A/N: I hate depressing poetry. So naturally, I write it by the pound. *feels the burning desire to go write another disgustingly fluffy Digimon story*

Touya's POV; set before he finds out all the details of what's going on with Sakura and the Clow Cards. Focuses on his somewhat-confused impression of the Yue/Yukito issue and his slight sense of betrayal and helplessness.


See him smile

My heart aches

Then the mask fades away

And I see his true face

The ache becomes agony

And I can't bear to look

I turn to the horizon

Watch the sun hit the brook

Behind me are warriors

Who are children at best

Yet it's they who save me

Their own lives blessed

I see so much more

Than anyone like me

But not even God

Gets knowledge for free

Visions of ghostly creatures

Dance across my mind

Searing through my soul

From places I could never find

And again I see him smile

From his forbidden place

And again it hurts my heart

When I see his face.

* ende * *sobs* I'M SORRRRY!