Hey guys! I am back! And this time, it isn't a one-shot, and it isn't a drabble, so a dra-shot? This story plot was given to my by one of my fans, and my friend on Fanfiction, desandted This is a combination of NaLu and Jerza. Oh, and I am so sorry I am late! I am just getting very lazy! So…yeah! Oh, and I have this massive History text to memorize 7 pages + a science test, did I mention the History test is out of 100? It's on November the 6th T^T Oh, which reminds me, its 6 days before my birthday, so this is my birthday present huh? SUCKS. Anyway, off to the dra-shot, shall we?


Lucy POV (as always)

Just a normal day….sitting next to Erza who IS eating her strawberry cake, I mean when would she not? I still have bruises and cuts from the last mission. Then a thought came to mind.

"Hey Erza, don't you remember when Jellal lent Natsu his power to defeat the enemy?" I asked the older mage. She paused for a while.

"Yes, I remember, Natsu ended up beating him in the end." She said and resumed eating her cake.

"Do you think Natsu could've won by himself?" I asked

"Well yeah, but Jellal gave him a major boost…" Erza said

"Are you saying Natsu couldn't of won, and that he wouldn't of have won without Jellal?" I challenged her

"No, I'm just saying that Natsu, might've not had the power to defeat Zero…" Erza said quietly

"Okay, I admit that your boyfriend Jellal is strong…but that doesn't mean you have the right to insult mine, I mean he is stronger, the only reason why Natsu was so tired is because he had to destroy the lacrima." I said

"Yes, I admit Natsu is stronger than I, but I don't think he's stronger than Jellal."

"Look, let's just say Natsu is stronger than both you and Jellal, and then we'll stop fighting, okay?" I said hastily, then added a smile at the end

"No. Let's stop fighting when you say Jellal is stronger then both you and Natsu." She said with a smile

"Why should I say it when it's only half true? I agree that he's stronger than I, but he is definitely NOT stronger then Natsu." I said, emphasizing NOT

"Are you trying to say that Jellal is weak?" she said with an angry sign on her head

"Are you calling Natsu weak, I mean if Jellal is under Natsu, then you're implying that Natsu is weak." (An. Don't say that's what she said)

"For the last time, Jellal is stronger than Natsu." She said sternly

"In your dreams Scarlet!" I said

"Yeah right, Heartfilia, oh what type of last name is Heartfilia? It sounds so girly!" she said

"For your information, I am a girl, what are you?" I said with a grin, as soon as I said that, she made a frustrated sigh

"You know, if Jellal was here, he would totally pound you." She said

"If my boyfriend was here, he would pound you and Jellal, while protecting me" I said

"I don't need protecting, I'm strong, unlike you, you're weak" she said

"What you say is what you are~" I said with a sing-songy voice

"You wanna go?" she said, and leaned into a lunge

"Bring. IT. ON!" I said, butting heads with her

Normal POV

Mira, Levy, Natsu, Gray, and Jellal were watching the scene sweat dropping.

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