Chapter 13: Memories of Love

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It had been about a month since Neah had joined their group. Things had been pretty calm. Kanda and Lavi had immediately given up trying to kill Allen after he showed them Dante's Inferno, a place worse than hell could ever be. Tyki enjoyed the calmness of the past month and with nothing going on, Road got to be with Allen. Every once in a while they would come across a hotel with a beautiful Grand Piano. Road would always beg Neah to play a song on the piano and Allen would ask as well.

Neah would eventually give in and walk over to the piano only to be yelled at by the manager of the hotel. Tyki and sometimes Kanda would hold back the manager and allow Neah to play. When he played the piano everyone would freeze. The manager would stop struggling and listen to the beautiful tune that came from the piano and its pianist.

It happened every time. When they were ready to leave the hotel the manager and everyone staying in the hotel would beg for Neah to play one final song and he would give in. In the middle of the song the people would start crying at the beauty and were sad when they realized they would never be able to hear this again.

Even though he wouldn't tell anyone, Neah truly loved to share his music. It was one of those things where you hate it but then it happens and you're the happiest you've ever been. Neah was scared the Earl and the Noah would hear the music and come after him and the others but as soon as he touched the piano and played a simple tune, the fear would diminish.

Allen took this as an opportunity to have some fun. After Neah's lovely farewell melody Allen would ask if people would like to hear the melody for the rest of their lives. Everyone would answer yes. Allen would look at Neah asking him to play once again. Neah placed his fingers on the keys and the lovely melody would come. The lights would go out only leaving the one above Neah and his piano. When the melody was over the lights would come on and one would not be able to see the floor nor the wall paper.

Allen had granted the peoples wish. While Neah played, Allen did as well but only a slightly different. Neah played the piano while Allen killed the audience. Simple as that. Some times Tyki or Road would help Allen "play" but Kanda and Lavi would always stay outside.

They were Exorcists! They were supposed to stop this! That's what they though at least. The two would always think about ways to kill Allen and the two Noah's but then a thought would come to them. 'Why fight a loosing battle? It isn't worth losing your life trying to stop the unbeatable.'

Then they would think about running away. But that option disappeared as soon as it came to thought. The two Exorcists would remember what Allen had told them. 'Try to run and I kill you. Either you die by my hand or by the other Noah.'

So the two former exorcists stood outside. Lavi in a green long sleeve shirt and wearing his usual white jeans with a green head band holding up his hair and the holster for him Iron Hammer still on his leg. Kanda was wearing a tang top, that he usually wore when training, and black pants. A string tied up in his hair holding it up in a pony-tail.

Both had decided they weren't Exorcists anymore if they were teamed up with Noah and a sadistic psychopath. They didn't want to be found. So when they noticed two corpses who looked much like them. They put their coats on the corpses and left town knowing the Black Order would find the town and believe them to be dead.

The former exorcists stood outside leaning against the wall with their eyes closed and listening to the melody which promised death. But today was different. As they listened they heard a gasp and some bags drop. Both came from outside and a few feet away from them. The deaths were quiet and it was dark so how could anyone see the people being killed?

The two boys opened their eyes and saw the figure in front of them. Their eyes widened when they realized who it was before them. They had frozen when they saw her. Lenalee Lee (little miss annoying).

The two former exorcists snapped out of their trance when they saw Lenalee fall to her knees in tears. The boys ran over to her in worry.

"Lena are you okay?" Lavi asked as he got to her.

Lenalee looked up with tears in her eyes along with anger. She reached up and slapped Lavi across the face yelling, "Of course I'm not alright! Why did you two run away!? Do you realize how dangerous that was!? Why did you pretend to be dead!? Why didn't you come back!? Everyone is scared and sad because we all thought you were dead!"

"Lena..." Lavi whispered in shock.

"Turn it down Lenalee. We don't need them finding out about this." Kanda whispered as he knelt down to Lenalee's eye level.

"Who are you talking about?" Lenalee asked as she looked at Kanda worried.

"Our oh so wonderful boss..." Lavi answered gaining Lena's attention.

"Who's you're boss?" Lenalee asked with a hint of fear.

"Hello . I'm sure you would remember me." a voice was heard along with a set of footsteps walking closer to the group.

"Y-you're A-Allen W-Walker... right..?" Lenalee stuttered in fear.

Allen walked up to Lenalee and knelt down looking her in the eyes and holding up her head with his index finger under her chin. Lenalee visibly tensed at the touch.

Allen moved closer so he could get his mouth next to Lenalee's ear. "I'm glad you remember me. I promise not to hurt you nor your friends if you just keep all of this a secret. Alright?" he whispered quiet enough to where Lenalee had barely heard him.

"Why..." Lenalee whispered back. "They're exorcists... they need to be with the Black Order. So why can't they come back..?"

"Because I am protecting them. You see they know a very dangerous secret and the Earl will do anything to know it. I am mearly helping them survive." Allen whispered then backed away.

"Then... join the order! That way you can protect them and they can be back home!" Lenalee shouted desperately.

"Lena..." Lavi whispered in shock.

"Please... the order needs them back... everyone misses them. Please just help us!" Lenalee begged.

" I'm afraid you may have misunderstood. I'm not protecting them I'm protecting the secret they barged in on." Allen said as he stood and held his hand to Lenalee. " I don't believe the order would want us. We have three Noah's with us." Almost as if on cue Neah, Road, and Tyki walked out of the hotel and joined Allen.

"Allen~!" Road yelled as she ran to Allen and tackled him into a hug not noticing the female exorcist.

"Hey Road." Allen said with a smile as he hugged said Noah.

"W-what do you mean they 'barged in'..?" Lenalee asked.

"They did exactly as you are. They let their curiosity get the better of them. Keep asking questions and you'll suffer the same fate as them." Allen said in a serious tone after remembering the girl was still there.

"Please Lena. You have to go back to the order and forget about all of this." Lavi asked with worry in his eyes.

"Whatever you do, do not tell your psycho brother about this." Kanda said as he imagined what Komui would do when he found out and sweatdroped.

"Are you asking me to forget two of my best friends and family? How do you expect me to do that?!" Lenalee cried as she stood up abruptly.

"Lena I know it's hard but we're only doing this to protect you and everyone else." Lavi said.

"We can protect ourselves Lavi! What's so wrong about worrying about my friends!?" Lenalee yelled.

Lavi's eyes widened in shock and he looked away, unable to answer.

Allen let go of Road and walked over to Lenalee. He put his finger under her chin and lifted her head.

" . I hope you can understand why I'm going to do this." Alllen said calmly with a small smile.

"Allen what are you doing?" Road asked.

"My dear Road, please forgive me ahead of time for this. It's only to protect us and our secret." Allen said as he looked at Road with hope, apology, and practically begging for forgiveness.

"What are you talking about?" Lenalee asked.

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Allen turned back to Lenalee and sighed. Allen closed his eyes and leaned in kissing Lenalee. After about a minute, which seemed like hours, Allen pulled away and Lenalee fell, her body limp as she had passed out.

Allen watched as Lenalee fell to the floor and before he looked up he was hit from two sides. Lavi had punched him in the face for kissing Lenalee and Road had slapped him, feeling betrayed. Allen looked up and saw Road looking pissed and yet she had tears in her eyes.

Road had started to fall to her knees only to be caught by Allen. Allen held her as she cried into his chest and hit him weakly repeating "I hate you, you traitor." through her tears.

"Um... Allen? Mind explaining?" Tyki asked.

Neah, seeing as how the mentioned person was busy, decided to explain for him. "The 14th Noah has strange abilities that half the time we don't even know about. One ability that belongs to only the original 14th is the ability to erase someone's memory. Ever heard of a goodbye kiss?"

"Yes." Tyki answered.

"Well this is literal. He can erase anyone's memory just by kissing them and thinking about their memories of him or anything disappearing and theyre gone. Sounds kind of complicated but is actually pretty simple." Neah finished his explanation.

"Well that's fucked up." Tyki said as he looked back at Allen and Road. "How many girls have gotten angry at him because of that one ability?"

"This is the first. He didn't want to go around and have a relationship with anyone because he never wanted to use that ability. Now that I think about it... he's only kissed a girl about three times. Two of the three being Road."

"Who was the third?" Tyki asked as he looked at Neah with curiosity in his eyes and voice.

"Her name was Bella Marie. She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. She was kind to everyone, even strangers. She had this aura about her that wouldn't allow you to be sad or depressed around her. She fell for Allen and he returned the feelings. One day he told me we had to leave the town soon but Bella wouldn't leave her home. He didn't want to hurt her. The next day he was supposed to tell her we had to leave. He ran home with her unconscious body in his arms. He told me he was trying to figure out how to tell her and she kissed him and fainted.

"When she woke up she had no idea who we were and she started to panic. Allen lied and tolled her we found her collapsed on the street. She thanked us for taking care of her and she left. After she was gone Allen collapsed in tears. He told me she kissed him while he was thinking about how it would be easier if they had never known each other. Almost as if it was a wish that had been granted. He promised he wouldn't love anyone ever again." Neah said finishing his explanation.

"I guess he lied. He seems pretty close with Road." Tyki said looking back at the mentioned couple who were now hugging and smiling. "I have to admit they're kind of cute together."

"We're agreed there. I say we go grab our stuff and get ready to leave." Neah said as he started to walk towards the hotel.

Tyki turned around and started walking back. He was next to the door when he saw a shocking reflection in the window. He turned around as fast as he could and his eyes widened in shock.

Yuu Kanda had his sword stabbed straight through Allen and Road. Kanda pulled the sword out allowing the couple to fall to the ground, now separated. Kanda grabbed the bloodied Allen and threw him over his shoulder while Lavi grabbed the unconscious Lenalee. The two exorcists took this moment to run back to the Black Order.

They would successfully complete the mission they were given months ago. Capture Allen Walker.

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