Constance Langdon had been waiting for this little miracle all her life. She always practised a lifestyle of humble virtue, the good Christian that she was. Her husband was the most eligible bachelor from her teenage years; Hugo, attractive and successful. Constance, too, was a very beautiful woman. She had a regal beauty that demanded attention, much like her personality. Needless to say, when a darkness began to billow over the Langdon household, the entire community was taken a step back.

The first of the Langdon children was born a beast. The joy Constance originally overflowed with went dry, and a poisonous embarrassment consumed her. She knew exactly what all those two-faced bitches said when they thought she couldn't hear. She tried to be a loving mother, but her Beauregard was not so easily pleased. That child put her through more trials and tribulations than the good Lord, but she suffered through motherhood while her beloved Hugo put food on the table.

It wasn't long before Constance became pregnant with a second child and her hope was rebuilt. She knew her God would not forsake her this time around, she had done her time and faced her hardship. But she was wrong. Her little Adelaide was born with what they were calling Down's Syndrome, and again, she was to mother a "problem child." Her righteous spirit was crushed. Constance decided that she would continue to have children until her little angel, perfect and beautiful as she and her husband, came to her.

And then there was a third child. An albino little baby boy with eyes red as the devil's. "Maybe my womb only bares monstrosities?" she suddenly thought to herself, a woman cracking and slipping into madness. What sins had she committed to be delivered such darkness? And Hugo was so ignorant and denied the child as his own. Darby was born a fatherless child through hatred.

One last time, she told herself. A final test, a final attempt to create something beautiful. An attempt to prove she was not only the mother of demons.

And finally, the black clouds disbursed. He was born perfect, a cherub child. A bundle of beautiful innocence and purity. An angel. She named him Tate for the cheerfulness he bestowed to her. Constance felt... relieved, and she placed all of her hopes and dreams into this child. By now it would be impossible for her to pursue her teenage dreams that she born in Virginia as a child. Instead, Tate would bring greatness and respect back to the Langdon family name. He would fight the darkness on the front-lines and bring his family honor and admiration that they once thrived in.

Tate was her miracle child, and he was destined for greatness.

Author's Note: Alright, so this is a re-edit for the Prologue. I've been working on Chapter One a lot and I'm getting pretty pumped for this fanfiction. Must be because of all the hype surrounding AHS: Coven (I still have to watch through the Second Season *crai*). Anyways, I hope this Prologue is much better written than what I had previously. Constructive criticism is always welcome! Thank you!