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There were not enough words in any language to say how happy I was to have my son back in my arms. It was all because my Edward loved me so much; he was willing to go to any length to make me happy.

He kept his promise, he got me my son back. I was more than surprised, when I found out about Jacob's past. I had gotten a look at the man Jacob really was; it was scary to think that I had been with someone like him. I was very glad things had turned out like they had.

I may be technically dead, but I felt more alive than I ever had before. Edward made it possible for Jacob's secrets to be brought out and those of his family as well. Suddenly the Blacks weren't so high and mighty; they were in no position to lord over anyone or anything any longer. Because of that fact, they were forced to go along with ruse that Edward came up with.

On the night that Jacob and his family were knocked off their thrones on high, Edward paid him a visit. He convinced Jacob to give him full and legal custody over Max, since he would be going away. Edward said at first Jacob wanted to balk against him, but he eventually saw the light.

Due to that fact, Edward, Max and I have been exceedingly happy. Edward showed his love for us on a daily basis. Max loved Edward; they spent a lot of time together doing guy things. Edward was a great father and influence on Max. I would always be grateful that Edward found me that fateful night. I had longed for death; it found me and in its own way had given me life. And what a life it was. I would never regret my decision to sleep with a vampire.

The End

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