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Chapter One


'Welcome to the University of California sweetheart. Now, I know this isn't quite the same as being back home in Forks but we had to move away, I couldn't stand another second in that hell-hole. California is so much sweeter and warmer, you know the rain is so different and little compared to Forks. Everything will end up okay, I promise dear.' I nodded my head slowly and took a deep breath before smiling widely and walking towards the entrance of the building to which I would soon be living and learning at.

'Mom, I love you. Come pick me up in half an hour yeah?' She nodded her head and wiped the few tears that had escaped and I couldn't help but run back down the stairs and giving her a tight hug before running off into the building. I wasn't sure of how I felt about being here but I knew it would be different and completely life changing. Especially now that I had finally gotten away from that retched place. Forks, is one of the most depressing places you could ever go. With a final deep breath, I walked up to reception to finally move in and begin my freshman year.

I woke with a start, surprised one of my first memories of California had become a dream. Id been here almost a whole year now and I was just preparing to move up to junior year. I must admit, I wasn't looking forward to Journalism in junior year, this year had been hard enough but the thought of having three months away from school and free to travel back to Forks gave me a headache and honestly, made me want to go back to sleep but with my most recent dream, I was put off and decided to just get up and start the day.

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