Author questions: In the next chapter (possibly the one after that) I will need to separate the Jeffersonian crew into houses. Who should be in what house? The squintern is Vincent Nigel-Murray.

Author note: The characters will NOT be exact. I apologize for this in advance!

Brennan's eyes snapped open, she sat up silently. A crash had woken her. Reaching under her pillow she pulled out a gun and left her bedroom. She looked out of a window, looking down at the street. Two tall, red haired boys stood, a broken broom at their feet. Quietly she opened the window a bit to here them.

"Drat! Mom's gonna kill us!" One said.

"We'll be lucky to see another day at home." the other agreed. They sounded exactly the same and, looking closer, also looked exactly the same.

Both of them stood for a minute, thinking.

"Hey, Fred!" the second suddenly said.

"Ya, George?"

"We could just," he pulled out what looked like a wand. Understanding dawned on the face of the one named Fred. He pulled out an identical one.

Then a look of uncertainty took over Fred's face. "But, we can't use magic if we want to go back to Hogwarts."

George sighed. "Relax. There are no Ministry members anywhere near here. We're the only wizards in the whole state!" A broad grin broke out on both of their faces.

"Then let's do this!"

Fred and George pointed the wands at the broken broom. Together they muttered something and a light erupted from the end of the wands. When the light disappeared Brennan realized there were two brooms. And they were no longer broken.

Brennan fell backward in surprise. Fred and George looked up at the noise. When she got back up they were gone. Though the broom was still there. Brennan's quick brain realized what had happened immediately. The two boys had seen the open window, and knew that they had been watched.

Running, Brennan grabbed her phone and pressed speed dial number 1.

Booth rolled over and answered his ringing phone. "Hello?" he asked groggily.

"Booth. I need help." Brennan's voice was frightened.

"What? Are you okay?" Booth got up and started getting dressed immediately.

"I'm not sure. Booth, something weird has happened."

"What? What is it?!" Booth grabbed his car keys. He heard the sound of a door opening from Brennan's end.

"Booth. I saw-" Brennan was cut off. Booth heard the phone drop.

"Bones? Bones?!" Booth practically shouted into the phone.