A/N: Well, a reader of "Knight In Pink Satin" asked me for more poetry, so here you go, people. This is one of my favorites, and it's from Sakura's POV. Whee, unnecessarily vague symbolism ahead!

"Horizon Boy"

There's a boy on the horizon

Where the mountain meets the sea

But no matter how fast I run

All he says is "Can't catch me!"

So it's just another lousy Monday

Wakin' up late for school

I can't wait for the weekend

When I can stop pretending to be cool

My boy on the horizon

I wish I could see his face

Is he the one who walks by me

Or the one I chase?

Crash down on the sidewalk

If I take a turn too fast

No one here to dry my tears

Save a memory of the past

Gentle fingers that aren't there

Teddy bears and silver light

Faded dreams and pale moonbeams

Brightening the night

Oh, my boy on the horizon

Why can't you wait for me?

Does another catch your eye

Or are we just not meant to be?

Lovely boy on the horizon

Can't you believe what I say?

Won't you ever look at me

And feel the same way?

Days go so slow when you're alone

Yellow sun and silver moon

First romance, and it ended

Much, much too soon

But there's a boy on the horizon

Against the shadow of the sun

And even though I can't believe it

It's me to who he runs

Oh, boy on the horizon

With dark hair and fair-toned skin

I never tried to catch you

Because I never knew I could win

Silly boy on my horizon

Who never dared to ask for more

Did you think my heart didn't beat

In perfect time with yours?

I'm always late on Mondays

It's practically a rule

But I only mind because it means

I can't talk to you before school

'Cause today I'm gonna tell you

Something I've been wanting to say

So listen up, horizon boy

We're doing this right away

There's a boy on the horizon

Where the mountain meets the sea

And no matter how slow I walk

He always waits for me.