Chapter 1: Ignorance Is Bliss, Right?

He opened hie eyes not remembering what had happened. He looked all around to see if someone was there who could probably help. But that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. His eyes went wide with shock. There were only the bloody, decapitated, carcases of what used to be the towns people of a vastly popular town.

He started to walk around hoping someone was still a live, but at the same time hoping he was the only one left. If someone else was alive, that might mean I could get some help. But what if there IS someone left alive and they're the one who killed all of these people. He thought to himself. But what he was truly hoping the most, was to never find out HE was the one who killed all of these people, and that he just stumbled upon this already murdered town.

He was startled a slight bit when he passed a broken mirror and saw a reflection. He saw snow white hair and pale skin that nearly matched. The only thing not matching was his blood red scar that started above his eyebrow as a pentical, then started to lead down the left side of his face, pass his silver eyes, and ended right above his lip.

He knew this was his own reflection. He starred at it for a few moments before a voice came to his ears.

'Allen Walker' the voice whispered.

The boy turned and looked around franticly, trying to find where the voice came from. But not a single soul was there, only rotting carcases.

"Allen... Walker..." the boy said aloud. "Why does that name sound familiar?"

The boy's eyes shot open with realization. He fell to the ground clutching his head in pain. All of his memories were returning. His hands fell to the ground and he sat on his knees in the middle of the street his head down his hair blocking his face from view.

He opened his eyes and smiled in a wicked fashion. He lifted his head in an I'm-back-bitches kind of way. His wicked smile turning into something of what resembled a mix of insanity and murderous intent.

"Well... That was fun..." Allen said as he stood up and started to look around at all the massacre. "And look how beautiful it all turned out!" he yelled finishing his sentence with an out of place maniacal laughter.

His laughing and joy stopped abruptly as he sensed three entities come into the town. He immediately came up with a plan on how to add these three figures into his work.

-{At the entrance to the town}-

"W-what happened here?" a girl with long dark green pigtails asked in horror.

"Che. Isn't that what we're supposed to find out?" asked a man with a dark blue ponytail and a katana to his side.

"Yuu's right. Lena I know it's gross and disgusting but we're here so we can stop whoever or whatever from doing this again." a read head with an eyepatch said trying to comfort the girl.

A split second later the red head had a sword pointed at his throat. Courtesy of the ponytailed samurai.

"Do NOT call me by that name!" katana boy yelled.

"Kanda, Lavi, stop it!" the girl yelled at her friends.

"Che." was all the samurai said before walking off.

"Really Lavi, Kanda will seriously hurt you if you call him by his first name when I'm not around." the girl said in a motherly fashion to the red head.

"Hehe sorry Lenalee." the read head, Lavi, said with a smile.

"Hey you two there's someone over here!" the samurai, Kanda, said.

Lenalee and Lavi looked at each other and then ran to where the samurai's voice came from. When the two got around the corner they saw Kanda next to a small albino who had his arms wrapped around his legs and his head hiding in his knees.

Lenalee walked up to the kid and asked in a kind voice "Hey are you alright?"

The boy lifted his head from his knees to face the girl and nodded. He looked as if he was about to cry. His bright silver eyes were water and had a hint of fear in them.

"Hey man, you sure you're alright? You're covered in blood." Lavi said worried for the kid that looked to be around his age.

"Y-yeah..." the boy said with a shaky voice.

"Good. What's your name?" Lenalee asked with a smile trying to reassure the boy.

"A-Allen..." he said in the same tone.

"Well how old are you Allen?" Lavi asked.

"I-I'm 15... Almost 16..." Allen answered with a calmer voice.

Lenalee thought from how Allen was starting to ease up, that he was getting more comfortable with them.

"Well, Allen, my name is Lenalee Lee." Lenalee said to make the boy more comforted so he could feel like they could be friends.

"I'm Lavi. Just Lavi. And that grump over there against the wall is Kanda Yuu." Lavi said with a happy voice and smile.

Yet again was the katana pointed at the red head's throat.

"Dammit Baka Usagi! I told you not to call me by that name!" Kanda yelled.

"Kanda! I told you to stop threatening Lavi! And Lavi I told you to stop calling Kanda by his first name!" Lenalee yelled. She turned to Allen and told him, "This doesn't usually happen. Sorry if they scared you at all. But just a warning, if you ever want to talk to him make sure you call him Kanda and not the other name."

Allen just nodded as a response. He honestly had no clue what to say about the display.

"Now, I hate to ask but, do you think you could tell us what the person who did this looked like?" Lavi asked Allen while starting to get to business.

Allen physically tensed and the hint of fear in his eyes that had left was now back but wasn't a hint of fear, but full on terror.

"Oh you don't have to tell us if you don't want to." Lenalee said as soon as she saw the boy's eyes.

"T-thank you..." Allen said through all of his fear.

"Dammit! You WILL tell us who or what it was! Give us a description you dammed Moyashi!" Kanda yelled while pinning Allen to the wall and the blade of his trusty katana against the boy's throat.

Allen looked like he had more of a fear towards Kanda then he did towards the one who caused this whole massacre.

"Kanda, please let him go!" Lenalee begged.

"No! The kid knows something that he doesn't want to share! Spit it out Moyashi!" Kanda yelled pressing his katana, Mugen, harder against Allen's throat causing a thin line of blood to come out.

"Yuu! Stop it already! You'll kill the kid before we get any info!" Lavi yelled.

Kanda was so intent on getting the kid to speak, that he didn't hear a single thing Lavi had yelled.

"Please just kill me already." Allen said in a sad yet calm voice.

"What!?" Lenalee and Lavi yelled in unison.

"You see the man who killed everyone here also got my parents and little brother. He only left me alive so I could suffer my life without them." Allen explained.

"Then how about this? You tell me about the guy and then I kill you so you could be with your family? You like that?" Kanda asked in an annoyed tone.

"Okay..." Allen said with a sad smile.

Less then a second later the was a hand piercing straight through the samurai which had entered from his stomach. The only person in front of the samurai was Allen.

"But! I like my plan better BaKanda!" Allen yelled with a sadistic smile.

"Allen... Why did you do that!?" Lenalee asked with worry.

Allen started to laugh which had only surprised Lavi and Lenalee even more.

"You IDIOTS! You still don't get it?! I'M THE ONE WHO KILLED EVERYONE HERE!" Allen yelled with a sinister and sadistic grin with a laugh shortly after that was filled with murderous intent.

"I can already imagine it. Your blood on my hands. It will all be so... so beautiful." Allen said calmly.

Lavi and Lenalee got into a battle position and activated their Innocence.

"What are you!? Akuma? Maybe a Noah?!" Lavi yelled.

"What? What are you talking about?" Allen asked with confusion.

"Lavi. I think he's just a normal human." Lenalee said.

"Now you're speaking a language I can understand." Allen said as he somehow appeared right behind Lenalee.

"LENA! WATCH OUT!" Lavi yelled, but it was too late.

Allen already had his hand sticking out of Lenalee's stomach.

"LENALEE!" Lavi yelled in fear and sadness.

"You're next." Allen said as he appeared right behind Lavi.

This time Lavi saw it coming and dodged Allen's attack then smacking the boy a few blocks down with his hammer. Lavi ran over to Lenalee hoping she would still be alive. He didn't have to worry about Kanda as much seeing as how the samurai was able to heal faster than an average person ever could.

"Lena! Lenalee please stay with me!" Lavi yelled as he grabbed the girls hand.

Lenalee turned her head to face Lave and smiled.

"You idiot... How could you be smiling right now!?" Lavi yelled through his tears.

"Because... I get to see you in... my final moments..." Lenalee said as she pushed herself forward and pulled Lavi down into a full on kiss.

Lavi was surprised but accepted it and returned the kiss. After a few moments the two separated due to Lenalee falling limp. Lavi could hold it back anymore. He was crying full on rivers.

The love of his life... had just died.

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