Time and the Trickster

By Lumendea

Chapter Fifty-Nine: Bride of the Silver Lord: Morning of the Wedding

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the spinoff material and I gain no income off of this story, just the satisfaction of playing with the characters.


The day of the wedding was a bright sunny day in early August with birds singing outside and the curtain fluttering in the breeze of the cracked open window. Rose woke slowly with a fuzzy head and the sense that she was forgetting something very important as her phone chirped on her nightstand. She'd had strange dreams, but they slipped away as soon as Rose pushed back her duvet and turned off the phone alarm.

Rolling her shoulders, Rose sighed and looked around her room. For a moment, she sat there quietly trying to recapture the dreams, but then Rose began to look around her room slowly. Her wedding dress hung on a small hook on her door, protected in plastic and shimmering in the low morning light coming through the window. Sighing, Rose quickly looked away from the dress and allowed herself to take in the crammed bookshelf, the desk covered with art supplies and the unfinished paintings leaning against the wall next to the bed.

It was strange to think that she wouldn't really be living here anymore after today. Not that she'd really spent much time here; they'd moved in the summer before Rose started university. Rose had even insisted that Jackie select the house since she'd be the primary resident. But she'd grown fond of the place and the neighbourhood with the Chesterton-Smiths around the corner and Rani and Clyde just down the street.

Now, she'd be moving in properly with Richard in a suite of rooms he owned in a large London townhouse. It was a nice place in a great neighbourhood, but also close to a train station so it would be easier for her to travel back and forth from Cambridge when she wanted to. The problem was that it looked like a catalogue, very attractive, but impersonal. Richard had assured her that as they lived together and built their new life the place would become brighter and had already invited her to redecorate after they got back from their honeymoon.

The word gave Rose pause and her eyes dropped to the small suitcase that was packed and waiting. She'd be taking it with her to the wedding and changing in her dressing room there so they could be sent off by their friends. Rose now regretted that she wouldn't get to spend more time with her friends who had flown in to see her married, but Richard's busy schedule and her need to return to Cambridge in early October gave them limited options. They were heading off to Morocco, a place that Rose had never been before. She'd packed light, a habit from all of her UNIT trips. Anything she found she needed she could get in Morocco and it would be easy to ship any gifts she got for the others back to England. Sighing again, Rose climbed out of bed and moved over to the mirror.

"I'm getting married today," she told her reflection while she tried to force a smile. Instead, she grimaced as a jolt of pain went through her head.

Raising her hand to her head, Rose massaged the sides of her face gently and waited for the headache to die down. It did quickly and she breathed out slowly in relief. More awake now, Rose studied her reflection a bit more critically. Thankfully the stress hadn't produced too much of a breakout and she looked decently rested. Plus she'd see a professional stylist in only a couple of hours. Originally Jackie had wanted to do her hair and makeup, but Rose had talked her out of it, pointing out that as her Mum she needed her to be calm and watching over proceedings. Movement in the corridor outside of her bedroom made Rose turn to look towards the door.

"Good morning Rita Anne," her mother's voice greeted, excitement radiating in her voice.

"Morning Jackie," Mickey's grandmother replied, sounding sleepy and not completely awake.

"The wedding is today," Jackie nearly squealed.

"Ah, yes it is isn't it," Rita Anne chuckled warmly. "Why don't you go and make Rose something for breakfast. Nothing heavy, but she really should eat and I'll make sure she's awake."

"Good idea," Jackie agreed in a voice that was getting higher and higher. "I can't believe it's finally happening!"

Rose was silent as she heard her mother head for the stairs and picked up her brush. Running it through her hair, Rose didn't focus on any specific thoughts, letting her mind drift. A soft knock on her door a few moments later made her sigh.

"Morning," she called. "You can come in."

Rita Anne pushed open the door and stepped into view, leaning on her cane. She came to a stop and looked over at Rose, watching for her a few minutes. The woman's eyesight wasn't good anymore, but Rose could feel the weight of the gaze.

"Nervous?" the old woman asked her after a few silent moments.

"I don't think so," Rose answered even as her stomach twisted. "Happy that the day is here I guess."

"You guess?" Rita Anne repeated with a teasing smirk. "Better practice a smile then at least for the guests if you can't manage an honest one."

Rose flinched at the statement and turned to look at Rita Anne. "It's not that," Rose insisted quickly. "I just can't seem to focus."

"Well, that's what the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride are for," Rita Anne reminded her with a considering look. "Mind you girl, if you're second guessing then its best to deal it before you make a promise you don't want to live under."

"I love Richard," Rose promised Rita Anne. "It's just hitting me how fast we moved to marriage, but it will be alright."

The older woman hummed but said nothing more. She turned and sniffed at the air. "You've got a few minutes before breakfast is on the table. Once that's done things will start to move fast."

"Thanks, Rita Anne," Rose replied with a forced smile.

As Rita Anne moved down the hallway towards the stairs, Rose resumed brushing out her long blond hair and tied it back in a messy bun for the time being. Moving around her room, she packed up her makeup and some hair supplies. Avoiding looking at her wedding dress, Rose straightened up her room and put her art supplies away. She returned a few stray books to the shelves and made her bed. A shout from downstairs finally made her stop. Rose pulled on her dressing gown and headed downstairs to breakfast as a long to-do list began to take over her mind.

It was rare to see Jackie with so much energy and drive, usually, her mum was happiest in the garden working at a slow pace on her flowers or gossiping with her mates. This morning, however, he mum was humming softly as she moved through the kitchen. Rose sat down and soon found a plate of eggs, bacon and beans in front of her.

"Just eat what you can sweetheart," Jackie told her warmly as she made up a plate for herself and another one for Rita Anne. "Don't force it," her mother cautioned. "I nearly made myself ill on your father and I's wedding day."

Nodding, Rose filed away that bit of information and started with a forkful of eggs. Rita Anne joined them a few moments later and accepted the plate from Jackie. Rose ate calmly, but Jackie was almost vibrating with excitement.

"It's a shame that only you are here to see this Jackie," Rita Anne observed sadly. "Pity that Richard's parents are both deceased."

"I know," Jackie sighed as she looked over at Rose. "I know Pete would have loved to be here to give away his little girl."

Looking back down at her breakfast, Rose swallowed thickly and forced herself to eat a few more bites before pushing the plate away. Announcing she was going to shower, Rose returned upstairs and locked herself in her bathroom. She looked in the mirror and paused, wondering for the first time if her dad would have liked Richard. Her mum certainly did, but Richard was rich, charming and intelligent. Would her father have had different standards for the person she married? What would he have cared about?

The question made Rose frown and she studied her reflection, trying to note the bits of her dad in her face. She looked a lot like her mother, but the slight red highlights in her hair came from her father and she fancied her eyes might be a bit like his. Pushing her hair behind her ear, Rose felt a twitch of guilt for not thinking about him more during the preparation. She was now certain that her mother had been, probably lamenting the fact that he couldn't be here for this. Of course, that would require time travel and having to explain who she was… Rose shook her head and laughed softly at herself. Even though the Doctor was her friend that was just asking for a temporal problem, besides the Doctor didn't even know she was getting married.

Sighing, Rose turned on the water and stepped into the warm stream of water. It had been awhile since she'd thought much about the Doctor, her mind had been so full of Richard lately. She already regretted the loss of her superphone and wished that he'd shown up more recently, but things had been remarkably quiet in July. It would have been nice to have him at least know that he was welcome at her wedding after all, he and Donna had attended Sarah Jane's wedding.

The memory of Sarah Jane's wedding made Rose frown and she was struck once again by the strange feeling that she was forgetting something. Maybe something the Doctor had said… a jolt of pain signalled a headache and Rose sighed deeply, turning her face into the warm water. The stress was definitely getting to her. Hopefully, some relaxing time away with her new husband would help. If it didn't then she was going to see the UNIT medical staff again and having a fresh brain scan done, whether Richard thought it was necessary or not.

Jackie was waiting for Rose in her room and a wide smile. Sitting down on the edge of her bed, Rose allowed her mum to gently towel dry and comb out her long hair. They were both silent, enjoying the moment of calm together. When Jackie picked up the hairdryer to speed things along, Rose swallowed.

"Thanks, Mum," she said in a rush.

Jackie hugged her gently from behind and answered, "You're welcome, love," in a thick voice.

Things moved at a fast past after the quiet mother-daughter moment as they packed up Rose's gown, makeup and some hair accessories. Her suitcase was placed in the back of her SUV and her gown was hung carefully in the back with Rita Anne watching over it. Taking a deep breath, Rose climbed into the driver's seat and looked over at the house as her mother locked it up. They'd checked the place over to make sure they weren't forgetting anything at least twice, but her mother had insisted checking one more time.

Suddenly a car pulled up on the street and a man in his mid-twenties in a cheap suit stepped out. He noticed them in the SUV and his eyes widened with a hint of panic. Rose watched him rushed up to her window in the mirrors and lowered the window when he gently tapped on it.

"Excuse me," the man said quickly. "But I have a message for Rose Tyler. Our instructions were to be certain it was delivered this morning. Is she around?"

With widening eyes, Rose glanced at the logo on the man's satchel and grinned. "I'm Rose Tyler," she answered quickly. "It's a letter from the Wallace Estate right?"

"Yes," the man replied with a look of relief. Through the open window, he handed Rose the notice of receipt which she signed quickly before cheerfully taking the letter from him. "Thank you, Miss Tyler," he added as she stepped back from the SUV. "I'm glad I caught you."

"Me too," Rose answered as she started tearing open the envelope. "Have a good day." Rose didn't bother to watch him go as she pulled out the letter.

"What is that?" Rita Anne asked, leaning forward as much as she could manage.

"A letter from a friend," Rose answered quickly as she unfolded it.

As her mother climbed in next to her, Rose frowned at the simple message from Eve: Trust your instincts.

"Rose," Jackie called, reaching over and shaking her shoulder. "Is something wrong sweetheart?"

"No," Rose assured her quickly, folding up the letter and slipped it into her bag. "Let's get moving shall we?"

"Alright," Jackie answered slowly, still watching her face.

Rose forced a small smile and pulled the SUV out of their drive, trying to put the strange message from Eve out of her mind, but not managing to do so.