It was finally Halloween evening. The Defenders were getting ready for the Attackers, who, instead of coming to the Kingdom of Splatalot to capture the crown, were coming for some candy.

The castle was almost ready. Crocness and Ballista were putting up the final decorations around the kingdom as red, orange, and yellow leaves blew around them. The air was cool and smelled like smokey pumpkins and burning firewood.

Kookaburra was near the Beastly Battle Axes, filling multiple buckets with Thorne's finally finished Halloween slime. He had a mischievous grin plastered onto his face, and almost nothing could take it off. He was extremely excited to dish out some tricks on the Attackers.

As he continued with his task, he heard some splashing noises from behind him. He glanced over his shoulder to see Crocness climbing up the first Callous Column from the moat.

"The moat looks fantastic, Crocness!" Kook called.

"I know, it does," Crocness replied with a grin. The water monster stood atop the Column, then observed the buckets surrounding the busy bird. "Is all that another one of your classic Halloween tricks?"

The bird laughed. "Yep!"

"Crocness, how does the Splatzooka look?"

The half-human, half-reptile looked over to see Ballista standing behind the said weapon. It was covered with fake cobwebs and oozing with neon green slime. The short wall it stood behind was also covered in cobwebs, and even a few spiders. A couple baseball-size pumpkins were sitting on the wall's corners.

"It looks great, Ballista," Crocness replied.

Ballista smiled and tossed her head. The two ladies looked over at Kook and watched as he filled up the last bucket, then collect it into his hands. He turned to the female Defenders, his eyes sparkling excitedly.

"Those Attackers are gonna get one heck of a surprise!" Kook laughed.

Ballista smirked, then watched as Kook rushed around the moat to get to the very top of the castle. After he disappeared, Crocness placed one hand on her hip and observed the castle, checking to make sure everything was in place. The moat was extra green, the scary ogre bones were out, the spider webs were up, and everything else managed to send a chilly feeling up anyone's spine. When she was satisfied, she nodded and looked up at the blond archer.

"Kook's got the tricks, now all we need are the treats," she declared.

Ballista nodded. "I've asked Gildar to get some candy. I'll go see if he followed through."

The huntress turned on her heels and strutted into the castle. After checking the dining hall, she found Gildar sitting in the large living room. He was holding his mirror five inches from his face, intensely studying his handsome reflection.

"Gildar, did you get the candy?" Ballista asked, leaning against the entryway and crossing her arms.

"Yes, I did," the vain viking replied, still gazing at his face.

Ballista glanced around the room. Confused, she narrowed one eye and looked back at Gildar. "Then where is it?"

Gildar set down his mirror and turned to the huntress. "You're looking at it."

Ballista rolled her eyes and groaned.

"This is eye candy, Ballista," Gildar stated, outlining his face with his finger. "Getting the chance to look at me is a treat already."

The huntress facepalmed. "Gildar, I told you to get actual candy! The edible, tasty, not annoying kind!"

Gildar frowned indignantly, then looked back at his mirror. His reflection instantly erased his offended frown. "But, just so you know," the viking stated after a moment, "I did replace the crown with a bucket full of candy. And I think Thorne's busy tossing candy all over the courtyard and the Stockade." He looked at Ballista smugly. "You're welcome."

The archer paused, then lifted an eyebrow. "Did you put your face on the bucket, as well?"

Gildar gave her a curious look. "Why wouldn't I?"

Just then, the leader of the Defenders appeared in the entryway alongside Ballista.

"In the courtyard, my dears!" she declared. "The Attackers are coming!"

Ballista clutched her Splatbow, then followed Knightriss through the hall. Gildar shot himself an encouraging smile, put his mirror away, stood up, and followed after the two ladies out of the castle.


"Tinky's pumpkin!"

Shaiden looked over the table at the inventor, who was looking at the carved pumpkin in his hands with pride. Shaiden smirked, then looked back down at her own pumpkin.

"That's great, Tinkor," she said, stabbing her dagger into another place of the pumpkin. "Go put it out with the rest."


Tinkor quickly stumbled out of the Techni-Cave, leaving Shaiden by herself. Shaiden skillfully drove her dagger around the design she drew, being careful not to make a mistake. Just as she was about to carve out the very last part, Skabb's voice shook the entire castle.


The ninja glanced at the door, then slightly quickened the speed of her hand. In no time, her pumpkin was done. She quickly put her dagger away, stuck a candle in the hollowed-out squash, then carried it outside.

Outside, she, Tinkor, and Thorne started arranging the pumpkins all around the castle. Kook helped out by lighting the candles inside each one. The majority of the pumpkins had the Splatalot logo carved into them. Gildar carved his face into one of them, and Skabb had smashed a gigantic hole in another one.

Minutes later, the castle was outlined with glowing orange pumpkins. The sun had set, and the moon had taken its place, filling the night sky with bright, pale rays. The Defenders gathered in the courtyard, ready to begin.

"Everyone ready?" Knightriss asked.

Positive screams filled the peaceful silence. The leader grinned, then lifted her fist into the air.

"Alright, then let's get started!"

The Defenders shouted once more, then eagerly took off to their battle stations, ready to give the Attackers the scare of their lives.

The skilled alchemist stood before the Beastly Battle Axes, gripping vaporizers in his hands. As he waited, he looked around the moat, then up at the moon in the sky. The wind blew, and he took a deep breath of the cool air. As the air filled his lungs, he felt a sudden burst of energy and excitement shoot through his soul.

Thorne cackled evilly. "Happy Halloween!"

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