Beep Beep Beep Beep…

Ethan crawled out of his bed and slammed down the snooze button on his alarm clock. Mornings were never fun. Especially Mondays… Back to school, back to classes, back to homework, back to annoying jocks… But there is something that would light up his day. Sarah. After what had happened on Friday, Ethan couldn't wait to go to school that morning.

They hadn't seen each other since Friday, it's only been texting back and forth, but that would usually end when Ethan was spending time with Benny or his family, and Sarah was working on homework or chilling with Erica.

Once Ethan dressed, he headed right downstairs, opening up his phone, discovering that Sarah had sent him a text at 6:43 am. It was now 7. The message read:

To: Me

From: Sarah Sweetie

Morning! Wanna meet up and walk to school at 7:05?

-Sarah 3

Ethan quickly replied:

To: Sarah Sweetie

From: Me

Morning Sunshine! Of course, where? How about a block over from my house? Meet you there?

-Ethan ;)

Ethan walked straight out the door without stopping for breakfast, today was bring your kid to work day so Jane went with their mother, and Ethan to take the bus or walk.

About a block over, Ethan met Sarah. His girlfrie- correction, secret girlfriend. And let me tell you, Ethan's mouth dropped open.

Her hair was curled to perfection cascading down her back and shoulders, she had a little eyeshadow and blush on, but nothing to much, she was wearing a maroonish colored tank top under a white and black striped sweatshirt with a black and white floral shirt with black and white lace up heels. (Picture on profile)

"Hey Sarah."He smiled at her.

"Hi." She looked around for a second before pulling him behind a shed.

She grabbed him by the shoulders, smacking her lips on his, working quickly to get a good morning kiss before school. Even though they would be late, it would be totally worth it. Ethan caught on to what she was doing and shoved his tounge down her throat, making her gag a little bit.

They continued for a little while longer before they heard a door open near to them. They were in Mr. Smith's yard, it was his son Nick who might have seen them.

"Who's out there?" he asked, he sounded funny, he was most likely sick… again…

He walked down the patio and into the grass, heading towards the shed. But when he looked behind it, nothing was there.

Sarah and Ethan had fled right to school, making sure that they weren't seen, but as you know, it they keep pulling that out in public, they are going to get caught…