened.

It happened on the night when Ambassador Delenn went swimming. The pool was not too big, and positioned in a nice room with changing rooms in the background. The way in, if you were facing the changing rooms, was on the left. The walls were tiled and white, and the floor was beige. The ambassador was stressed and wanted to relax. She got in the pool in a red swimming cosi and was happy at the temperature that waited. The ambassador had no idea what a night it was going to be.

A figure was walking along a silent part of the station. The figure whispered into a com unit. Then a peculiar thing happened to the place he was in. A trickle of water began to pour onto the ground.

Delenn was swimming through the pool when water started splashing through the door. What on earth – I mean space – was going on? Then suddenly a man jumped through the door and kidnapped Delenn.

Susan Ivanova spent the next half hour swimming with Sinclair underwater. Somehow the cargo bay had become flooded. The officers in C & C had detected some sort of life form at the bottom. Sinclair had called his first officer to find out what was going on. Delenn was discovered by Sinclair in a workshop, wearing a mermaid costume. He and Susan found an unusual door at the bottom of the water. This led to a room in which the guy from the swimming pool was trying to dress Delenn into a mermaid's tail. "It's for a programme!" he yelled, introducing the camera crew, "I decided I wanted to make a film of Ingo!" The commander was not pleased.

The guy had been trying to find a suitable place to set up a pool, legally, or illegally and had found Babylon 5. He was sent to the holding cells right after Garibaldi had got this info out him. Sinclair found his story almost unbelievable – he claimed he was a producer with a mermaid obsession. However, he wasn't held for long. The man made his exit in a shuttle belonging to Ambassador Delenn.

"Excuse me!" the ambassador pushed her way into the operations centre, "One of my shuttles has been nicked."

The commander was not pleased.