"Do you really think that the letter will say where we'll be going?" Hodgins inquired.

"Well, it's common courtesy to tell guests where they'll be going." Angela pointed out.

"Can we just find out already?" Booth interjected before Hodgins could reply. He walked over to the owl, and took off the letter. This time it flew out immediately.

"I guess we won't be sending a letter back." Wendel said.

Booth began to read aloud.

I thank you greatly for your assistance. We'll have to pay you in pounds, I'm afraid.

"Yes!" Vincent shouted. He put his hand up for a high five.

Brennan just looked at his hand confused. Hodgins shook his head and Booth continued.

Meet at Dr. Brennan's house, everything packed, at 6:00 (American time), on the day of September 25. We should be able to provide any equipment needed.

Very grateful Headmaster of Hogwarts,

Albus Dumbledore

"The 25th? That's tomorrow." Angela was the first to speak. She looked at her watch. "And it's 8:00. We have less than 12 hours to be ready for a murder investigation."

Cam stood up. "Well, I suggest we start packing then. Get anything you can bring From the lab. We want to be as prepared as possible."

"I can't believe it!" Vincent said as they left the office. "I've been wanting to take a trip back to England."

"The investigation will come first Mr. Nigel-Murray." Brennan reminded him.

"Of course Doctor Brennan." Vincent said, sounding slightly ashamed of himself.

Angela sighed, and shook her head slightly. "I'm going to go find Hodgins." She left to go find her husband who had probably left to take care of his bugs.