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Majorly in Love

Chapter 1

Survival. That was the one word going through Liara T'Soni's mind. Cerberus was attacking the archives on Mars. She had no clue what they were after but they seemed intent on getting to the Prothean archives and killing her. What is the Illusive Man up to know? Liara thought. Why would they start a war when the Reapers were attacking Earth right now. Earth. I hope Shepard is okay Liara thought. Sprinting away from Cerberus soldiers, Liara found a ventilation shaft that she could fit through. Without hesitation she climbed up some boxes, pulled off the gate and squeezed herself inside. Two Cerberus soldiers who noticed Liara making her escape followed as well. To Liara's luck they were slower crawling through the shaft due to their bulky armor. They fired a few shots. The shots ricocheted off the metal of the ventilation shaft. Liara banged her head above her. Goddess she murmured. She covered her head and continued forward. She had no clue where this shaft was taking her but finally after crawling for what felt like an eternity, another gate was present. Liara slid her legs out from underneath and kicked with force. After three kicks, the gate fell. Liara sprang out and put some distance between her and the Cerberus soldiers. She turned on a dime and faced them. The Cerberus agents were making their way down from the shaft. Liara cast out a Singularity. Gravity disappeared under the Cerberus agents and they floated vulnerably around the field. Liara drew her pistol and purposely shot them in the arm. They fell down on their backs, stunned and injured. She walked over to them and stared and they tried to convince her to show mercy. Liara didn't. She aimed and fired two rounds from her pistol into each of their heads. She holstered her pistol on her hip.

"Easy there Lieutenant. She's with us" A familiar female voice said.

Liara turned and smiled, face to face with her good friend Commander Shepard.

"Shepard. Thank the Goddess you're alive!" Liara beamed.

Shepard smiled back "Liara".

"I was worried when the reports came in. They hit Earth hard?" Liara asked.

Another familiar figure spoke.

"Yeah. It was tough to leave like that" Kaidan said.

Liara flashed him a small sympathetic smile "Kaidan. I'm sorry. But why'd you come here?"

Shepard explained that Hackett had sent them here after escaping Earth because Liara had found a way to stop the Reapers. With a smile Liara comfirmed she had. Once Shepard had destroyed the Alpha Relay that bought everybody a little time but Liara knew she still had to do something. Hackett contacted her and asked Liara if she could use her resources as a Shadow Broker to find a way to stop the Reapers. Her searches lead her to the archives on Mars where she discovered plans for a Prothean device that was never completed. Shepard asked why Cerberus was here. Liara admitted she didn't know but guessed they were after the same thing they were after: A way to stop the Reapers.

"So it's a race to the archives" James said.

The room shook. Everybody turned their attention to a door above them. Cerberus was about to break through. Liara and Kaidan went form cover.

"We've got company" Shepard whispered.

"Bring it on" James challenged.

"Not this time James" Shepard said.

James was drawn back a bit. He didn't understand. Shepard ordered him to return to the shuttle just in case Cerberus beat them to the archives. He wanted to complain but figured it was best to follow orders. He took the elevator back down to the exit. Shepard dove for cover just as a team of Cerberus troops broke through the door.

"There's the asari bitch!" one called out.

Liara winced at his words. She felt anger rise up in her. She didn't like being insulted. She whipped out another Singularity to pull them out of cover. Kaidan used his biotics and caused a detonation which backfired and killed the others. Liara was impressed. She hadn't fought alongside Kaidan in quite some time. It felt good to have him here. She missed him. With the fight over, Shepard investigated for a way out. They needed to get up to the door Cerberus had come out of. Kaidan helped. Liara stayed on guard but occasionally glanced over at Kaidan. She knew the Commander and Kaidan were close at one point. She wondered if they still were. She also wondered if Kaidan knew about Garrus. Since becoming the Shadow Broker, Liara knew a lot certain gossip that traveled. Apparently Shepard and Garrus grew close as well. If Kaidan thought him and Shepard were still together, he was in for a shock. Liara felt guilty. She knew Shepard had cheated and she didn't have the courage to tell Kaidan. She wanted to so badly but figured this was a bad time to walk right up to Kaidan and say "Shepard cheated on you by the way" That would be so embarrassing. All she could do was hope Kaidan would find out in his own way, confront Shepard and hopefully break it off with her. Liara could make her move then.

She didn't know when she had developed feelings for the Major. She heard back when Shepard had first found her that Kaidan said Liara wasn't his type. Kaidan also loved the Commander for a long time. When Shepard admitted her feelings to Kaidan, it must've been a dream come true. But then Shepard died and Kaidan was broken up. He clung to her memory and prayed for her to come back. Liara tracked Shepard's body down and gave her to Cerberus so they could bring her back. They did and Liara was overly happy when she saw Shepard on Illium. Liara then came across info about the fight Shepard and Kaidan had on Horizon. Kaidan refused to join her and Shepard was heartbroken. That's why she must've of fallen for Garrus. She must have took the fight as a breakup. And Kaidan still thougth they were together. Liara must've gotten feelings then. Feeling sorry for Kaidan and his relationship. She wanted him to be happy with somebody. She wanted him so badly sometimes. Liara just didn't know how to admit her feelings.

Shepard informed Liara that she'd found a way up. Liara found herself to be starting and Kaidan at Kaidan still. He gave her a look and she quickly snapped out of it. He smiled and followed after Shepard. Liara kept her distance just for a moment to hide her blush. Once up to the door, the three of them made their way over to the archives. They needed to get to the tram station to ride over since the archives were separate. While making their way across construction on the roof, Shepard noticed a tram headed over to the archives. That must be Cerberus. They climbed up to an open airlock. Liara was suspicious. The airlock shouldn't be open. Kaidan said it didn't look like somebody had forced it open. Cautiously they entered through the airlock. They came across bodies of scientists who had suffocated when the airlock had opened. Cerberus had done this no doubt. Liara felt sick. This was brutal, even for Cerberus. There was no light in the room. Only Shepard's flashlight guided everybody. Liara bumped into Kaidan a few times. Sometimes it was an accident, sometimes on purpose. The windows in front of them opened to reveal more Cerberus troops discussing. Shepard killed her light. Liara and Kaidan found cover. They intently listened to them bicker to one another if they should enter the room Shepard was in. They complained it was dark and probably nothing was there anyway. They began to leave but Shepard shot the window and killed them before they had time to retreat. With the coast clear they vaulted over the broken window and into the next room. They had to pressurize it before removing their helmets. Kaidan then noticed there was a recording of what happened. Liara played it. Two Alliance soldiers were contacting security, claiming they were seeing some odd activity. Then Dr. Eva Coré walked in, another scientist who arrived a week ago. She drew a gun and shot both soldiers on the head. Liara was stunned. Eva had overridden some controls. On another screen it showed the room they'd just come being vented and the scientists crawling on the ground as their life was literally sucked out of them. Liara felt guilty again.

"I should have realized it when she arrived. I was just so focused on finding a way to stop the Reapers" Liara admitted.

"Stopping the Reapers is the only thing we should be focused on. It wasn't your fault" Shepard said.

"But what if we're wrong. What if there's no way to stop them. What is these are our last days and we spend them scurrying around trying to solve a problem we can't fix" Liara worried.

"Come on Liara" Shepard said.

"I know I shouldn't think that way" Liara faced Shepard "I don't you how you do it. You've always stayed focused even in the worst situations".

Shepard glanced over at Kaidan "When there's so much at stake I think about what I'd lose if I failed".

"That's a terrible burden" Liara warned.

"Well stop them Liara, together" Shepard encouraged. She put a hand on her shoulder.

Liara shook off her comfort "Thanks. I want to believe you".

Liara unlocked the door that would take them to the security station so they could get a tram over to the archives. It looked like the Commander might still have feelings for Kaidan. That bothered Liara. She realized her feelings for Kaidan must be big if she's feeling jealous. Jealous! She even had the urge a few moments ago to tell Kaidan that Shepard had cheated on him! Goddess! She may want him bad but that gave her no right to break the two of them up. Shaking off her thoughts, Liara followed behind Kaidan. At least she could stare at his behind without him knowing.

Shepard hit the door control. An automated turret started firing at them. They all dove for the nearby cover. Shepard informed them to skirt around it and stay out of its sights. Kaidan moved up first. Shepard followed his movements. Liara followed Shepards. Finally they reached the security room. They cleared out the Cerberus forces and shut down the turret. Cerberus had made it to the archives and wouldn't be sending a tram over anytime soon. Liara tried to override the controls but the archives were on a separate network, completely locking them out. Kaidan then came up with an idea. If they could a find a Cerberus transmitter, helmet to helmet they could pretend to be on their side and say the Alliance forces had been taken care of. They could send over a tram and get a free ride over to the archives. Shepard praised him for the good idea and told him to take a look. Liara had the smallest of a smile on her face. Shepard looked over to her.

"What?" she asked.

Liara shrugged "The Major has become very…capable"

"That he has" Shepard said.

"Shepard! I found something" Kaidan called from the other room.

Shepard made her way over to his position. Liara continued to watch until Shepard disappeared behind the wall. Liara continued to attempt at overriding the tram controls in case Kaidan's idea didn't work. She was still impressed he thought of that. That made Liara admired his intelligence even more. She heard a bit a yelling coming from the other room. She could barely hear Shepard, but caught one sentence.

"…You and me and Cerberus Kaidan, it's all in the past".

Was Shepard breaking up with him now? A little hope had just dawned on Liara. Maybe she could end up with him after all. Liara left the security room and met up with Kaidan and Shepard. Kaidan's plan had worked. A tram was on its way over. Some Cerberus troops had come along as well, but they were no match for Shepard. They wiped them out and took the tram. The archives were just in arms reach. Finally they could get the data. But nothing is ever that simple. A small explosive charge on the tram track exploded and killed Shepard's tram. Another tram started coming for them with more Cerberus soldiers. They pulled up next to Shepard damaged tram. They were able to kill them and board the other tram. Shepard took the controls and reversed the tram over to the archives. The place was swarming with Cerberus. They really wanted to stop Shepard and her team from the data. It proved Liara's point of how valuable the data is.

Once the enemy forces had been eradicated, they entered the archives. Shepard put Kaidan on watch guard while Shepard and Liara gathered the data. A hologram of the Illusive Man appeared. Shepard confronted him about why he wanted this data. He was hatching a scheme to control the Reapers and with this data, he'll be one step closer. Shepard thought he was crazy like always. Controlling the Reapers would get them nothing. Destroying them is how they find peace. She told Liara get the data.

"Don't interfere with my plans Shepard. I won't warn you again" The Illusive man warned.

"Dually noted" Shepard shot back.

"Shepard!" Liara called out.

"What?" Shepard said.

"The data it's not here! It's being erased!" Liara said while desperately tried to stop the upload.

"Damn it! How's he doing it?' Shepard demanded.

"It's local. Somebody's uploading the information" Liara confirmed.

Kaidan overheard Shepard and Liara talking. He started searching for the local upload. Somebody was here with them. He found a small control room not far from him. He peaked around the corner and found the culprit. Dr. Eva Coré was uploading the information.

"Hey! Step away from the console. Now!" Kaidan warned.

He got right behind the Dr; ready to pull her away with force if she wouldn't listen. Instead she round-house kicked Kaidan and knocked him down. She then fried the console with her omni-tool and took off with the data.

"She's got the data!"Kaidan called to Shepard.

Immediately Shepard sprinted after her. Kaidan and Liara trailed behind her. They chased her out on to the roof of the archives. To try and slow them down, Dr. Eva sent out flames from her onmi-tool. Shepard dodged and kept moving. Kaidan and Liara kept following. Shepard had almost caught up to the Dr. when a Cerberus shuttle picked her up.

"She's getting away!" Shepard yelled.

She watched as the Dr. jumped into the shuttle and started to leave.

"Damn it! James?! Normandy?! Anybody?!" Shepard hailed over her comm.

An Alliance shuttle flew into view. It was James. He drove the shuttle right into the Cerberus shuttle. He knocked the Cerberus shuttle out of the sky and damaged the Alliance one. They both came in for a crash landing. Shepard and her team dodged and covered themselves from debris. Liara wasn't so lucky. She slightly injured herself. Kaidan was fine though and gave her a hand. She smiled and gratefully accepted. Shepard hailed James over. He landed the shuttle next to Shepard with a loud thud. Not graceful but good enough. James exited and casually informed Shepard that Normandy was en route. Kaidan helped Liara up by throwing one of her arms around his neck. He placed his arm firmly around her waist. Liara shuddered at his touch. He slowly helped walk her over to Shepard. Behind them they heard a loud thud. Somebody was kicking down the shuttle door. Kaidan and Liara spun to see the door kicked out and Dr. Eva emerge. She wasn't human though. She was a synthetic. Kaidan grabbed his pistol and pushed Liara away by placing a hand on top of her chest. She fell to the gorund and watched as the synthetic picked Kaidan up by his face and hold him up above her head. He struggled to get free.

"Kaidan!" Shepard called out.

Liara backed away and got to her feet. She backed up so Shepard could get a clear view.

"Let him go" Shepard warned.

"Orders?" Dr. Eva said into an earpiece.

"Dispose of him" The Illusive Man said on the other line.

Dr. Eva turned around and whacked Kaidan's head into the side of the shuttle twice. He slumped to the ground unconscious. Then the Dr. started running towards Shepard. She drew her pistol and fired at the rogue synthetic until it shorted out and collapsed on the ground. Shepard ran over to Kaidan and told James to grab the synthetic for the data. Liara limped her way towards the Normandy as the shuttle bay opened up underneath. Off it the distance of Mars, Liara could see Reapers land. Shepard had Kaidan in a fireman carry. They boarded the Normandy and quickly left the system before the Reapers could detect them. Shepard hurried Kaidan to the med-bay with Liar and James in tow.

In the med-bay, Shepard gently laid Kaidan down on a bed. She leaned over him, staring at his bruised and battered face. James threw the Cerberus machine down on another table.

"Kaidan needs medical attention" Liara told Shepard.

No answer.

Liara got in Shepard's face "We have to leave the Sol system"

"I know" Shepard said curtly.

"The citadel is our best chance. We can find help there" Liara said.

"Get us to the Citadel, Joker" Shepard ordered over the comm. "Hold on Kaidan"

EDI contacted Shepard and told her she was receiving a transmission from Admiral Hackett. Shepard told EDI to get her patched through. EDI forwarded it to the comm. room. Liara was left alone on the med-bay. James had left down to the CIC. Liara examine the Cerberus machine and pulled what little data it had left. She decided to head down to the war room and give this info to Shepard. Before she left, Liara approached Kaidan. She looked at him and frowned sympathetically . She gently touched a hand to his cheek.

"Don't die Kaidan. Please. Fight for me" Liara whispered.

Holding back her tears, Liara left the med-bay and headed downstairs to find Shepard.

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