This story is extremely AU. Some facts are correct, and some aren't. This is sort of a crossover with Death Race 2. Take those characters and replace them with Psych and you can kind of guess what's going on. The people are going to be out of character and I apologize. I also ask you to give this a chance. I think you guys may really like this. Shules of course. Wrote this while listening to "Girl On Fire" By Alicia Keys featuring Nicki Minaj. It's a very catchy song.

I'm not normal. What's normal? Not me, that's what, I guess I should explain why I'm not normal. It's a long story actually. Starting with my parent's, way back in 1977. We can start with my mom; she's the easier to explain of my parents. She's beautiful, always has been, always will be. She unfortunately got into some trouble when she was younger, landing her life in prison. I don't know what got her in there, to this day she still won't tell me.

Anyways, she got an opportunity to get out of prison. That opportunity was to be a co-driver in a series of races. Not regular races, Death Races. Your car was armed with guns, weapons, and a whole bunch of tricks. You raced around a track, winning five races earned you freedom. If you weren't the winner… then you were dead. Plain as that. My mom having the brains she had, she knew this was her best choice. Dying soon, or winning the races and getting set free. That's how she met my dad.

He was in for robbing a bank, killing plenty of cops, and innocent people. He too was put in jail for life, and was sucked into the Death Races. He stayed to himself, not wanting to get involved. Making a few friends, my uncle Roccio and my Uncle Paige. Yes, those are their real names.

Paige was weak; he stuck to himself, and was a big smart ass. Meaning when my dad refused to go along with the Race, they choose Paige instead. My dad felt bad, and agreed to do it. He was paired up with my mom and they won the first race. As a prize, my mom was literally given to my dad. Bing, bang, boom they connected, and fell in love. However during the second race, an accident happened.

One of the guys on my dad's pit crew screwed up with him. He purposely made it so my dad wouldn't have protection, or shields. My dad realized it, and evacuated my mom from the car. He kept going and was being trailed by a heat missile. It got him. Blew him up. By the time they'd gotten to him, he was a goner. He was burning alive. My mom and Uncles watched him burn.

The people who ran the prison and the races had a sick mind. They took my dad, removed his burnt skin and replaced it. Earning him his name Frankenstein. Everyone was told he was dead, including my mother and uncles. They all thought Frankenstein was some newbie, and not worth the time. My dad convinced them that he was who he was. And after devising several plans and attempts. They escaped.

My mom and dad made a beeline for Mexico, trying to get away from it all. While in Mexico, my mom found out she was pregnant. Enter me. They travelled around the world while my mom was pregnant, never able to stay in one place for the fear of being recognized. I was born in a forest; they were in Los Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara when my mom went into labor.

I was born at 3:34 PM, February 22nd 1977. They couldn't give me a real last name, seeing how they were both wanted criminals. So they gave me a fake name, Shawn Spencer. They did it so I would be safe from cops. As a little kid I never understood why my dad's face was so screwed up. Why it was all lumpy, burnt, and raw.

As I grew older, and we moved around a lot, I learned many lessons. One being that you never crossed Frankenstein or made him mad. Two, other kids were horrible. And three… never, ever trust cops.

My name is Shawn Spencer, and I'm the son of Frankenstein.

"Come on man!" I pulled the car into the starting zone. Listening as the engine purred beneath my feet. How the car seemed to bend to my every whim. This wasn't my first street Race. And it certainly wasn't going to be my last. I roared the engine as my opponent Parker, lined up at the starting gate. He blared his engine, making sure I knew this wasn't going to be a kiddie ride.

A woman walked in between us, dressed in only a leather bra, panties, and boots. She held up her arms, and dropped them down, signaling go. As soon as the arms went down, my foot pressed the accelerator. The car blasted and we took off down the road. It was a warm fall's night. Parker pulled up next to me, and tried ramming me into the building next to me. Having plenty of experience with cars-I was able to easily fight him off.

Parker was no newbie. He was responsible for five deaths, all from racing. He was maybe twenty-two, weighed about one hundred twenty, and was five-nine. He had a shaved head, and was Chinese. You could tell it from the way he acted or looked, but if you looked him straight in the eye. You just knew he meant business.

We raced down the street, heading towards Adam's Bridge. The bridge was unstable, and wouldn't be able to handle both of our cars, both going around a hundred miles an hour. I gunned the engine and pulled a head of Parker, getting onto the bridge first. He was close behind me, the front of his car hitting the back of mine.

He made a good turn and pulled in front of me after we crossed the bridge. Parker moved his car so it was directly in front of me. I hit the back of his car with mine, giving it a good enough hit where he spiraled out of control. Parker and his car spun around, before smacking into a tree and erupting into flames. I cheered and hollered as I raced back towards the finish line. I passed the line and a few of my friends met me as I pulled into the lot.

"That was wicked Ese!" Marcus said opening my door and pulling me out.

"Good job man!" Cheers detonated around me. It was the usual treatment, win a race, get congratulated and then I'd get my ass home before my parents realized what I'd been doing. "You did great babe," I turned and got an armful of Cherry. The girl was short as hell, but she was damn good looking. She fused her lips with mine and we continued the kiss as everyone peered around us.

"You better get going," Gus grabbed me and shoved me back into the car. Dad was unquestionably not going to be pleased with me taking his car. I kissed Cherry bye, before heading home. We had settled down in Miami a few years ago. A place my mom always wanted to live. We lived in a broken down house in the poor district.

As quietly as I could, I pulled into the car's spot. And I wasn't that quiet, as I pulled in the engine started to back fire, I knew my dad was going to be out here in seconds. And I was right. As soon as the car stopped the door was pulled open, and I was yanked outside by a very pissed off father.

"Where the hell was you?" he hissed throwing me against the side of the house. My mom stood by the door watching the scene. "I was out." I said.

"Out? With my car?" I must have moved off of the wall, for he pushed back. His big meaty hands smacking into my abdomen, almost knocking the wind outta me.

"Sorry," I gritted my teeth. After all of these years my dad's face was still messed up as hell. His whole body was burned and put together by thread and another man's skin.

"Sorry? What have we told you about racing?" my dad fumed. I looked away and stared at the car. "Listen to me. Look at me!" dad grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.

"Henry!" My mother yelled coming down and interfering. She stood between us and put her hands on his chest. "He's just a kid. Let it go, I'm sure it won't happen again." She defended me.

"He's almost fucking seventeen, you can't protect him forever. He has to grow up, and we're going to start by actually getting his ass to school. I don't care if I have to fucking drive him there myself." He marched inside, slamming the door behind him.

"Why?" mom turned to me. "Why do you have to do that? You know we don't like you racing." My mom straightened out my jean jacket.

"You two raced." I mumbled.

"And look what happened." She ran her fingers through my hair. "Your father and I are always on run, and do you know what happened to him during one of the races? We don't want that happing to you." She went to touch my cheek but I pulled away.

"Well its already happing." I walked past her and into the old house. My dad was on the couch drinking beer, with the TV blaring. I stood by him, my hands clenched into fists at my sides. "What?" he looked up at me. "You gonna hit me?" I said nothing, but my arms shook. "I thought so; now get your ass to bed." I walked around him and down the dingy little hall to my room. It was small, but it was crammed with all of my things.

The walls were black, as was the ceiling. My bed was pressed against the wall; clothes were in piles on the ground. You could barely see the brown carpet underneath. The closet's sliding doors were off of the track, reviling a very messy place. I had a small desk squished into the corner by the window. An old black and white TV rested on my dresser in front of my bed. Posters hung on the walls. Between Bands, Cars, and girls on cars.

I collapsed onto the bed, knocking more clothes onto the ground and moaned into the pillow. Dad was serious; he was going to get my ass to school. Wither he had to drive me, drag me, or shoot me then position me in my seat. I was going to Miami High School the next day…

Waking up is hell, I guess falling asleep and landing in hell is pretty bad too.

My dreams always started the same. I was standing on a race track, cars zooming all around me. There was always this one car, a Ford Mustang to be precise, the same car my dad got burned in. It would always travel straight, like it was going to ram into me. But the driver would turn at the last minute, causing the car to flip.

It would then catch on fire and I could hear screams from the inside. I ran over to the car trying to get the driver out. The heat from the flames and the door burning my skin. I never made it to the driver though. It always went black, before I woke up in a dark, icy cold room.

"How are you feeling?" it was the same voice every time.

"I-I-I don't know." I stuttered unable to move my arms or legs.

"You're very lucky we got to you in time. You're very lucky we need you." Someone, one of the lab techs, then held up a mirror in front of my face. I screamed when I saw that my face wasn't my face. It was my dad's.

I jumped, falling out of bed and smacking into the floor. A knock on the door and my mom's voice letting me know I was running late. "Shawn. Hurry up! Or your fathers going to go in there!" her knocking was loud, as was her voice. I stood up and called, "Ok Ma," I walked over to my closet. I shed my jeans, T-Shirt, and jean jacket. I grabbed a black shirt that had "Led Zeppelin" on it, and I put my jacket back over it, not zipping it shut. I changed my boxers, and my jeans, leaving another pile on the floor. I slipped on my old shoes.

I walked out of the room, grabbing the old sack I used as a pack. I made my way into the kitchen where mom was cooking, and dad was at the table his mask on. He always wore the mask in public, not wanting people to see his face. "Glad to see Romeo can get his ass out of bed." I ignored my dad and sat down at the table.

"You're late, no breakfast, take this." Mom handed me a brown paper bag. I opened it and spotted an apple, a crumbled sandwich and a dusty bottle of water. "Thanks." I mumbled.

"I told her not to pack you anything." Dad stood up and grabbed his keys. "Let's go." When I didn't get up, he pulled my ear and dragged me to the car, shoving me into the back seat of the Ford Mustang. He drove rather quickly, probably wanting to get rid of me. We pulled up to the school and he all but pushed me out of the car.

"I'll be right here at exactly four. Got it?" he hissed. I nodded and slammed his door shut. He shook his head before driving away.

"You came?" I turned and smiled to see Gus standing there. Unlike me, Gus wanted to go to school. He may hang out races, and drink once in a while, but he had a future planned out for him.

"Yeah, the old man said I had too." He nodded and we walked into the school. Gus was in my grade, senior year. He was kind of tall, African American, and had a bad burn mark on his arm from the one time he was working on a car and well… got burned.

"Hey," People who know me and essentially liked me, said hello to me in the hallways, helped me out in classes. Some would do my homework for me. The day went by in a blur. I went from English, to Math, to P.E to lunch.

I was sitting at the corner table like always, with my friends. Gus was doing work, Marcus was making out with some girl, and the other hooligans I hung out with were doing random activates. I was eating my apple when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked up and my eyes met with blue ones.

A girl was standing in front me; she was in a blue sweater, jeans and flats. Her blonde hair was curled and dangling over her shoulders. She had a brown bag hooked around her left shoulder blade. I actually had no idea what the hell to say. This girl looked stunning. I must have stared for too long because she started snapping in front of my face.

"Huh?" I asked.

Her eyes rolled, "You're Shawn Spencer? Aren't you?" I nodded and all of the guys started whistling.

"Hey Mommy, why don't you come over here." Jack smiled at her. She shot him a dirty look and turned back to me.

"Yeah, I'm Shawn. Why?"

"Mister Persons wants me to help you in math." She said. I tried to see if I remembered her. Now that I thought about it, she sat in front of the teacher's desk in my math class.

"Oh okay. Well I don't think you want to waste your time. I'm helpless in math." I jumped off of the table and walked over to the trash can. I was expecting the girl to walk away but she followed me. She was tapping my back and when I turned around we were almost flush against each other. She however didn't blush and or stutter.

"I don't care if you're helpless. I promised Persons I'd try to help you. Meet me after school. Okay?" she was pressing books against her breasts. And her face was pinched. She was going to get her way, and she knew it.

"I have stuff." I tried to walk around her but she easily was able to push me against a table. "You will meet me after school. In front of the math classroom. Got it?" I nodded. She was pressed against my front. She wasn't shy, and she obviously thought nothing of it. She turned and then she walked away. "It's Juliet by the way." She said looking at me one last time. "Juliet O'Hara." I nodded and she disappeared into the crowd.

Something about this girl struck me, she meant business and she was going to force me into letting her help me. I don't know what it was about her, but this girl actually made an impression on me. And not many people did.

I was looking forward to meeting with Juliet after school. All thoughts about my dad slipped out of my mind. They only thing left was the knowledge on how to breath and the picture of that blonde.

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