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It was another cool autumn day in the Kingdom of Splatalot. There were no Attackers today, so each Defender was busy doing their own thing.

The castle's alchemist, better known as Thorne, was in the lab, working on a new slime formula. Halloween was a week or so away, and Thorne wanted to create a new slime for the occasion. It wasn't going so well, however.

The new slime was supposed to be extra thick, orange, and smell like burning jack-o-lanterns. Thorne was able to make it thick and orange, but, for whatever reason, he couldn't figure out how to get the scent right. He spent all morning in the lab trying to perfect the formula, but had no success.

It was now twelve o' clock, and Thorne received yet another failed result. This slime formula had the right thickness and color, but instead of smelling like jack-o-lanterns, it seemed to make whatever it came into contact with smaller. Thorne groaned with frustration, then carried the beaker filled with the slime to another counter covered in previous failed attempts.

Just as Thorne walked back to his work station, he heard some faint jingling sounds coming from the hall. He felt his blood pressure shoot up even before his comrade opened the heavy door and stuck his head inside.

"Hello, Thorne!" he greeted, waving his hand, making the rings of his glove jingle even more.

Thorne growled, then turned around to the Australian Defender.

"Kook, get your face outta here, I'm busy!"

Kookaburra walked in anyways, then shut the door behind him. He lifted an eyebrow mischievously. "A bit testy today, aren't we?"

Thorne crossed his arms.

"I'm gonna start feeling more murderous than testy if you don't get outta here."

Kookaburra ignored his threat and smiled.

"I know what'll cheer you up," he declared. He held his fingers in a snapping position. "Some magic!"

Kook suddenly "snapped" flames from both his hands. He laughed.

"Now that's entertainment!"

"Not in the lab." The alchemist pointed at the door. "Out."

"Aw, come on, loosen up a little, mate!"

The bird happily pranced around the lab, "finger-snapping" flames everywhere he went. Thorne felt his blood pressure rise even higher. He was just about to yell at Kook again to leave when he noticed that the bird was too close to his failed slime formulas.

"No, Kook, that's highly flammable, don't-"

Too late.

A huge fire suddenly burst over the slime-covered counter. Kookaburra cried out with surprise, then started running around in circles.


The alchemist groaned loudly and face-palmed. "You have got to be kidding me!" he shouted, marching over to his fire extinguisher.

Meanwhile, Shaiden was making her way to the lab. She wanted to ask Thorne if she could borrow his Doctor Who DVD collection. She and the other female Defenders wanted to watch some sci-fi since Halloween was just around the corner.

The ninja had only stepped a foot into the hallway containing the lab when she heard a couple crashes and muffled shouts. She quickened her pace and stopped at the lab's metallic door.

"Thorne, what's going on in there?"

The sound of Kook's distinctive voice answered her question. The ninja rolled her eyes, then pushed the door open. When she stepped inside, she saw that Thorne had the fire extinguisher in his hands and was rushing to the bright flames while Kook was hopping around frantically.

"You see? This is exactly why I don't want any birds in my lab!" Thorne shouted, spraying the flames with the extinguisher's steam.

As Thorne put the fire out, the hot orange slime oozed onto the floor. He glanced at it, then took a step back when it threatened to cover his boots.

"Now I have to clean this up!" he grumbled.

"I'll get it!" Kook declared, running for a pile of slime sticks.

"No, no, no, don't touch anything!" Thorne shouted.

Kook ignored the alchemist's request and pulled a slime stick from the lab's corner. He then ran over to the mess and began sucking up the spilled slime from the floor. Once Thorne got the flames under control, he put the fire extinguisher down, then stomped over to Kook. He grabbed the stick.

"Give it to me!" he ordered.

Kook kept hanging on. "Just let me-"

"You've already done enough damage! Let go!"

The two stubbornly battled for the slime stick for about half a minute. While they fought, Kook accidentally squirt the hot orange slime out of the weapon. And guess who it landed on.

An agonized scream rang through the lab. The two Defenders whipped their heads in Shaiden's direction.

"DID YOU JUST SLIME ME?" the ninja yelled.

Kook gasped and covered his mouth.

"Shaiden, don't move!" Thorne commanded, letting go of the slime stick. "Kook, get some water, now!"

Kook obeyed without hesitation. He darted to the lab's sink and filled up a nearby bucket with cold water. Then he sprinted over to Shaiden and tossed the water onto her.

Thorne quickly waved through the smoky air, then turned on the lab's fan. Then he opened a window to let more smoke escape. Once he did that, he ran over to the ninja, who had sank to the floor. Kook was already there, watching the ninja's movements through the smoke.

"Shaiden, are you okay?" the ninja's brother inquired.

Thorne and Kook heard a light sigh, then saw a the ninja's figure push herself up off the ground. It emerged from the clearing smoke. Suddenly, the two Defenders' jaws dropped. They stared at the ninja in shock as she brushed droplets of water off of her. After a long moment, Thorne was able to find his voice.


His sister growled. "What?" She paused. "Why does my voice sound so high?"

Thorne couldn't believe what he was staring at. "Shaiden, you..."

"You look a whole lot younger than you did this morning..." Kook commented in a very quiet voice.

Shaiden cocked her head. "What do you mean?"

The ninja stared at her two shocked companions for a moment. Wait a minute...why do they look so much taller than before?

The ninja scanned the room and found a piece of glass that had been shattered during the commotion. She headed over to it, picked it up, and looked at her reflection. Her eyes widened. She yanked her head back towards the two male Defenders.

"What the heck happened?! I look like I'm ten years old!"

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