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Blaine was spending a week with Cooper in New York when it happened.

Earlier that day, Blaine's older brother had had an audition, so the younger Anderson was left to his own devices. He had planned a Skype date with his boyfriend, Kurt at 1:00 in the afternoon. However, when he had logged on, Kurt never showed.

Blaine had felt a little hurt that Kurt had missed their date, but he figured that his boyfriend had either forgotten or was busy, so he didn't let himself dwell on it too much. The next time they talked, Kurt would let him know why he hadn't been able to make it and they would be okay again. So, Blaine spent the day by himself, playing the piano and trying out weird recipes he found on the internet.

His carefree day came to a complete stop, however, when he checked his email at around 4:00pm. He had a message from Kurt. It read: Hi, this is Finn. Kurt asked me to email you. He collapsed yesterday and was taken to the hospital. He's going to be okay, but he wanted you to know that he's sorry for missing your Skype date.

Blaine's heart stopped. He read the message about three times over before it finally hit him. Then, he started to cry silently, taking in shuddering breaths. He shakily moved the mouse and clicked 'reply'. He could barely concentrate on what he was typing. Finn, is he okay? Please tell me he's okay. When is he getting out of the hospital? Is it serious? Thank you for letting me know.

He didn't even read over what he had written, like he usually did. He simply clicked 'send' and stared at the screen blankly. Kurt had collapsed. He was hurt. And Blaine had been worrying because he missed their date.

It killed him to know that Kurt was so far away from him, that his boyfriend was hurt and there was absolutely nothing Blaine could do about it. He wanted nothing more than to get on a plane to Lima and run into the hospital until he could see with his own two eyes that Kurt was really okay, not just go on vague information in an email from Finn.

Blaine read over the message again, blankly. Finn hadn't replied to Blaine's message—he was probably away from a computer, taking care of Kurt. Blaine was filled with a mixture of anger and relief. He couldn't believe that Kurt had thought of him in the middle of whatever crap he was going through; that the thought of Blaine being so far away had jumped into his mind, causing him to tell his brother to send a message to Blaine saying that he was sorry because he missed their date. The boy had just collapsed—he should be using all of his thoughts and energy to get better, not worry about Blaine. Because Blaine was perfectly fine and Kurt wasn't.

The relief kind of overran the anger, though. He wouldn't know what he would have done if Kurt hadn't gotten Finn to contact him. It killed him to be in the dark about a lot of things, but he was so grateful that at least he was in the loop a little, that he knew what was going on. But that little message did little to calm his increasing panic.

Because Blaine couldn't do a damn thing. He was in New York with no way to get to Kurt. And Kurt was hurt and Blaine just wished that there was something, anything that he could do.

When Blaine came home, he was going to grab Kurt and never let go, probably sob embarrassingly and say "Don't you ever do that to me again."

But, sitting in Cooper's home so far away from his boyfriend who was sitting in some hospital….Blaine couldn't do anything except wait.

He had never felt so helpless in his entire life.

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