Tetris Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ...Once again, I define all logic and reasoning with another beyond wacked up fanfic. Enjoy.

The blue colored L Block sighed as she looked out of the window, seeing nothing but white stars and a black background. "It sure is boring around here..."

"Mah girl, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!" The red colored square block exclaimed, chuckling as he shook himself.

L block sighed as she moved up and down. "I wish something exciting could happen... just something!" She then farted, shaking violently as she gasped. "Oh my, excuse me!"

"Eww! L Block just farted!" A younger yellow colored square exclaimed, moving from side to side. "You're so nasty!"

L block turned around to face the yellow square. "Wait, I didn't mean to let that out! I just wanted something different to happen!" She farted again, the gas louder than before.

The red square chuckled as he approached L Block. "Aye, we got a live tuba here! Now all we need is a saxophone!"

"A saxophone, you say?" The female green T block muttered, snooping as usual as she farted, her gas sounding exactly like a saxophone, to go with L block's tuba toots.

The purple straight line sighed as he slithered past all four of the blocks. He noticed L block and T block farting, rolling his eyes as he continued slithering away. "Freaks..."

"How is this story even possible?" The orange square asked as he moved up and down and all around. "We're blocks! We're not capable of anything!"

Suddenly, after L block and T block farted in unison, the room collapsed on itself, crushing and killing everyone. And there was no sound, not even a cute little poot.