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Chapter 1

"Carlos, would you settle down already?" Logan asked in annoyance. "Quit bouncing in your seat."

"I can't help it!" Carlos said excitedly. "We're going on vacation! And not just anywhere. Maui!"

"Plus, in a private jet!" James added beside Carlos. "I can't believe Gustavo is paying for all of it."

"And that Mrs. Knight allowed it." Carlos added with a smirk.

"Poor Katie." Kendall said. "She really wanted to come."

"And who wouldn't?" James asked. "This is amazing!" He turned to Logan. "Why are you not excited?"

"Come on, Loges." Kendall coaxed as he draped an arm around Logan's shoulders. "Have a little fun. That's what this vacation is for, after all."

Logan sighed, then offered a small nod. "Yeah, you're right. I guess I'm just a little nervous. I've never been so far away from home before, without adult supervision."

"Relax." Kendall said. "It'll be fun!"

The plane suddenly jerked and jostled, startling the boys as they gripped the arms of their chairs tightly.

James huffed. "Darn turbulence. It's so annoying."

The plane shook again, with more force this time.

Logan frowned. "That one didn't feel like turbulence."

Another quake.

"We are experiencing aerial difficulties." The captain's voice rang over the intercom. "Please put your seat belts on and remain calm."

Despite the command, the boys panicked, clicking on their seat belts as fast as they could and gripping the arms of their chairs for dear life.

"What's happening?" Carlos asked fearfully.

The plane continued to shake and rumble, increasing in force by the minute.

"Maybe I should go see what's going on." Kendall suggested. He started undoing his seat belt.

Logan quickly shot a hand over him, stopping him. "Are you crazy? Don't you dare undo your seat belt!"

Suddenly the plane dipped forward, and plummeted downard.

"Plane malfunction!" The intercom rang out frantically. "Resume crash positions!"

"Crash?" Carlos repeated in fear.

James quickly pushed Carlos' head down into crash position as the plane dived down.

There was the deafening sound of the whistling wind, then breaking trees, then shattering glass, then everything went black.

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