Chapter Twenty Four


The whole room was filled with different things. A piano, violin, books upon books upon books, sheets of paper lay all over the desks, laptops, running machines, even a telescope and so much more sat within this room. 'Wow Edward. This is beautiful. But what was you're point in bringing me up here? I'm quite confused.' My voice was hoarse. I had hardly used it in the pat week so it felt kind of raw and was slightly painful to use.

'I wanted to cheer you up.' He shrugged and let go of my hand, which I had completely forgotten he had a hold of.

'I'm perfectly hap-' His hand covered my mouth as he moved in front of me with nothing but concern in his eyes. I didn't know this guy well, and he didn't know me, not properly but I think I trusted him a lot more than I should.

'The sobs of heart-break and pain every night this week were just my imagination then?' My eyes grew wide. I thought he was sleeping, I thought nobody could hear my cries in the night. I suppose I was wrong.

'I didn't wake you or stop you from sleeping did I? I thought nobody could hear-' His hand moved over my mouth again.

'I would have been awake anyway. I wanted to show you something. It always used to cheer me up when I was feeling down. Mom liked the violin, so naturally, I have some sort of musical talent but I play the piano and I'm going to play for you to put a smile on you're beautiful face.' I smiled in appreciation and let him pull me over to the piano that sat in the centre of the room. I wasn't sure what to think quite yet but I looked forward to some sort of distraction anyway.