Author note: Writer's block is such a pain, but I managed to update nonetheless after taking absents from this story. I hope you enjoy.

It was peaceful quiet night for the two couples. The clock was ticking as Misato sat back on the couch with a water bottle and her with feet on Shinji's lap. Not caring, Shinji watched the nightly news while doing Misato's toenails. It seem like whatever goes on it is never anything good. The silence was suddenly cut off by a sudden phone call.

It was Ritsuko reminding Misato about tonight's engagement. Misato sighed in annoyance. "Yes, I'll be right there." Misato hung up her phone. "Sorry Shinji, but I have to go to some boring wedding party. And since that idiot has not shown I have to go by myself which is awkward."

Shinji sat up and said, "If you want I can go with you as your date?"

Misato was beyond words. Never had she requested Shinji to attendance some event like this. But there was always a first time for everything. So she smiled and just said, "Okay Shinji, just be on you best behavior. You do have nice suit do you?"

"Yeah I do." He replied.

As Ritsuko waited at the main entrance smoking her cigarette, she was surprise to find Misato that she was actually with someone but Kaji. Even if that someone was not hot attractive male adult, it was still something new for her. Shinji walked with Misato in a nice black business suit. Misato wore her same red long fancy dress. "Well, well, Shinji, don't you look handsome today? Who are you and what did you do with the real Shinji?" Ritsuko complimented.

"Thanks Ritsuko, I had this suit for a while. I'm amazed it even still fits." Shinji replied flattered by Ritsuko compliment.

Misato pulled Shinji's arm close to hers. "Shinji here is serving as my personal escort for tonight."

"You're going to need the escort, to the restroom and maybe the trash dumps." Ritsuko joked with her arms crossed.

"Very funny but my Shinji is more reliable than anyone else I know."

Ritsuko put out her cigarette and said, "Whatever, let's be on our way. Shinji be sure to keep Misato in line for me would you?"

Not pleased with her combat Misato stuck a quick tongue behind Ritsuko back. "Come on Shinji." Misato pulled him inside the building.

The soft music played as couple slowed dance. It was private party for the most casual adults. The two ladies watched Shinji as he got food. Even if he was still young, Ritsuko started to see the maturity in Shinji. "Shinji has grown a lot since living with you." Ritsuko started. "I suppose he's still keeping you out of trouble."

Misato blushed, "Hey, I'm not that unstable."

"I know, but only when the mood is right."

"Is that an insult or tease?"

Ritsuko laughed for bit, "Chill out Misato, it's a little bit of both. Since Kaji is a no show, I guess Shinji would be the perfect candidate."

"I'm not trying to replace him, you know." Misato told Ritsuko.

Ritsuko placed her hand on Misato shoulder. "I know Misato. By the way Shinji had grown I'm sure he would make any girl or even woman happy."

"I got the meals for you two." Shinji interrupted the conversation with three plates of foods. "Here you go Ritsuko, a glass of the finest whine."

"Thank you Shinji, you're quite the gentlemen." Ritsuko accepted her glass with smile.

"And Misato, your favorite light colored beer." Shinji handed her drink.

"Thanks Shinji. You're a dear." Misato took her glass.

As the party ended early that night Shinji waited in the red car for Misato. Ritsuko was the only one to hold Misato back as she had serious questions for her. It was just the two of them without the presence of a guy. Ritsuko whispered to Misato, "So how long has your relationship with Shinji been going on?"

Misato mouth went dry. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't be dense, I saw the signs. It wasn't that hard to figure out. Hard to actually believe you and Shinji is an item. And to consider your age gap which is not uncommon in Japan. Then again you two have more in common than you think."

"You're not going to tell anybody are you?"

"I'm no blabbermouth Misato, but others may think otherwise. You deserve happiness than anyone else and I think Shinji can give it to you."

So much was going on the young Eva pilot mind; he could not believe what he did last night, or what drove him to do it. As the school hours went and everyone chatting amongst themselves, Shinji sat with his head down. Toji and Keisuke were not around, so he enjoyed the peace and quiet, for now.

As he was about to yawn, his quiet moment was interrupted by a sudden bang on the desk. As usual Asuka greeted Shinji with her rude and snarky remarks. "What's going on Shinji, did you have rough night sleep?" she inquired. "Did Misato keep you up late again with her constant talking in her sleep?"

"I did have rough night, because it was not because of Misato." Shinji replied trying to keep last night details in the back of his mind. "I slept the wrong way and had some bad kinks in my body. That is why I'm just sore, that's all." Shinji lied in his teeth.

Asuka sighed as she was not surprised with his attitude, "You really are hopeless are you?"

Shinji chuckled nervously. "Yeah I guess I am, clumsy me."

"I knew it. As if something could really amazing could happen to someone like you." Asuka scoffed brushed her hair back.

Shinji let out gasp of relief breath. He hoped Asuka didn't try to pry further, otherwise, he would not know how to truly explain himself to her or anyone else. And Keisuke and Toji would only be in tears and ask very detailed questions if they ever heard what happen between Shinji and Misato last night. Then again, Asuka did make a point. There was possibility that there was doubt in their encounter. It could have been nothing more but one night and maybe to please herself and nothing more.

The more he thought about last night, the more his body started to tense. It was like his whole body started to twist and he had no control. Shinji face also went red when he thought about Misato's nice womanly body. And there was no competition with her and d Asuka.

As he arrived home, he called out, "I'm home." Misato was not home. She left a note on the fridge as Shinji grabbed drink. It said, "I went to work Shinji, so I will be home late. Don't go crazy while I'm gone, dear. Wait for me, love you." Shinji knew Misato was just joking as he giggled for bit.

As he stepped into Misato room he found a little foil packet of condom under his feet. The packet was empty as Shinji took another breath of relief. After learning much of sex-Ed in school at school and unfortunate visions, he didn't know what he'd possibly do if he ever impregnated Misato. "Good thing this came in handy."

Making himself useful, he decided to clean up Misato's room. The mess consisted of drunken beer cans (whether they were empty of half drunken), dirty clothes, old makeup sets, expired pills and medicine, and a messed up bed. Shinji's first start was the beer cans, due to Misato's constant drinking habit. He was almost impress on the way she could hold it down so much and not get alcohol poisoning.

All the stuff was straighten out, but Shinji kept the beer cans in separate bag. It was almost fifteen bags of cans Shinji had. Still he could not let it go to waste.

Later on that day he took all the cans to a nearby recycle place to cash them. With a much beer cans and less soda cans, even the owner started to look at Shinji funny. He asked, "Aren't you a little too young to be drinking?"

Shinji shot back. "It's not mine, it's my roommate. She nearly drinks herself silly every day."

"That is quite a woman. You lucky to have her, I wish I had drinking buddy like her." The owner handed Shinji a couple of yens.

"Believe me, no you don't."

The next destination Shinji stopped at the same shop Keisuke and Toji dragged him along on. Little was going one in store, as there were only three people. While the owner was aware of Shinji's presence's, he was too busy glued to the magazine of smut. But Shinji was just browsing through the store, so nothing special.

While walking downtown, Shinji glanced at Nerv Headquarters where Misato and the others had worked. Now he started to question if Gendo ever found out about their night together, how he would react. However, due to their unpleasant history, Shinji was so sure that he would not even care at this point. It was mainly considering the fact that Gendo Ikari was not exactly "father of the year." So what was he thinking of, since he tried to distance himself from the past as much as possible.

As Shinji watched romantic couple share their love in the park, he started to wonder about him and Misato. If their love was real, could he truly make Misato happy considering their age gap? Should he have taken Kaji's advice seriously? Or maybe it was way too good to be true? Living two females in one house, he knew a few things about the girls. Asuka was the most pushy and bossy. Misato was the most laid back and less aggressive.

Misato had arrived home late near eight pm as Shinji watched the nightly news eating a snack. She glanced at him and asked, "You still awake?"

"There is no school tomorrow, so why wouldn't I be?" Shinji answered back.

Misato noticed the new flowers. "Are these flowers new?"

"Yeah, they were a bargain at the shop, so I figured I'd pick them up."

"Aw, that is very sweet of you Shinji; you actually got flowers for me?"

Having being found out Shinji turned his head to hide his embarrassing face. Misato embraced him with faces touching. "I knew it."

Shinji rubbed the back of his head and said, "Well it's the least I could do after you looked after me for so long. I mean I know the two of us could never…" Shinji paused struggling with the right words.

Misato raised a questioning eyebrow, "What do you mean the two of us could never do what?"

"Well I did blow you off years ago when you were suffering and I should have been there rather than acting like a scared coward."

Misato went in close to Shinji, "Shinji; you think what we did together was just a one-night-stand?"

"Well I did start to doubt you approach at first."

Misato covered up Shinji's hands with hers. "Shinji, you were young and naïve back then and so was I. I was perfectly myself last night. I was not drunk or depressed, that was really me. And I developed such a fatal and strange attraction to you. And I know deep down you feel the same way. The question is how you feel, even now." She asked scouting close to Shinji as their bodies started to touch again.

Shinji was burning hot as Misato was close to him. "I guess after these two years I feel myself going more and more attracted to you, no matter how much I try to fight it. Even if our relationship is strange and most people will either be disgusted or no approve, I still like you, no, love you."

Taking a break from school and work, Misato took Shinji to an Inn. After soaking in the hot springs, the two of them glanced at each other with passion in hearts. As held each other closely, they felt their love become even stronger. Hearts were racing to the finish line. After an affection hug, the two lips touched. That was the first base of their love. Second base used tongue in their kiss. The third base reaching inside of their clothes feel their bare bodies. For the final phase, they made love was once again.

After their night of passion Misato walked the beach with her toes in the sand. It was only a chilling breeze that blew her white dress and sunhat. She watched the moon shine over the shining blue sea. Shinji appeared behind her wrapped his arms around her neck. In reply Misato felt his warm embrace.

Misato kissed Shinji's cheek, "I love you my precious Shinji."

"And I love you too Misato."