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When Peter took us away to Neverland, I was secretly excited. I would never let him know that I actually enjoyed living there. I could never give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was right, even though he was; I would never hear the end of it. But I loved to be free of my studies, free of father's expectations, free of knowing that I had to be the intelligent one. I could be free to just… fly. And that's precisely what Michael and I did.

We flew everywhere.

We dressed up in Indian garments and flew around howling war cries and laughing at thrill. We joined the Lost Boy's in their games of pretend and went on elephant hunts, lion hunts, Indian hunts, treasure hunts, and Pirate hunts. Sometimes we actually found what we were looking for, other times we did not. However, that was not the point. The point was that we were little boys having the times of our lives on a magical island of adventure and eternal youth. I got to swordfight alongside the boys and Peter as we fought pirates and Indians. I got to swim in the mermaid lagoon and splash at the mermaids who were sunning themselves on rocks and calling to Peter. I got to fly through the clouds like a bird, forgetting everything except the view. Nothing was better than this.

So when the time came and Wendy told us it was time to leave, I had nearly forgotten about our parents and our lives before Neverland. For me, there was no 'before Neverland'. I had no other life than this. Neverland had become my home. I didn't want to go back to schoolwork, the judging stares of my teachers and my father, after all of this. I could tell Michael felt the same way. Peter also didn't like this idea; he had come to have a bit of a fancy for my sister after all this time. But then, really, how much time had past? There was no way to tell here. Neverland was as confusing as a child's imagination; there was no passage of time here. So it could have been three years since we left through our window, or even just three minutes. We had no way of knowing.

But then Wendy started reminding us of the things I did miss. Like mother's soft lullabies, Nana's comforting presence and father's strong hand on my shoulder, telling me he was proud of me. And despite his firmness, I know he did love me, Michael and Wendy. However, I was worried. What if they had forgotten about us, like Peter's parents had forgotten about him? I suppose that would mean we could stay here, but because of what Wendy said, I was starting to miss my parents. But I knew I was going to miss the boys. But then when they begged to come with us, I was thrilled. And then Peter said that they could, they all jumped up with excitement and ran to pack their things.

Peter looked devastated by his decision, but he was trying immensely hard not to show it. We could all see it, but we decided to let him keep his pride in all that he was going through. So when the time came, he told everyone goodbye as they climbed out of the tree. We all felt sorry for him, he didn't even have Tinkerbelle because he had banished her. But he chose not to come with us.

But our story was not so soon over, because right as we stepped out of the hole, a band of pirates grabbed us and took us away to their ship led by Peter's arch nemesis himself; Captain Hook. I was scared, but relieved, for this meant that we did not have to go home just yet. It turns out, that Hook wanted us to turn against Peter and join his crew. He claimed Peter to be dead. Of course, that got all of us in a shock, but that was no matter because he turned up as he always did to save the day. He freed us and we all fought the pirates, and Peter finally killed off Hook. Only this time it was different, because it was the last time I would be fighting by his side. I didn't know that then, however. To me, it was just another adventure. Accept for when my sister kissed him. That worked wonders on Peter. A kiss is a powerful thing as I learned that day. But after we won, he took us home in the pirates own ship and I never saw him again.

Now those days of fighting pirates and having childhood adventures are over, although Wendy still tells stories about them. But despite her efforts, one by one, each of the boys forgot about Neverland. When Wendy asked me if I had forgotten, I told her yes. That was the hardest lie I have ever told. It was right in front of father, who was trying to get Wendy to act her age (which was sixteen. I was fourteen and Michael was eleven.). She had been talking about Neverland and father had finally had enough.

Wendy looked hurt, but she bowed her head and apologized to father. But after father left, she turned to me and said, not angrily, but almost sadly, "You are just like him, John." Then she walked away.

Wendy is almost twenty-four now, is married, and has a lovely two year old daughter named Jane. Michael is nineteen and has gone to train with the armed forces, along with Wendy's husband. I am twenty-two and have found the love of my life, a beautiful woman named Annabelle. The boys never really knew how old they were, so I could only guess at their actual ages, although they have made some up for themselves. But they've all forgotten. Everyone has forgotten; everyone accept me. I have not forgotten Neverland and the adventures we had there. I have not forgotten Peter, and how arrogant I thought he was at the time. I have never forgotten about those times dressed up as Indians, about the sword fighting and the pirates, mermaids and treasure hunts. Nevertheless, life goes on. Except I will always remember those nine words Peter told us all those years ago. 'All you need is Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.'

John Darling

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