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Chapter 1

"Toph…" Katara whispered softly, slightly out of breath. She was cradling a wailing baby in her arms and she couldn't help the tears that gathered in her eyes. Twelve hours of labor. Twelve hours... for the little girl in her arms to come into the world. Katara couldn't help the smile that cracked on her face despite all the tears as she gazed at her friend. Toph, still panting and sweaty, turned her head towards the direction Katara was at.

"I-Is that her?" she said between breaths. She thought she had experienced all the kinds of pain there was, but childbirth really proved her wrong. It was pain on a whole new level. Still, it was worth it in the end as she heard her baby's first cries.

Katara continued smiling at her and gave a small sniffle as she handed the small bundle to Toph's waiting arms. The tiny creature inside was still wailing loudly for all of Republic City to hear. That made Toph's tired face split into a proud grin. Her kid sure knew how to announce her new presence to the world.

"Congratulations! She's a healthy little girl..." Katara told her as she helped her friend position the baby in her arms.

The moment the bundle was placed in her arms, the little girl quieted down, as if she knew her mother was holding her. She squirmed and held her tiny arms out. Toph sensed the movement and held out one of her fingers. Her rough, calloused, slightly scarred hands, touched her daughters soft, smooth, and tiny ones. The new mother let out a sound that sounded halfway between a gasp and a small laugh.

She wasn't always one to showcase her tears, especially not around her workmates and most definitely not in battle but this time... this time it was different. She may have shown a few to her closest friends but those events were rare. She was always looked upon as a very tough woman. Strict, yet caring. Unlady-like maybe, and rebellious most of the time, but she was who she was. And this tiny being, her daughter, was the first one who made her break character.

She wasn't as stone-hearted as some people believed her to be. Even she, Chief of Republic City's Police Force, Creator of Metal Bending, considered to be the greatest Earthbender to have ever lived, and one of the people who helped stop the Hundred-Year War, cried.

Katara put a gentle hand on her shoulder. "She's beautiful, Toph."

Toph chuckled. "I know. She's... she's perfect."

The door slid open very slowly and Katara looked up in time to see three pairs of eyes peeping through the small crack the door had made. She couldn't help but laugh. "You guys can come in now."

She heard a sigh on the other side, although whether it was good or bad, she didn't know. The door opened fully and three people stepped in. The first one was Suki, who bounded inside rather than walk. Sokka came next, scratching the back of his head sheepishly as though he was the one Katara had addressed earlier. Aang came in last and he closed the door behind him. They all gathered around the new mother and smiled at the sight.

They watched as tears rolled down Toph's cheeks as she softly nuzzled her baby's head with the tip of her nose. She let out soft laughs between her sobs as she held her daughter closer in her arms. The tiny baby sometimes responded with little grunts and noises which made everyone in the room smile even more, her mother most of all. It was all perfect until Toph suddenly stiffened and a fearful look spread on her face.

"K-Katara...? Is... is she... Can she s-see?" she asked, her voice trembling. She was just so overwhelmed by the love she felt for the child in her arms that one of her worst fears was pushed to the back of her mind. She had kept telling her friends about how the baby might end up blind like her and despite their reassurances that she would be fine even if that happened, it didn't do much to quell her fears.

Katara looked up at Aang, who smiled at her and softly nudged her forward. Katara knelt beside Toph and peered inside the bundle. The baby opened it's eyes and one look answered Toph's question.

"Yes. She can." Katara announced proudly, tears gathering at her eyes again. There was a collective sigh of relief from everyone else in the room except for Toph.

"A-Are you sure?" she asked, her voice trembling. The others didn't miss the tone in her voice. "Like... really sure? 100% positive?"

Katara patted her friend's shoulders gently and said, "Yes, Toph. Absolutely positive. She can see."

A fresh round of tears sprung out of Toph's eyes. She let out a relieved sort of chuckle which turned into a little laugh. Sokka raised his eyebrows and was about to say something but Suki quickly elbowed him before he could ruin the moment. She muttered something that sounded awfully like "men". Aang was just absolutely ecstatic as he grinned at the newest addition to their family.

Katara shook her head and placed a comforting hand on her friend's shoulders and smiled at the small baby in front of them. "She really is beautiful, Toph... Just like you."

Toph wiped her tears with her free hand and said, "You don't have to be so nice about everything, Sugar Queen. You could've said she looked like a potato and I wouldn't have cared."

Sokka laughed. "There she is! The sarcastic Toph Beifong we know and love is finally back!"

"Oh, will you shut up, Sokka?!" Suki told him as she swatted his arm. "She's allowed to have feelings, too!"

Sokka scowled at her. "I was just joking! You didn't have to hit me!"

Aang rolled his eyes and went closer to Toph. He reached out a hand to pull back the blankets that swaddled the baby to take a look at her face. The baby made a sound like she was protesting and it made Aang's smile widen. "Spirits! Only a few minutes old and she's already acting like her mother."

"Damn right, she is." Toph said proudly.

Aang let the little baby girl wrap her hand around one of his fingers. "What's her name, Toph?" he asked, looking up to address her. The rest of the gang fell silent. Even Sokka and Suki stopped in their small argument to look at the Earthbender.

Toph was silent for a while before a name came to her. Turning her head towards the bundle slowly, she said, "Lin..."

"Lin?" Sokka asked.

"Yes. Her name's Lin. Lin Bei Fong. And she's gonna be a bad ass Earthbender just like her Mom." Toph said confidently.

Katara nodded approvingly at her and so did Aang. Suki clapped her hands together, her eyes sparkling with happiness. Of course, Sokka just had to ruin the moment.

"Wow... I never knew Toph would become this emotional." Sokka said, picking off pieces of lint off his clothes. Everyone else in the room glared at him.


"In case you've forgotten, Meathead, this is Toph Bei Fong you're talkin' to. You can consider yourself lucky that you've seen me like this cause I ain't doing it again."

"But I did see you become emotional... like countless of times before. And I think you - AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Sokka didn't have a chance to finish his sentence as he was sent flying through the roof. A small pillar of earth stood on where he once was a few minutes ago.

"Well, it's nice to have you back to your old self that's for sure. I thought you were broken a few minutes ago when you wouldn't stop crying." Aang said patting her on the back.

"Wanna go flyin' like Sokka, Twinkle-Toes?" Toph threatened.

"Uh... I'm sorry...?"

"'Atta boy!" Toph said. "So, should I send him flying Lin?"

Baby Lin made a sound which Toph translated as a "yes" and she grinned evilly. "Sorry Twinkle-Toes, but my little girl wants to see you fly."


With a small flick of her wrist, the ground beneath Aang soared upwards and, like Sokka, and was sent flying through the roof.

A/N: What do you think? It's my version of Lin's birth. Real short and if you think Toph became out of character at the first part of the story, then I suggest you read it again. I already explained it. Besides, she deserves to be emotional. I mean, who wouldn't if they just had their first kid?

Ah, I love Toph.

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