Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Persistently Harassing God's Gift

Notes: Blah I was not happy when I read through this fic; the ending was too open ended so TAADAHHHH! Enjoy lovelies!

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Draco looked at Theo, a surprised look painted on his pale features, before he began to chuckle; "You know what Nott Potter may just be good for you; if he can get you to stand up for yourself like you just did. Good luck with all that then." After those words Draco went back to reading his book an amused glint in his grey eyes.

Theo nodded stiffly before he went to his wardrobe and pulled out his night robe; the quicker he went to bed the quicker he could see Harry tomorrow at breakfast and then he could sit with his love during potions with Slughorn.

The blonde really was acting like a love sick thirteen year old but he couldn't bring himself to care all too much. He had Harry James Potter as his lover and it looked like they would be together for a long time yet. A sweet smile was on his lips as the Nott Lord glided happily into the bathroom to get ready for bed, thoughts of their promising futures floating in his mind.

~~~~~~~~********Chapter 5*********~~~~~~~~

Theo was quite proud of himself as he surveyed the Room of Requirement; he snuck away from dinner to put it together before Harry arrived. The room looked fantastic with dark wood floors which were adorned with thick cream rugs.

The fire was crackling lightly, providing the large room with a bit of warmth. The large bed was in front of the hearth; the bed linens were an emerald green silk accompanied by fluffy pillows and a black comforter.

All this was to celebrate their graduating Hogwarts tomorrow and also to mark seven months of Harry and him being together. The past seven months were some of the best of Theo's short life; he adored Harry with all his heart and could not wait to begin their lives together.

It would not be easy for a while, both males had chosen careers that required a fair bit of training; Harry would be joining the ranks of the Unspeakables in the DOM while Theo was seeking his mastery in Spell Crafting with a master in Ireland.

He was excited to begin his studies; Spell Crafting was a dying art in Britain but it was highly sought after because of its rarity. Theo looked forward to creating new incantations and improving on existing ones. The blonde always had a knack for creating new spells; with his expertise in Latin it was not surprising to him.

Harry, on the other hand, thought his lover was amazing and loved it when Theo would explain his new spells, jinxes and charms. It made the slim male feel happy that his lover was proud of him and what he wanted to do.

Theo was equally proud of Harry; the Unspeakables only recruited the best and that was exactly what Harry was. When their training was complete they would assume a more normal schedule and would probably discuss having children then.

Children, the word gave Theo butterflies in his tummy. One day there would be a being that was a product of his and Harry's love. A child containing both of their blood would be born to them and Theo was looking forward to giving that child the best life he could.

Harry and his childhoods were dismal and full of cruelty. It was there firm belief that their child or children would never want for love or anything but they would not be spoiled like Draco Malfoy. No, they would learn the value of hard work just like any other child should.

The only downside for them was the fact that Ron, Hermione and the rest of Weaselys except for Bill, Charlie and Fleur wanted nothing to do with Harry or Theo. They could not understand why Harry wanted Theo, hell sometimes Theo didn't understand it himself, but the fact of the matter remained that Theo was exactly what Harry wanted.

And who was Theo to argue with Harry? And why would he want to? Harry was everything to him and they had survived after the Weasely's and Granger's abandonment. It was not their relationship to understand anyway so their opinions did not factor at all into his and Harry's life or relationship.

Shaking his head Theo proceeded to put the finishing touches on the room, sweeping across the space to light the small everlasting tea light candles on the nightstands next to the bed and mantle over the fireplace. After they were lit the room was bathed in the combined soft light of the candles and fire.

Sighing, Theo took off his over robe and slipped off his tie and vest, folding them and placing them on the dresser that appeared when Theo thought of it. Feeling content with his work he went to lie down on the soft bed and wait for his lover to arrive.

Tonight was special night for him and his emerald eyed lover. Tonight was the night they would finally join together as one. They had done many things but Theo wanted to wait until they consummated their relationship and now that they would no longer be in school this seemed like the right time to take their relationship to the next level.

Theo turned his head to the side when he heard the door open and smiled when he saw his messy haired love step into the room; "Hello love. Come in and relax with me." Harry looked around the room, a small grin on his face; "What brought this on, hmm?"

Theo smirked lewdly at his taller partner; "Well I thought it was time for us to take the next step in our relationship and I wanted it to be special and a surprise." Harry chuckled, shaking his head at Theo's facial expression; "Well who I am to deny you? If that is what you want that's what you'll get."

Theo shifted on the bed and scooted his way over to the gorgeous man now standing next to the bed. Rising to his knees he pressed a kiss to Harry's slightly chapped lips, savoring the way their lips fit together so nicely.

He couldn't hold back the little moan that left his mouth when Harry's talented tongue slipped past his lips and began to swipe and slide over his own appendage. Theo was in heaven feeling Harry explore his mouth but soon he decided to enter into the fray; his own tongue began to slip against Harry's, bringing another level of enjoyment to both males.

Pulling away Theo cast hazed sapphires into equally cloudy emeralds; he could not stop himself now even if he was a bit nervous. Reaching his slender hands forward Theo grasped his lover's robes and tugged him on top of him on the soft mattress.

When their bodies met it was pure bliss for the slender male; Harry's larger mass and weight made him feel totally safe and protected. Raising his head he began to pepper the green eyed man's neck with soft kisses interspersed with light nips, trying to convey his want and need without words to his dominant lover.

Thankfully, Harry understood the blonde's plea and with a wave of his hand they were both nude on the bed. The first press of nude skin against equally naked skin was euphoric for both men if the loud moans were anything to go by. Bucking his hips upward Theo hissed when their rigged erections slid together, creating lovely friction for both of them.

Harry's head rose, allowing his eyes to seek out Theo's flushed face; a smirk appeared on the larger male's handsome face as he pressed his hips downward, driving his cock harder against Theo's now leaking length; "Nah fuck Harry please need you."

That damnable smirk got bigger; "Do you now? Beg me then." Normally, Theo would glare and haughtily stride away from his lover but damn it if Harry knew him well enough to know that Theo was not going anywhere at this point; "Please Harry please! I need you."

A growl rent the air as a harsh nip was placed on the crook of the blonde's slender neck; "Of course my lovely Theo all you had to do was ask." A whimper was pulled from the sapphire males lips when Harry moved away from him, leaving Theo feeling cold and lonely, even if Harry was only kneeling in between his spread legs.

His back arched when he heard the murmur and subsequent burn of a cleansing charm, followed by the slickness of a lubrication spell being cast on his entrance and anal channel; "Now baby this may be a bit uncomfortable but it will get better I promise."

Theo knew it would be a bit uncomfortable. He had taken the liberty of reading as much as he could about anal sex and he knew what it felt to have at least two of Harry's fingers inside him but Theo felt warmth spread through him at Harry's caring and concerned words; "I know Harry. Just be gentle. I love you and I trust you."

Harry smiled a blinding smile and nodded, bringing his now slick finger to caress the blonde's winking pink entrance. With little preamble the raven sunk his finger to the knuckle inside the blonde's tight hole, pulling a moan of pleasure from Theo bruised lips.

Theo's body felt like it was on fire and he needed more, rolling his hips to the rhythm of Harrys thrusting finger he drove that plunging appendage as deep as it would go and screamed to the ceiling when the tip hit his prostate dead on.

His head was now thrown back, spreading his thick blonde tresses across the bed as he allowed his body to instinctively move; his intelligent mind completely stopped working when Harry's finger continued to abuse his prostate.

Soon another two fingers were slipped inside Theo's willing body, stretching his channel to accommodate something much bigger and satisfying; the continued onslaught on that little bundle of nerves was sending Theo to the brink of his endurance and his sanity.

When the pleasure became almost became painful Harry pulled his fingers out of Theo, obviously deeming the blonde ready and prepared. The raven prodded his smaller lover to shift up the bed and rest his head on the pillows.

Harry followed his lover, moving like a sleek panther as he situated himself on his knees and forearms, hovering over Theo's almost shaking form on the bed; "Ready love?" All Theo could do was look straight into those green eyes filled with love and affections and whimper while nodding.

Harry pressed a sweet kiss to Theo's soft lips as he shifted his hips, bringing the blunt head of his straining erection to the blonde's stretched rosebud. The slimmer male relaxed his heaving body and spread his legs wider to give his love more room to move.

With a deep breath from both males Harry began to surge forward, slowly pressing and spreading Theo's virgin body open with his thick cock. The feelings running through the blonde's body at this moment were indescribable; there was pleasure with a hint of burning pain as he was penetrated for the first time by Harry's member.

But the overwhelming feeling was of completeness; he felt like for the first time he was whole and right where he was supposed to be. When Harry's hips met Theo's slick bum the raven stilled and allowed his slim lover to adjust.

Taking deep breaths and shifting his lithe hips Theo felt the burning pain subside, leaving nothing but the exquisite feeling of fullness behind. Deeming himself ready Theo bucked his hips, making Harry's impressive erection sink deeper into his slick hole.

Harry groaned loudly as Theo mewled with delight; adjusting himself the raven grasped Theo's legs and brought them over his broad shoulders before he leaned over, bending the blonde's body almost in half.

Once Harry was satisfied with this new position he brought his muscled forearms back to the bed and began to pump his length in and out of Theo's body. Salazar it was incredible to the blonde, Harry's cock felt amazing moving inside of him, stroking his slick walls and massaging his prostate on every pass.

Soon Theo's hands moved to sink into Harry's thick hair and brought his lover's lips down to his own, pressing their lips together the two exchanged sloppy kisses as they moved against each other in perfect tandem.

Harry swallowed every mewl, whimper and strangled scream Theo was making as they continued to snog. Breaking away from the kiss Theo began to plead with his larger lover for more, he needed more and he would not be denied; "Harry unn Harry please harder!"

A nip to his kiss swollen lips was Harry's response, it seemed the blonde wasn't the only one having issues creating coherent words or thoughts. Theo moaned when the raven's slow deep thrusts became harder and faster.

The blonde didn't know how long he could hold off; he was already leaning over the edge of orgasm when Harry was finger fucking him. And now the sensations were magnified by a thousand, the raven's fingers could never simulate the absolute euphoria he felt when being filled with Harry's thick length.

The heat in his belly was scorching and building until it would not be ignored and Theo knew he would cum soon; "Please love touch me, please." Harry, whose eyes had never left Theo's beautiful face, pressed quick kiss to the blonde's lips before his hand moved in between their sweaty bodies, grasping the blonde's flushed cock.

Theo howled to the stone ceiling, his voice bouncing off the walls as his length was pumped in time with Harry's powerful thrusts. The fire in his belly exploded, burning through his muscles and nerves as his cock pulsed in time with his erratic heartbeat, releasing rope after rope of pearly seed onto their bodies and Harry's hand.

His length was pumped until there was nothing left for the blonde to give and with a few more hard thrusts inside Theo's now boneless body Harry came, pulling a whimper from Theo's slack mouth as he felt the raven's thick seed fill his well fucked body.

Harry thrust shallowly and softly, drawing out his pleasure until his cock softened. Still inside of Theo Harry pressed his lips against the blonde's in a sweet kiss, pushing all the emotions Harry was feeling into that simple touch of lips, pulling away Harry began to speak punctuating each word with a kiss to Theo's lips; "I adore you, Theodore Malcolm Nott. I love you baby, always."

Theo smiled a rare smile that only his lover ever got to see; "And I love you, Harry James Potter-Black, always." Harry beamed back, with a flick of his hand a small box flew into the raven's outstretched hand.

Theo watched on in nervous anticipation, hoping to Merlin this was what he thought it was. Harry opened the box and removed a gorgeous white gold ring with the Black's coat of arms on each side of a large square cut onyx stone. Letting Theo's legs slid down his shoulders to rest on the bed Harry shifted his soft length still inside Theo.

Bringing his free hand to Theo's slim left hand he slipped the ring onto the blonde's finger; "Theodore Malcolm Nott, will you do me the honor of becoming my husband and the bearer of my children?" Theo smiled another beautiful smile up at his raven haired lover, savoring this moment for a moment before he answered; "Of course I will."

Harry smiled again, pressing their foreheads together as he played with the ring that at this point resized itself to fit Theo's slender finger; "This is the happiest moment of my life and I have you to thank for it Theo. I love you."

Theo blushed and pressed a kiss to Harry's swollen lips, unfortunately the moment was ruined when Theo yawned. A chuckle was heard from Harry; "Tired love?" Theo glared but nodded grudgingly, he didn't want this moment to end but his eyes were drifting shut.

It seemed his first time making love took more out of him than he thought it would. He moaned when he felt Harry remove himself from his body, leaving him feel empty before a frown marred the blonde's brow when he felt his lover's seed spill out of his body.

Harry kissed away his frown and murmured a cleansing and a freshening charm, leaving both of them clean of the remnants of their coupling. Harry moved off of Theo's body and settled next to the blonde male, wrapping his arm around his slim lover's shoulders the raven pulled Theo's body to press against his with his blonde head resting on Harry's strong chest.

The sapphire eyed male nuzzled his face into his raven haired lover's chest, enjoying the feel of Harry next to him and the warmth that seemed to flow off of his larger lover's body. The feeling of the soft blanket being placed over them was quite welcome; the rooms in the castle were always drafty even in the summer.

Snuggling down into the bed and against his lover Theo allowed his eyes to slip closed and drift off into sleep. Harry following his lover into Morpheus' call not long after.

Waking the next morning was something Theo did not want to do. He wanted to stay in bed with his fiancée and only rise when it was time to get on the Hogwarts Express. Unfortunately, that would not happen, both of them had speeches to give; Theo as the top student of the year and Harry as the savior of the wizarding world.

Both could do without the attention but McGonagall asked them and they could not refuse her; she was one of their biggest supporters when it came to Theo and Harry's unexpected romance. Shockingly, Draco Malfoy was another; who would have thought?

Not Theo, and damn sure not Harry, but it didn't make it any less true; Draco Malfoy had spoken out quite loudly in favor of Theo and Harry being together. The platinum blonde explained that in this time and age if someone made you happy did it really matter what Hogwarts House they were in or who their father was? And Draco also pointed out that Harry deserved to be happy after all he had done for them?

Needless to say most Slytherins left the couple alone and several Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and a few Gryffindor's, namely Neville, had begun to associate with the two males again. After a while more people came around once they saw how happy Theo made Harry and vice versa.

Now only a few students seemed incapable of accepting Harry and Theo's choice to be together; the Weasel, Weaslette and Granger being among the students along with some of the Weasely family. Theo knew it bothered Harry at first but after a time the raven accepted that if they could not be happy for him as he was then he didn't need them in his life.

The blonde Nott heir had no family and few friends so no one really had an issue with him and Harry being together and that was relief for Theo. Shifting closer to Harry Theo placed a kiss to his lover's cheek, realizing they would have to get up soon to make it to graduation ceremony.

Hearing a grumble from Harry Theo decided his lover was awake enough and slipped out from under the warm covers. He winced when he stood; a sharp pain erupted from his lover back and now far from virgin entrance.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he felt Harrys strong hands touching his lover back and bum, mumbling a few healing spells to take away the discomfort of their first joining; "Better love." Theo turned his head to look over his shoulder at his sleep ruffled lover; "I am. Thank you Harry."

"Now I'm going to shower and get cleaned up. Can you ask the elves to bring my things from my room?" A murmured "Of course love," was heard from Harry as he lay down to wait for his blonde lover to be done in the bathroom. Theo smiled and made his way to the en suite bath.

Thirty minutes later Theo emerged looking as put together as he always did, his now mid back length hair was styled in waves that fell over his shoulders while his bangs framed his sapphire eyes delightfully. A whistle rented through the air from Harry as he showed his appreciation for how Theo looked.

"Now it's your turn Harry. Go get cleaned up. The elves brought your toiletries and trunk into the bathroom when they brought mine." Harry pouted a bit but got out of bed to get ready for the graduation ceremony, giving Theo a kiss on his cheek before he entered the bathroom.

Theo smiled and called out; "Dobby." With a pop the happy house elf was bouncing in front of him; "You calls Dobby Master Theo?! What cans Dobby do fors you?" Theo had to grin at the crazy elf and his antics, much better than Kreature in his opinion.

"Yes, Dobby there is something you can do for me. Would you bring my trunk and Harry's to Number Twelve when Harry is done getting ready?" Dobby nodded frantically; "Of course Dobby would be honored to bring Master Harry and his Theo's trunk home for them."

Theo waved his hand, letting Dobby know he could leave and with a pop the little elf was gone. Strong arms wrapped around Theo, alerting him to Harry's presence; "Ready to go down to breakfast my fiancée?" The blonde pressed himself back and against his lover's strong front; "I am and please pack all you things and put them in your trunk; Dobby will be taking them to Number Twelve for us."

"Alright love give me minute and then we can get some breakfast." The whole time they were pressed together Harry's hand had not stopped caressing the engagement ring on Theo's left ring finger.

Moving away the green eyed teen collected anything he used in the bath and tossed them into his trunk, causing an exasperated eye roll from Theo; Merlin and Salazar Harry would never learn to pack correctly but then again it was Harry's stuff so Theo didn't mind too much.

Once Harry had thrown all his things into the trunk he took Theo's hand and both men walked hand and hand into the Great Hall for breakfast and the beginning of their lives together.

Both men could not be happier and soon their lives would begin for real together. He knew their training would start soon and he knew the days would be long but as long as Theo got to return home to Harry he would survive it all.

There that's better! I just felt the story was a bit open ended and I wanted a bit more closure and of course some true blue slash!

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