Chapter 1

I want this to happen before my other story I'm writing happens.

This is a future fic, as is my next one.

Please enjoy!

Nightwing rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He was in the Watchtower, his head throbbing from staring at the bright screen to long. How long had it been since he had slept? It was so hard to tell in space. Nightwing stifled a yawn and typed in some access code to something. He was just cruising through the Arkham Asylum data base when he saw Joker had escaped. Nightwing cursed.

Stupid, lazy guards. Nightwing thought. He found out the time, two hours ago. He made a simple plan after tracking down the Clown Prince. He didn't even leave any notice of leaving, no one would want to help him and he wanted to work alone tonight.

Just a week ago, the cave had been blown to bits, and Kaldur was still in a catatonic state of shock. Nightwing cursed Megan and her rashness. How can he fix this mistake? Artemis, well, Huntress was keeping him in the loop, but she didn't have nearly the access Kaldur did.

Nightwing packed his belt and left the Watchtower. Robin appeared just a few minutes after Nightwing left.

"Nightwing?" he called. The Bat-computer had just gotten note of Joker's escape, Robin wanted to team up with Nightwing and take down the creep, but where was Nightwing. Robin saw what had been left on the main computer, which Nightwing had left on incase someone else wanted to use it. Robin could see that Nightwing had marked the Joker problem active. That meant Nightwing was taking care of it. Robin sighed in defeat. Ever since the lost of the cave, Kaldur and Megan run-in, Nightwing had become more of a work-a-holic than Batman ever had been. Robin sighed and went back to the Bat-cave.

Next to look for Nightwing was Megan. For the past week, she had been apologizing and begging Nightwing to explain to her what had been going on. She hadn't gotten more than five minutes to talk this whole week. She was stressing out, but wouldn't tell anyone why, not even Lagon.

"Nightwing?" she called out. Captain Marvel came out of the bedroom hallway, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"He left about an hour ago according to the security cameras. Robin was looking for him too…" the deceptively older hero said.

"Thank you Billy, I mean Captain Marvel." Megan said sweetly. She looked at the main screen. It still was on the page that Nightwing had left it on. She thought it was strange that no small alarms had been spread in over an hour. She shrugged it off and looked at Billy/Captain Marvel.

"If Nightwing returns will you tell him I was looking for him?" She asked. Billy nodded. Megan than left to go home to her new housing area, which was with Batgirl.

Superboy came into the Watchtower about two hours later. It was 4:00 am.

"Nightwing!" called out the clone. This time about a third of the Justice League came out to greet the person asking for Nightwing.

"Have any of you guys seen Nightwing?" Conner asked. Plastic Man shook his head, his neck about four feet long at the moment. Megan and Lagon followed by Bumblebee, Mal and the rest of the YJ team that was left.

"No," Robin said sharply.

"We should be able to find him though." Wally said, coming back to the team with anger about his girlfriend's 'death.'

Just then, everyone's com. Units rang with a message. As far as the team knew, only the Bats could contact everyone on the team at once. When Batgirl and the rest of the new YJ came through the Zeta tubes minutes later, and Robin's com unit beeping as well, and Batman off world, only one person could have sent it.

"We have to go." Batgirl said worriedly. Everyone nodded.

"But it is a trap!" Lagon said, trying to protectively hug Megan who was pulling away at his comment. It was obviously a trap when one of the most secretive people on Earth sent out a message saying-

Help me, I'm trapped by Joker. We are in the third warehouse on the dock of Happy Harbour.-

Also, if he was trapped, why spell out words, use proper grammar, and send such a long message? The team felt rocks settle in their guts. The com units beeped again, this time with video feed. Everyone hit accept.

Oh, a cliff-hanger!


Burning Bright!