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Another thing I might have mentioned, but incase I didn't, I based most of this off of the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamburg VA. So the set up may be different then other GWLs. Just so you know.

Also, this still takes place during MoA.

This chapter is Percy's POV

Chapter 3

I slumped back in my chair and rolled my eyes out of annoyance. I had changed clothes, taken a shower, and gotten completely ready in fifteen minutes for the pizza guy to take forty. I know that life is unfair, but seriously? This is just evil. I NEED pizza.

I leaned up and checked the clock again. Forty two minutes for three large pizzas?

Annabeth saw my look of impatience. "Relax Seaweed Brain, the food will be here soon."

"Before I wither away," I mutter sarcastically.

"Percy, we ate three hours ago!"

I poke my sucked in stomach. "I'm a teenaged boy, I need to eat more often than most people!"

She rolls her eyes. "Why I put up with you….."

I smile stupidly at her. "Cause you loooovvvvve me." I blink rapidly and make a smooching motion at her.

Even Hazel suppresses a smile. Piper doesn't even try to act like she's not giggling. Annabeth was about to come back with a sassy retort, when the doorbell dings.

I hop out of my seat and open the door in a rush. The guy standing there has a at least foot tall mohawk and one of those huge cicular earrings that leaves a huge hole in your earlobe. The pizza guy looks at me funny, and I can't help but wonder what it would be like to shove my finger through his earring. Sometimes I hate demigod ADHD. It makes tasks like opening the door and getting pizza take longer then they should.

Then I focus back on the pizza. "Thanks, here's thirty bucks, keep the change, thanks for the food, have a nice day," I smile and slam the door. I toss the boxes onto the coffee table and open all of them before grabbing the biggest slice of pepperoni and shoving half of it in my mouth. The rest of my fellow male demigods follow my lead as the girls just stare at us.

"What?" I question as Annabeth gives me the "are you serious?" look. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm a stranger to that look.

"So what's the plan for tonight boss?" Leo asks as he downs his second slice.

"I'd say arcade and ice cream? What do you guys think?" I smile and wiggle my eyebrows at Annabeth.

Piper laughs a little. "I totally do NOT trust you guys with ice cream, let along an arcade. Annabeth?"

Hazel smiles a bit as Annabeth nods her head in agreement, she has food in her mouth an unlike me, seems to have no intention of just talking over or through it. Girls.

We finish the pizzas with little more conversation, and most of it consists of "hand me a slice" and "anybody want that?". The girls head back to their rooms for a bit, probably to talk about "girl stuff", and Leo and I wait thirty minutes before we decide that the female opinion on our plans shouldn't hinder us from enjoying ourselves.

Ice cream and arcade, here we come.


Sneaking out was the easy part, but getting Frank and Jason to come took a lot more effort.

But to say the least, threatening to let Leo go alone, uh, perswaded them.

After one more look around the perimeter, we piled into the elevator.

"This is going to be awesome, especially for my sales," Leo slid his backpack onto his shoulders and pulled what looked like a pocket sized journal and three black sharpies out of his back pocket. He had made a normal Team Leo t-shirt and had tried to write it in cursive. It was surprisingly neat except for the M which was lopsided.

"You guys are aware that if we get caught, Piper is probably going to charmspeak us into giving ourselves swirlies or something right?" Jason stated.

I shrugged. "Its water. Besides, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't do that to us. Annabeth would want to get revenge herself, Hazel would probably just forget about it, and Leo would get away with it. You're the only one in danger of charmspeak swirlies." Jason paled a bit. I completely understand why, angry women are bad enough, but angry girlfriends? Good luck and farewell.

The elevator dung and we headed for the mini ice cream shop in from of the water park.

Leo's face lit up, and I can't act like I wasn't excited too. The walls were pink the girl behind the counter was flirting with the guy serving the other sweets and the floors were what at some point might have been bright white. It was perfect.

"Can I help you?" The grl asked when she noticed Leo literally drooling on the glass screen seperating him from creaming, flavorful, and cold heaven. She was looking at me and twirling her hair while blinking a lot. Did she have dust in her eyes or something?

"Sure, I'll take four small servings of your most popular and delicious flavor," I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket.

"That would be Cookie Dough," she rolled her eyes and took an agitated attitude. She must have been upset that none of us took the bait. I'm surprised Leo didn't though, normally this would be the point where he dropped cheesy pickup lines and pulled something that couldn't be called anything but "The Leo".

Needless to say we finished the ice cream within minutes and headed over to the arcade.

And that's when the real fun began.


Lessons I learned today: NEVER give Leo ice cream.

By the time we had pulled together our money and started to get tokens, Leo was practically bouncing. His eyes had taken this crazed look, like a wild animal who had had caffeine.

"So... how long is this going to take? Do we have enough money? Are you sure the girls won't find out? Doesn't anyone have a spare pin, a huge ball of pocket lint or pipecleaner?" He managed to not take a breath during any of these questions.

Jason and Frank were slowly inching away as the sugar took full effect.

I watched as the final coins fell out of the machine and into my palm. "Okay, we got a hundred and twenty of these things, so we each get thirty." I handed them out and we all headed off in seperate directions. Leo ran straight toward the Whack-A-Mole and I instantly questioned my descision of leaving him alone.

But I also did not want to be there when he had a hammer in hand even if it was foam. So I made the genius descision to leave him alone.

I played basket ball and a bunch of older Pacman games peacefully for about twenty minutes until I began to get nervous about how quiet Leo was being.

And that's when the power went out.


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