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Cars. They act as a way of transportation, home, and a piece of property. You go to a car shop, and there's always that one guy rattling off random car facts who in reality doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. Then there's that other guy, who stands quietly and reads the car. That guy actually cares and knows what the hell he's doing.

Try being in a place where there are at least fifty or more guys who are that guy. Except they're not quiet and they sure love to brag.

"This baby has forty miles to the gallon."

"Really? Mine has forty-five." It never stops. People brag about their cars, and the women they got. Well I'm barely eighteen, I don't have my own car and I don't have my own girl. The only thing I can brag about is my Dad being Frankenstein. He's a legend. They call him the best driver in the universe. Someone who deserved to win.

If they knew I was his kid three things would happen. One, I would get extremely popular, and major respect from these losers. Two, I'd get the crap kicked out of me or killed. Three, I'd get myself and my parents arrested. I have nothing to brag about.

Marcus's dad is rich, he doesn't have to be here and he has a 'Get out of jail free card', he reminds us this all the time. Cherry is a very good looking girl. She's… a slut. No other way to put it. She's slept with at least twenty guys. She's very popular with the guys, and can brag to the girls on who she 'Bagged' last. Even Gus has his brains to brag about. He's the smartest person I know.

Me? I don't have brains, I don't have looks and to be honest? I'm still a virgin (Tell anyone and I'll kill you). I do have skill on the road. That I do have. But seeing on how I've beaten half of these guys, it's nothing I like to brag about.

My Dad has no idea. He thinks I come out here, race some kids and lose. Little does he know I've never lost a race. Some of these guys are well into their forties, more experience, faster cars and money for extra ammunition. I've got my Dad's old car, and any money I can get together.

"Come on!" Marcus yelled. I guess I should explain him. Marcus and I have been buddies for about a year. As I said his parents are rich, he's also adopted. His real Dad killed his mother, got sent to jail, and Marcus got adopted by his Dad's rich friends. He's my age, tall and he's a down right Mexican. He looks white, but he's full Mexican. He hates getting mistaken for white; he's beaten up a few people for calling him a Cracker. He didn't care about the racial term, just the fact that people were calling him white. Weird I know.

Marcus was also a pot head. Just about everyone here was. They smoked weed, snorted Crystal and drank all the alcohol they could get. Gus and I were the only ones who didn't participate in the fun. Gus because he couldn't risk getting caught. Me? My Dad has a good nose; he could smell all of that from a mile away.

You're probably thinking why I'm so stupid to go out with these idiots when my Dad is who he is. I guess it makes me feel a little normal. I walked over to Marcus's car and ran my hand over the slick, black hood. His Dad owned a Dodge Ram. It was beautiful. Black coating, nice pumped up wheels and fine leather seats.

"Not surprising," I turned around and saw Juliet. She was wearing a long, black, lacy sleeved shirt, jeans and black flats. Her hair was in a ponytail and her eyes looked bored.


"This yours?" she pointed to the car.

"No, it's Marcus's." she nodded and stepped closer to me.

"You're not going to race are you?" she asked in a low voice.

"Why not?" Her face scrunched up and she picked at her jeans.

"It's dangerous. You could get hurt."

"I'll be just fine," I assured her. She nodded and stepped even closer to me. We were only an inch apart. Juliet went up on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek, her hands going on my shoulders. I forgot where I was, and I almost forgot how to breathe.

'Come on man! Suck it up! She's just another girl, no need to die from loss of breath.' The little man in my head said.

'Hush!' I told it

"Thanks," I gulped when she pulled away. I could feel my cheeks heat up and I'm pretty sure they were red. She smiled and looked towards the track. "Be careful okay? I've heard some guys talking and… don't be an idiot. If you need to back out, do it. Don't let your pride get in the way. Promise me." I wondered where her sudden interest in me came from.

"I'll be fine Jules, I'll be smart. I promise." Again she nodded her head but she didn't look satisfied. "Juliet!" someone from the crowd around us yelled.

"I have to go! I'll see you later," she turned abruptly and ran away.

"In the car Frankie!" Marcus grabbed my shoulders and shoved me in the car. He got into the passenger seat and honked the horn. People screamed, and cheered as I drove to the starting line.

That was just weird. Juliet was just strange. Why was she acting like that? My brain was buzzing with the car. Which wasn't good, I needed a fine clear head, but Juliet was distracting me. "Get ready!" Marcus shouted startling me. I gripped the wheel as Marcus looked around.

We were racing against 2-D. He was a big, burly, tan skinned guy, who cracked his knuckles constantly. The night sky was ablaze with lights from the cars, the street lights and the spot lights from the arena less than a mile away. We were to make it to the arena, race around it, then back here. First to cross the line alive won. The street light turned Red, Yellow and Green. I pressed the gas pedal, and the car lurched forward.

We hurtled down the street, 2-D just a little bit ahead of us. "Speed it up!" Marcus urged a great big grin on his face. I did as he requested and put more pressure against the pedal. I moved the throttle, letting more power siege into the car. I felt the wind blow through my hair as we whipped into the arena's lot. "Come on, come on. We can do this," Marcus smiled wickedly. Both 2-D and I spun around the corner, and began the drive back to the line. Lamps, houses, buildings-they all zipped away. All I could see was the cheering, and the lights from a head. 2-D inched in front of the Ram, Marcus was taunting him. Getting revenge, 2-D moved closer to us and the two cars rubbed against each other. Friction between the cars, caused sparks to fly out. I tried to move away, but he followed me. We were just feet from the line- just a few more seconds….


My vision went black and everything died away, as if someone was turning down a stereo.

I blinked against the sudden light. I was in the middle of a race track. People were stand around us, cheering and whooping loudly. The sky was black, but I was being blinded by two lights shining directly on me.

"Shawn Spencer seems to have walked onto the track. What the hell is that boy doing?" one man's voice came over the speaker.

"I don't know Bob, I just hope he doesn't get hurt- Oh looky here! 2-D pulls around the bend and he's- he's heading right towards Mister Spencer." The announcer 'Bob' yelled.

"Well I guess you're right, and the impacts hit!" The blue car smacked into my body, sending me flying into the side wall. My bones felt crushed, my head ached and everything was once again black.

This time when I came around, I was in a cold room, when I breathed I could see it as a thin cloud. I couldn't feel any part of me, all I did was stare above at the metal ceiling. There was a whooshing sound, and voices were heard walking to me. Someone bent over me and I saw it… my Dad. Except it wasn't him. He had satisfactory blonde hair, bright blue eyes and his face was normal. No mask and no burnt flesh.


"Why'd you do it kid?" he shook his head.

"Your face," I mumbled.

"Your face kid, take a look." He held a silver mirror in front of me and I let out a scream as I saw burnt, raw, red flesh.

"Shawn! Shawn! Spencer look at me!" someone was screaming my name, and hitting my cheeks. I opened my eyes and gave them a minute to adjust. When my sight was no longer blurry, the form of Juliet appeared above me. "Thank god!"

"Wha happen?" I managed.

"The cars blew, both of you went flying up. 2-D woke up about a few minutes ago. We were worried." She breathed.

"Shawn?" Cherry and Gus joined Juliet.

"How are you feeling?" Gus asked.

"Where's Marcus?" I just noticed that he wasn't around.

"He's uh…" everyone avoided my eyes.

"Where's Marcus?" I repeated.

"He's- he's dead Shawn. Killed on impact." Juliet gulped looking at me. Marcus was dead? No, no, he couldn't be dead. I sat up and looked around. The destroyed frame of the Ram was flipped on its side and on the shoulder of the track. I saw a figure on the ground. I managed to crawl over, with the help of Juliet and Gus. It was Marcus alright. I would never miss his brown hair, and usually fun filled hazel eyes.

He was lying on the ground; blood was in a puddle around his head. His eyes were open and looking towards the arena in the distance. "Marcus? Marcus, come on buddy." I shook him. Deep down I knew he was dead. That didn't stop me from crying out his name, and breaking into a fit of sobs. Before I knew it, Juliet had her arms around me and was holding me as I broke down.

Marcus was dead, and it was my entire fault. Gus went over and closed Marcus's eyes. "It's okay," Juliet soothed as she rubbed my back. I didn't grasp anything. Just minutes ago Marcus was happy, cheering and full of life. Now he was dead, and he would never be able to grow up. Everything was fuzzy, and all I could see was the blue from the jeans on Juliet's legs. I didn't even care that I was currently lying on the ground in a puddle mixed with my own, and Marcus's blood. I didn't care that I was crying, or that Juliet was holding me close to her.

"We need to take him to a hospital," Juliet spoke.

"No," I moaned.

"Shawn-!" she protested.

"No! He can't know," I said.

"Shawn you're hurt, who cares if your Dad-?" This time it was Gus.

"No Gus," I pleaded.

"I already called your Mom," Gus told me. Just as he finished I heard my mother's screaming. "Shawn! Shawn! Shawn?" I felt her hand on my head.

"His head is bleeding, and I think his arm is broken." Juliet told my mother.

"Shawn look at me." I slowly looked up at her. Her eyes were red, and her mouth was pinched together. "We need to get you home. Before your father beats us there. Gus help me…" her voice faltered as she just laid eyes on the dead Marcus. "Everyone get out of here. Cherry, you and this young lady get home. Gus help me get Shawn to my car, then you get home too. Understand?" Footsteps ran off and I felt Juliet's arms stiffen around me.

"Miss?" My Mom was speaking to Juliet. "Get home, so you don't get involved in this."

"Jules, go." I said. She kissed my forehead, and reluctantly let go. She stood up, carefully as not to hurt me anymore. Juliet held my eye sight until she turned and ran away. Her footsteps echoed away, and I was lifted up by Gus and Mom. Soon I was in the car, and Mom was speeding away.

"This is why we told you not to race! You're hurt and Marcus is… he's dead." She pulled out her phone and made an anonymous tip about a dead Teenager on Ranch Blvd. When we got to the house, Dad was already there ready to chew me out. "Not now Henry, he's hurt." I was leaning against Mom. My legs were shaking, and I felt extremely weak.

"What happened?" Dad's voice was actually kind of soft as he helped support my weight.

"Car accident, Marcus is dead, totaled car. He has a bad head injury; we need to get him inside." Mom and Dad helped me inside, and into the house.

Marcus is dead, Shawn is hurt and Juliet is falling in love. Cute?