Majorly in Love

Chapter 15 – Epilogue

10 years after the war with the Reapers.

Even after 10 years, many planets were still under construction. But Earth was almost complete. It was starting to resemble the planet it looked like before the Reapers arrived. The Reapers. Thanks to Shepard, nobody would have to worry about their civilization being threatened. 10 years ago to the day Shepard had destroyed them. And she lived to see and tell about it.

Everybody was coming down to Shepard's home, located in Beautiful British Colombia. She had invited all her former crew. Kaidan, Liara, James, Joker, Tali, Javik, EDI, Miranda, Jack, Samara, Grunt, Wrex, Jacob, Kasumi, Zaeed were all coming to celebrate. Some people were bringing guests as well. Jacob was coming with Brinn and their son Kevin. Miranda was coming with Oriana. Samara brought Falere. Tali was coming with Kal'Reegar who had survived. And of course Kaidan and Liara were coming together, along with their two daughters.

After the war had ended, the Normandy returned to Earth to find Shepard. Garrus swore he knew she was still alive and he wasn't giving up on her. The crew searched for hours for Shepard. At one point, many thought she had died. But when all hope seemed lost Garrus found her, brutally injured and near death. She was hospitalized for almost a year and a half before her condition was deemed stable. Everybody was overjoyed to hear that Shepard was going to make it. She deserved to live after all she'd done.

Liara and Kaidan had returned to Thessia together. He wanted to help rebuild his true loves homeworld. Thessia had taken a lot of damage. Even after 10 years, most areas were still piles of rubble. But for the most part you could look outside a window and see a spectacular view. Kaidan and Liara married after about 2 years and welcome their daughter Ashley and Benezia a year later. They named them in memory of Liara's mother and Ashley Williams, who died on Virmire. Now they were brining their daughters to Earth to see the heroine who gave them the chance the breath the air around them. They were so exited.

Shepard lived in a sizable house. It combined human and turian décor which looked quite charming. After Shepard made her recovery, she married Garrus about a year later. Then they tried again and again for a family. They wanted to do the impossible and have a child that combined both their DNA's. That required many tests and experiments but they did it. 2 years ago, Shepard gave birth to a human/turian daughter whom they named Desdemona. This would be the first time anybody had seen her daughter.

"Are you excited as I am to see Desdemona?" Liara asked Kaidan.

"I am. Apparently Shepard told me she's the cutest thing ever" Kaidan replied.

"I'm sure she is" Liara agreed.

They had arrived at Shepard home with their daughters. Ashley and Benezia had run on ahead to knock on the door together. Liara and Kaidan slowly walked hand in hand to the door.

"Can we knock?" Benezia and Ashley asked together.

"Of course" Liara answered.

"One...two...three!" Ashley counted.

At the same time, the girls knocked loud enough for somebody to hear. Liara smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm and excited energy. A moment later the door opened and standing there was Shepard. She was holding a small bundle wrapped in a light pink blanket.

"There you guys are! Come on in" Shepard greeted.

Liara and Kaidan entered with their daughters. Ashley and Benezia appeared awestruck. Kaidan gave Shepard a half hug and Liara greeted Shepard with a light kiss on the cheek.

"And you girls must be Ashley and Benezia" Shepard said.

"Yes we are!" the girls chanted.

"They're so precious Liara. You must love them" Shepard expressed.

"We do. Very much" Liara said with a smile.

"Is that Desdemona?" Kaidan asked.

"Yes it is. Would like to see her?" Shepard asked.

"Please" Liara said.

Ever so carefully, Shepard passed the sleeping child over to Liara's grasp. She cradled the child in her arms just as she had with her own daughter. Kaidan leaned over her should to see. There cuddled between the folds of the the blanket was Desdemona. She was beautiful. She resembled a turian infant but her body was that of a human. Her eyes were closed but Shepard said they were blue just like hers and Garrus'. Liara felt tears of happiness fill her eyes. She slowly passed the child to Kaidan before pulling Shepard into a hug.

"She's beautiful Shepard. I'm so happy for you" Liara confessed.

"Thank you. Both of you" Shepard said.

Kaidan returned Desdemona back to Shepard. She took the child and cradled her close to her chest.

"Come on. You two are the last to arrive. Everybody's in the next room" Shepard said.

Liara and Kaidan followed Shepard into the living room. Everybody was present. People were laughing and crying. When Kaidan and Liara entered, many people like Tali, James and Joker even Javik came to greet them. Shepard moved over to Garrus, handing the child to him. Liara's daughters stayed close to her. Once everybody had settled in, they turned their attention to Shepard, who gave a small speech.

"I just wanted to thank everybody for coming over here before I give my speech. It means a lot that you could all make it over" Shepard started.

A small applause went around before the room went silent, all eyes on Shepard. With small breath, she gave the speech.

"I could never imagine the life I have right now. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. If we hadn't taken action against the Reapers, we wouldn't be here right now. But we are. Because we defeated them. I seriously thought I was going to die though. I thought I'd stop the Reapers but die once I did and I wouldn't get to see the world as it is now. I but I did, thanks to the dedication of you and the love from Garrus" Shepard paused briefly as she wiped a few tears.

"I also never imagined I'd be able to have a child. But I've built a reputation on the impossible. I'm not about to give up yet. Desdemona was a blessing. I'm so lucky to have her. Garrus and I both. She truly was a miracle child. I'm so happy she's here and I'm also happy to all my other friends who have healthy, beautiful children".

Applause erupted for a few moments before Shepard finished her the final part of her speech.

"But while we may be celebrating this day as the end of the war, we must not forget all the friends we lost. Mordin, Thane, Legion and Ashley. They gave their lives so that we could defeat the Reapers and secure out future. I will never forget their courage and self-sacrifice. May they watch over us until the end".

Shepard ended her speech with a thank you to everyone. Everybody applauded and did a salute to their fallen comrades. Tears were shed and comfort was given. But in the end everybody was happy. It was such a relief to know the galaxy was safe. Liara still couldn't believe it herself after all those years. Peace was still something everybody was getting used to. But they had Shepard to thank for giving them that peace and that future. This was a bitter-sweet ending for everyone.


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