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A/N: This is for MysticSpeedForce1234 who gave me the idea, sorry it took so long to even post. My first story after being captrued by a fuzzy purple alien from the planet Zoink named Bob for two months. Sorry for the long hiatus and please enjoy. Most of my stories seem to connect to one another they are An Uncle's Warning, Roy's Revenge Begins, and Wally plus Nail Polish equals Unhappy Roy. So if you haven't read them thats ok some parts may or may not miake sense so if you want head over read them real fast. (This is BoyXBoy story so if no likey then no reading. Enjoy to those who do. Oh yeah there is a few cuse words in this too. Later done the road.)

Summary: Barry catches wind of Roy making Wally cry but Barry doesn't know he was faking it. Poor Roy finds himself kidnaped yet again by an angry speedster.

You Got It All Wrong

Ch. 1: A Tip from A Lil Bridie

No one makes a fool out of Robin and gets away especially not one Roy Harper. He needed revenge... no not just revenge he needed to teach Roy a lesson and show him why no one and he means no one messes with Robin. A simple prank with nail polish wont work this time and killing him, even thou he wants to, would end up with him being hunted down by Wally. Robin could kidnap him and leave him in the jungle or at Ollie's door for "Father and Son" bonding, but no he want something far more scarier like... the warth of the "mother-hen". Oh Roy will regret the day he made Robin wear pink bootie shorts.

Luckly for him (and unluckly for Roy), Wally told his best friend everything even about things Robin didn't need to know. If he recalls just recently Wally was telling him how Roy was a sucker for the fake crying act he pulled last week that ended with him getting his favorite pizza. Now he just had to use that little piece of information and he know just who to give it to.

Dear Barry Allen,

I wish to inform you of recent information about your nephew that I aquired. One Roy Harper had recently made your precious nephew, Wally West, break down into tear after a cruel and heartless prank. Being the kind hearted and loving uncle I know you are, I believe that you need to know about that recent event and do want is right as his uncle.

-Lil Birdie

"That little snot-nose carrot-top mop-head bastard!" Barry just read and re-read not believing what it said. "I thought I warned you Harper no one makes Wally cry and gets away with it just you wait and see," He mummbled to himself. "Barry is everything alright in there," Iris called from the kitchen. "Yes dear everything is peachy." Iris walked into the livingroom with a plate of freashly made cookies. "So who is this ''little snot-nose carrot-top mop-head bastard'' you were screaming about." Barry didn't know what to say, he couldn't really come out and tell Iris that it was Roy and that he was soon going to kill him. "Just a rookie at work who screwed up on a report. I got to go in and fix I'll be back before dinner," he said quickly heading out the door toward he target. "Thats strange and he didn't even take a cookie or ten with him," she mummbled back into the kitchen.

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