Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Persistently Harassing God's Gift

Notes: A/U, OOC, EWE and Yaoi. I took some liberties with Theo's personality and looks though some of my information did come from HarryPotterWiki. Also, there were horcruxes in this fic but Harry was not one, merely connected to Voldemort by the cursed scar on his forehead. Enjoy Lovelies!

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~~~~~~~~********Chapter 1*********~~~~~~~~

After the war people began to disappear from his life; Molly Weasely and her family still loved Harry but seeing him all the time reminded her of what she lost, her son Fred. Then there was Ginny, though the reason she disappeared from his life was more his decision than hers.

Harry understood that his former girlfriend needed time to digest the fact that they would not be together as a couple anymore. Just like Molly and the rest of the Weaselys needed time to heal as a family; no matter how much he may be considered family he was not.

Hermione and Ron seemed to be lost in their own little world now that they had almost unlimited time to be together as a couple. Harry was happy for them but it was sickening to see the constant barrage of lovey dovey comments and kissing.

Ugh! Watching Ron slobber all over Hermione like a Thestral with a bone was enough to make him want to run away and never think of anything sexual again! But they were his best friends and they deserved their happiness as much as anyone else did.

So for the remaining time before he began his eighth year Harry sequestered himself inside Number Twelve with Kreacher, who was still delighted to serve Master Harry. Together he and Kreacher cleaned the stuffy house from top to bottom; removing any furniture past repair and repairing what could be salvaged.

Once the house was cleaned, aired out and things were back in their rightful place the house looked lived in and warm, something Harry never thought he would attribute to the Ancient and Noble House of Black.

One of the final steps in making the house a home for Harry was fixing Sirius' and all the other burned out names on the Family Tree tapestry in the Sitting Room. Being the Head of the House Black Harry had full rights to reinstate all banished members; Andromeda could now access her dowry vault and Tonks would be recognized by her mother's family even if it was after her death.

Once that was completed Harry steeled himself, walked out of the sitting room and over to Mrs. Black's portrait; those bulbous mad eyes stayed with Harry the whole time, the black curtains were open but she did not scream or say a word to him.

Harry stared her down and damned her for her bigoted hateful beliefs before he cast a powerful "Confringio", watching in satisfaction as her portrait curled and burned, the pained screams of Mrs. Black filled the house until the portrait burned itself out.

The only thing that remained to show that her portrait was even there was the scorched wall, not even the frame remained under the power of Harry's magic. Kreacher finally brought himself out of the shadows, a look of sadness yet relief on his aged face; "Would Master Harry like me to fix the wall?"

Harry smiled at the house elf that had changed so much; "I would like that Kreacher, and then let's have supper, alright?" A happy nod was Kreacher's answer as the elf began to patch the burned wall and clear the air of the acrid smell of smoke.

But now he was back at Hogwarts, away from the comfort and cocoon of Number Twelve, and he was lonely. Hermione and Ron were wrapped up in themselves, Neville and Luna tried to be there for him but they had their studies as well.

However, he was constantly surrounded by people who flourished him with praise but that did nothing but make him uncomfortable and didn't alleviate his loneliness at all. At the other side of the spectrum were the people who were angry at Harry for providing testimony in their parents, or family members' trial. Harry could care less what these people thought of him. He knew he did what was right but the angry looks really did get annoying.

The students seemed to fall into these two distinct groups with the exception of Draco Malfoy and a tall slim Slytherin male called Theodore Nott. Draco ignored him completely as if Harry was not worth his notice, not that Harry complained. He rather liked this new silent Malfoy and hoped it lasted for the whole year; one year free of Malfoy's taunts would be heaven!

Theodore Nott on the other hand always seemed to be watching when Harry glanced at him in class or when they were in the Great Hall for meals; the other boys bright blue eyes staring as if trying to see inside Harry's mind and soul.

It was unnerving to Harry to be examined so closely even more so because the boy looked genuinely curious about Harry, not the usual rabid curiosity that showed on the faces of his normal admirers. He knew Theodore Nott was intelligent, that his father was a Death Eater but Harry could not recall Theodore even joining in with Draco's little gang.

Theodore wasn't bad looking either now that he grew into his facial features and height; where before he was lanky, thin and looked a bit rabbity Theodore was now tall and lithe with refined features. Harry was drawn to the other boy's eyes though more often than not, those sapphire eyes were so unlike any others.

Eventually, his curiosity got the best of the young Potter; one day during the fourth week of term Harry approached Theodore in the library to talk to him, maybe even figure out why the other was staring at him so intently.

That meeting sparked many more for the Gryffindor and Slytherin, something Harry quite enjoyed. It seemed the other boy was trying to find a way to talk to him hence the reason for the staring, Theo was trying to find out if his presence would be welcomed by Harry; it was, very much so.

Most often than not anyone could find Harry in the library, or on the grounds if the weather was nice, with Theo at his side, working on assignments or just talking about what was going on in the wizarding world.

As it turned out Theo never wanted to be a Death Eater and his father never pushed him to; a fact that Harry respected the elder Nott for even if he did not agree with the older man's allegiance to Voldemort.

However, Harry soon learned that even though Theo did not support Voldemort he did support the pure-blood ways and traditions; something he was keen to explain to Harry. Once the green eyed teen got over his aversion to all things pure-blood which took about two weeks and listened to Theo speak about Yule and solstices he decided it might not hurt to learn more about the pure-blooded way of life.

Needless to say that had made Theo very happy, so happy in fact that Harry was hugged quite tightly by the shorter boy. The raven haired teen did not mind it at all when the blonde hugged him; in fact he rather liked the feel of Theo's slim body next to him.

Indeed, Harry was gay; he came out before the beginning of eighth year, deciding it was time to be who he was now that he fulfilled his obligation to save the British wizarding world's collective ass. No one really minded at all only muggleborns really and Harry could not blame them, in the muggle world homosexuality was still considered a hush hush topic.

If only Ginny would understand this little fact; he was gay! She seemed to think that she could sway him back to her by throwing herself at him or making extremely lewd comments but all it really did was drive Harry further away from her. He cared for her but as a sister not a lover, unfortunately it didn't seem to be sinking in for the only Weasely girl and Harry was at a loss on what to do to make her understand.

Apparently Theo, knowing of Harry's plight, took matters into his own hands when Ginny tried to approach them in the library, no doubt to try and corral Harry and convince him to get back together with her.

Theo and Harry were sitting next to each other going over potion notes, one second Harry was looking down Ginny's shirt and the next his lips were being kissed by Theo. The taller boy did not mind on bit and threw himself into the kiss, swiping his tongue against Theo's lips, demanding entrance which was granted.

They kissed passionately, tongues colliding and sliding against the others as they fell into the taste of each other, totally forgetting who was around them. Harry was delighted that he finally got to kiss Theo after wanting to for so the last few weeks. They probably would have continued for a while longer if they had not heard a rather loud bang.

Breaking away, both males hazy eyed with kiss swollen lips, they turned away from each other and saw Ginny passed out on the floor, a small pool of blood under her head where she hit the table's sharp corner.

Harry stood, leaned down to collect his things, and pressed a kiss to Theo's lips before he quickly cast a hovering charm on Ginny so he could take her Madame Pomfrey. Before he crossed the library's threshold he turned; "We will discuss what happened later."

Theo smiled shyly, looking adorably coy; "Of course I'll meet you after dinner." Harry had to stop himself from making his way back over to the Slytherin and crushing their lips together. Unfortunately, while Ginny annoyed him with her constant chasing he did not want her to be hurt so he pushed his lustful urges and thoughts out of his mind and set out for the Hospital Wing.

Harry spent the next thirty minutes in the hospital wing; not dealing with Ginny though. Madam Pomfrey healed her within ten minutes and sent the girl on her way. The Gryffindor was enjoying a nice chat with the hospital matron, they were discussing his school year and what he career he hoped to pursue in the future.

Harry was not sure what he wanted to do; being an Auror appealed to him as did a Healer. Both careers offered an exciting work environment that called for you to be on your toes but becoming a Healer appealed more to the world savior. Harry enjoyed helping people and becoming a Healer would allow him to do that without the risk of being killed or injured on a daily basis.

There was also Kingsley's offer to consider, when the war ended many Department Heads and workers were dismissed due to their corruption or incompetence leaving many position open and available for others.

So far Harry was interested in the DOM even though one of the worst moments of his life occurred there. But the young man could not deny the interest he had for the place and the secrets that were kept inside its doors.

The more he considered it the more he like the idea of being an Unspeakable and another big plus was he could still help people and not get killed, well unless he screwed up royally while handling those maniac brains they encountered in fifth year.

Deciding to get another older wiser opinion Harry asked Pomfrey what she thought of him joining the DOM. To his surprise she smiled and explained that he was more like his mother than he knew; apparently his mother was an Unspeakable before she resigned to go into hiding.

Hearing that almost solidified his choice to be an Unspeakable but he wanted to discuss it with Kingsley and someone in the DOM before he made his choice. He knew he had the necessary grades as he studied Ancient Runes and Arithmancy while Ron, Hermione and he were on the run; he had to find something to kill the hours of down time in between Horcrux hunting.

Realizing it was almost dinner time Harry excused himself to go back to his dorm and wash up for dinner. Harry was looking forward to what would occur after dinner when he could find his little Theo and restart where they left off.

Really the little Slytherin was too damn adorable for his own good and Harry wanted him for his own; surprisingly no one else seemed to be vying for the Nott Heir's attention. Well their loss if they did not see what Harry saw when he looked at that gorgeous face and lithe body not to mention Theo's incredible intellect.

Yes, Theodore Malcolm Nott was quite a catch in Harry's eyes; the tall raven would have his little blonde as his own before they graduated Hogwarts and began their lives, hopefully together.

Plots of how to make Theo his were swirling through his mind as he made his way to the Great Hall for dinner, not paying one bit of attention to the dreamy eyed males and females staring at him or the glaring ones either.

If anyone is wondering about the title of this story it is one of the meanings for Harry's and Theo's names; I liked it so I used it!

All Mistakes Are My Own!