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Bella and I were exceedingly happy together; she had taken to her new life extremely only thing that kept us from being over the top happy was the fact that she wanted Max with us. We had sat down and talked it over; we weighed out the pros and cons of it and decided he'd be just as well off with us as he would be with Jacob.

I had more than enough monetary wealth to take care of both of them already, plus I accrued more all the time; it would be no hardship in that regard. We also discussed the welfare of Max being under Jacob's influence. Jacob loved Max, but he was an asshole, and Bella was concerned about how that would effect Max over the was the thing that led us to make the decision to have Max with us, other than the most obvious fact; the most obvious fact being that Bella loved that little boy with every fiber of her being. With that in mind, I set the next set of events in motion.

Jacob Black may have been a good father, but he was not a good person. I had underground friends; they did some digging into Jacob's business dealings and found out that he had some skeletons in his closet. Further digging uncovered that he was not the only one with skeletons; his family specifically his mother had a few as well.

It turned out that the high and mighty Mrs. William Black had been a prostitute, when she met Jacob's father. After their first encounter, Sarah Mckenna became pregnant with Jacob; upon discovering she was with child, she knew she had a way to make a better life for herself, so she did just that. Sarah and William were married and she became a respectable woman. Jacob was not aware of this fact; he thought his mother a saint and put her on a pedestal.

Even more digging uncovered that part of the Black's wealth had dead bodies and blood tied to it. Jacob had at one time been under suspicion of murder; this was shortly before he met Bella. It was just fortunate for him that his wealth bought him a cover up. Of course you know the saying that whatever you do in the dark is eventually brought to the light...well, the time has come that Jacob's dark secrets are about to be revealed.